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"Any luck?" Aaron came walking towards Mike's room with a large pizza box and a bag full of paper plates

and napkins.

"Nope." Leo said leaning against the wall opposite Mike's door, "I can't get him to answer me."

Aaron put the pizza box and bag on the floor.

"What're you doing?" Leo asked as she put a big slice on a paper plate.

"Have you ever read Where The Red Fern Grows?" Aaron said ignoring his question

"Yeah, so?"

"You remember the raccoon hunting traps the little boy learned from his grandpa."

Leo dug into the back of his mind and Aaron's idea finally dawned on him, "Mikey's a 'coon?"

Aaron nodded and smiled, "Mikey's a 'coon."

She stood up and knocked on the door, "Hey Mike? You hungry?"

No answer.

"I've got some pizza here." Aaron coaxed letting the aroma waft through the slot.

"What kind?" came Mike's voice in a whisper.

"Pepperoni and sausage."

She saw his eyes peering hungrily through the mail slot fixated on the pizza.

"With extra cheese," She added temptingly, "Want some?"

"Uh huh." Behind the door, Mike nodded his head.

"Put you're hand through and I'll give it to you."

Mike obeyed, his hand just fitting through the slot, but when his fingers closed around the plate, his fist was too big to fit back through. Aaron pretended not to notice.

"Leo and I'll be eating the rest of this warm, delicious pizza in the kitchen if you want any more." she said and pulled Leo off and around the corner of the hallway.

"Now what?" asked Leo.

"Shh!" Aaron hushed him, "Whisper!" She peered around the corner at Mike's hand still trying to fit back through the mail slot. "Now, we wait."


Mike was so hungry, and his stupid hand wouldn't fit back through the slot. If he didn't hurry the pizza was going to get cold. Plus his legs were cramping up from sitting on them for so long. He tried to stand up, but with his hand stuck through the door that wasn't very comfortable either. Five minutes later his hand began to hurt from clutching the plate of pizza so tightly. Seconds seemed to take minutes to pass and minutes seemed to take hours. He loosened his grip a bit and accidentally let the plate slip from his grasp. He heard it fall to the floor with a soft 'thup'. Mike pressed his face to the door and looked about for the pizza. It had fallen right below the slot, still on the plate and still perfectly edible. He looked around; no one in sight.

'Maybe I can just open my door for a second,' he thought, 'No one will ever see me get out of my room and I'll still get the pizza.' He nodded to himself, 'Yeah that's it.'


Leo and Aaron tried to stifle their laughter as they each took another piece of pizza from the box.

"Who knew stake-outs were so much fun?" Aaron said between giggles.

Suddenly Leo stopped laughing and listened intently, "Did you hear something?"

Aaron leaned around the corner, "Mike dropped the pizza," she checked her watch, "It only took him twenty minutes."

She turned back to Leo, "You got the crow bar?" she asked, but Leo was already up and ready to go, "Just wait until he opens the door, then go." she instructed. Leo swallowed sarcastic comeback for the overly simple directions and nodded. He liked to be in charge, but keeping on Aaron's good side was more important.

Leo waited and watched until Mike's door opened a small crack. The turtle's head peered out and looked around, but didn't see Leo until he was already there. Mike tried to close the door, but Leo stuck his crow bar between the door and the doorway, before Mike could shut-it."

"Eep!" Mike squealed, still trying to pull the door shut with the crowbar fixed in.

"Mike, I'm not gonna hurt you, I just want my book back," Leo said calmly.

"Oh sure," said Mike, not believing Leo at all, "And that crow bar's a peace pipe."

"Just give me my book and I'll leave you alone."

"But it's a double-doggy-dare!" Mike whined.

"Then I double-doggy-dare you to break Raph's dare and give Leo back his book," said Aaron walking up to the two brothers with her half eaten slice of pizza, "And then after that I dare you to eat some pizza, how about that?"

"Well, if it's a dare..."Mike contemplated this new turn of events.

"A double-doggy-dare," Aaron reminded him.

Mike opened the door, "Ok."

"That's it?" Leo asked as Mike rushed to the pizza box and Aaron retrieved the book from inside the room and handed it to him, "Getting Mike out was that easy?"

"It's a girl thing," Aaron said lightly jabbing Leo with her elbow.

Mike walked up to them with the pizza box and was quickly devouring the second half of the pizza they'd left.

"You know, I don't think it's very fair that you get to dare me twice, but I don't get to dare you at all." He said with his mouth full.

Leo rolled his eyes and Aaron sighed.

"Ok Mike, what would you like to dare us to do?" Aaron asked.

"Jump more than five feet? Stick a fork in the toaster? Clobber Raph?" Leo asked supplying Mikey-like ideas.

Mike shook his head, and bit of another huge bite of pizza. He chewed and swallowed as he walked between Aaron and Leo into his room, tossed the pizza box, with the remaining slices of pizza inside, onto his bed and came back to the doorway.

"I dare you," Mike he said to Aaron and ate another bite, "And Leo," he chewed and swallowed, "to kiss!"

Leo and Aaron stood outside the door for a second while the dare sunk in. They impulsively looked at each other as their cheeks both grew pink and then turned to Mike in a fury, who smiled, slammed the door shut and locked it tight.

"Mike!" Aaron yelled, "Get back out here!"

"I'd like a word with you!" Leo shouted, pounding on the door.

"Mike, I swear I'm gonna rip your shell off with my bare hands!"

"Open this door right NOW!"

Leo and Aaron caught each other's eye, stopped shouting for a moment, and looked at each other. Both of them flushed pink again.

Below them the mail slot opened up.

"I double-doggy-dare you."