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Love In the Hot Springs

It was four days after the worlds were united. Mithos had been defeated, and the small group had erected a grave stone near the new Mana Tree. Tabatha, or Martel or whoever resided in that body, would watch over the Tree and Mithos' grave. Afterwards, Zelos had suggested that they go to the hot springs for a little 'R and R' before separating ways. For once, everyone agreed with him. Currently the boys of the group were sitting inside the chapel, built next to the hot springs, while the girls were bathing.

Colette, Sheena, Raine, and Presea sat in the warm water, soaking up the comforting aura. The little angel sat there, and soon began humming. She smiled, and the others in turn also smiled. She was soon joined by Raine, Sheena, and Presea. Then words took form, the blond beginning. "What would I wish for now if I saw a falling star cross the night sky? The promise I made with you as you left on your journey is always in my heart." She thought of Lloyd, her friend, her best friend. Her very close friend. Lloyd had always been there for her, during the worst times. He was the only one to talk to her like she was just an ordinary person, not some Chosen. Lloyd wasn't the smartest, or the quickest. But she liked his 'simple-mindedness' and his morals. He wouldn't give up on something, and looked for alternative ways to save the world and her! It would've been so much easier to let her become Martel's vessel, but he wouldn't hear any of that. His courage, gave her the courage to live and know that sacrificing herself wouldn't solve anything. Lloyd meant everything to her, and she knew he felt the same way.

She became lost in a memory.


"Yeah, Lloyd?" the Chosen turned around, to see her best friend. It wasn't long ago, that she wouldn't have been able to respond to him, being a human who lost her soul.

"Hey, how are you feeling?" The swordsman strolled over, the others engrossed with their own things. "Better?"

"Yeah, yeah, a lot better." She smiled brightly. "I can feel again, and sleep...and dream! It's so exciting! ...Is something wrong Lloyd? You're staring at me..."

"Huh? Oh! No, no. Nothing's wrong." He blushed, rubbing a hand on the back of his head. "I...Colette...I'm sorry, that my birthday present was so late." Not the words he wanted to say, but it was a start. He wanted to apologize for everything. Everything and nothing. He just felt so awful that she, of all people, had to go through this ordeal.

"No, no. Lloyd, don't be sorry. It's great, I love it. I'm sorry for all the trouble I've put you through."

"You dork," he laughed lightly. "How many times do I have to tell you, quite apologizing, not everything is your fault."

"You're right. Sorry."

They laughed together then fell silent. In her mind, the little angel was summoning enough courage to ask a favor. Finding it, or an adequate amount, she turned to Lloyd and asked, "Lloyd...would you...would you hold me?"


She immediately began apologizing, "I know it's silly, but-" Colette was cut off, and found herself in Lloyd's arms.

"Colette, anything you want I'll give to you." He whispered, gently stroking her golden hair. "You mean so much to me...I...I don't want to lose you again. I promise you and I will always be together."

"...Lloyd...thank you." The angel buried her head into his shoulder, smiling, feeling secure in his grasp.

Raine picked it up with a small verse. "I want to hear your voice on nights I can't sleep, we talked all night until dawn." Raine sighed longingly, thinking of a certain angel. The words she had spoken were true, she desperately wanted to hear his voice say her name, an off handed comment, even an 'Hmph' would do. But she hadn't seen Kratos since they left for the final battle against Mithos. His wounds crippled him for the moment, making him unable to aid them against Mithos, but Raine saw in his eyes that he desperately wanted to come, to repent for his mistake.

Kratos was her companion. Not to put the others down, but he was different. The subtle actions, the evasive way he talked. Everything about him drew her nearer. During the beginning of their journey, it was Kratos she would talk with. Of course, that wasn't a surprise, seeing as the others weren't mature yet. But on the long nights, during her watch, the Seraphim would be there. He would sit down, without a word, keeping her company. Sometimes they would talk, others times they spent in comforting silence. Either way, the half-elf valued each moment. She could only assume that he had similar feelings. Her face became a rosy red as a memory surfaced.

"Raine...may I speak with you for a moment?"

"...Of course," she replied. It was the night before Lloyd and the others would leave for Derris-Kharlan. She had been drifting in and out of sleep, when Kratos requested an audience with her. The two silently left the house, the Seraphim leading her to the balcony. The empty night greeted them, and the deep purple sky was ominous.

"What is it?"

"I...wanted to thank you."

"Th...thank me?"

"Yes, for being there for Lloyd, my son." Kratos began, "I appreciate that he had a...a mother figure around him. I know it's not easy to teach someone like him. He's stubborn and tends to act first."

She remained silent, uncertain of where this was leading, or what to say. But she didn't need to say anything nor did she have the time to think of anything. For Kratos was kissing her. It hit her like lightning. An arm slipped around her waist, as he gently pulled back. A hand caressed her cheek, "Raine..."

"I..I see where he gets it from." She whispered. The healer grabbed his hand, and pressed it firmly against her cheek. "Kratos...I...I..."

"Shhhh." He whispered, pulling her into another kiss.

"Your face shone brightly as you spoke of your dreams," Sheena added. The ninja pictured a pale face, with bright red locks framing it. Of all the people she fell in love with it had to be that idiot Chosen. Zelos Wilder was a mysterious person though. She, like the others, saw him to be nothing more than a philander, perverted, and other such things. It wasn't until he 'betrayed' them that Sheena began to think differently about him. She began to notice and remember little things. The way he would laugh during depressing times, getting everyone's mind off dark matters. The way he would make a fool out of himself, just so they would have something to laugh at. But most importantly was the way Zelos smiled.

During their journey, he had always smiled without a care in the world. Being a pervert, a joker, and lazy. But after the 'betrayal' Sheena noticed the subtle differences between his smiles. Those he gave to the nobles, the public, the women, was nothing short of forced. A forced smile. That meant all his life, the Chosen had been acting. When she thought about it, Sheena discovered that the only time he ever showed a real smile was...with her.

Two days ago, they were gathered around a campfire, yesterday's events heavy on their minds along with tomorrow's thrills. The others had gone to sleep, and it was her and Zelos, staring into the fire.

"Hey, Sheena..." he began. "What are your plans now?"

"Well...I would have to say, Mizuho will get my full attention. Seeing now that the worlds are united, we'll probably have to find a new area to live. After all," she gazed up at the stars. "We don't know how much the world has changed."

"I see." He laid down, and put his hands behind his head in place of a pillow.

"And yourself?"

"...I don't know." He answered, closing his eyes. "I guess I'll stay as the Chosen, until the King can remove the power of the Chosen. It shouldn't take long. I was always a pain to everyone."

She felt a small pang of guilt and replied, "No you weren't...not to me." The words flew out her mouth before she knew it.

The only sounds were the wood popping and crickets making music in the night. "...Thanks Sheena."

Her face burned. "Yeah...w..well you didn't really answer my question."

"Hmm...I guess I'll just live the life I always wanted." He propped himself on his elbows, eyes looking into Sheena's. "A fun, easy life. I'll take my sister with me, and we'll live somewhere. Just the two of us." His eyes were bright, "Maybe, I'll marry too." And he smiled at her. "Have one or two kids..."

"You? Marry?" She smirked, and blushed. "I'd never pictured you to be the marrying type. After all, won't you miss all of your hunnies?"

He thought about it then replied, "Yeah, I guess, maybe a little. But I'm pretty sure I'm ready to settle down." They remained enveloped in silence. And during that solitude, Zelos clasped her hand, not letting go.

That left Presea with the end. "The light of the stars shines down upon both you and me. You follow your dreams and I watch over you protectively. I held back my tears as you left, not wanting you to look back." The ax woman thought of the half-elf who always stuttered around her, and blushed. It was amazing how well the two worked together. During battle, they would cover each other's back. Presea, rushing forward, would draw attention away from the mage, giving him the precious time he needed to cast his spells. And Genis would save the small girl whenever she was surrounded.

Presea was unsure of her feelings towards Genis. She believed at times it was more than friendship, and she was sure it was love at times. Then again, she was only twelve on the outside and the mind of a twelve year old couldn't comprehend the full meaning of the word love, but mentally she was twenty-eight. The more she thought about it the more Presea became unsure. It was only normal for her to be twenty-eight, not twelve. But the Angelus Project ceased her natural growth rate and she ended like this. Perhaps it's time she begin living her life like a twelve year old, and not that of an adult. At times, the pink haired girl would feel like a child trying to act mature, and only making a fool out of herself. And it made her think, that maybe it's time for her to let go of the past and lost time. Maybe it's time to concentrate on the present and those around her.

"Hahaha...that's very sweet little girl," a nobleman laughed at Presea. "Now go along now and play, and leave these matters to adults."

The nobleman along with a few others had been discussing the impact of the Chosen's actions, now that he was once again in the King's favor. Presea had politely intervened giving a comment that, although was correct and insightful, was pushed aside. She felt, hurt and angered by their rude comments and quietly left. The ax woman sat pensively when she felt the presence of another.

"H...h...hey Presea..."


He shuffled his feet, nervous. "Wo...would...y..you like-"

"Of course." She knew what he wanted. A dance. Presea and Genis entered the dance floor, hand in hand. A slow waltz was playing, and the two awkwardly stepped to it.

Genis was a nervous wrack, his heart was beating twice as fast, and his face burned. Surely, they all thought he was a comical sight. The half-elf, took a shaking breath, and was sorry for ever asking her. He felt like a fool. Zelos and Lloyd would know how to handle this. Sorely, Genis continued to mess up the steps, and more than once he led them into another dancing couple. The mage was ready to give up, when he heard something strange. "Presea?"

She was laughing. A light, soft giggle only for him to hear. Was he really hearing this? They had stopped dancing, and nobles and ladies were forced to dance around them. Without giving an explanation, the pink haired girl entwined their hands and left the stuffy room to breath in the fresh air of the night. "Genis...thank you."

"For what?" he asked, not stuttering or blushing.

"That...that was fun." She smiled widely. "I had fun."

"Really? Really? You liked it?" Genis stood in disbelief eyes wide. "Even though I...I messed up so much?"

"Yes." Presea looked into his eyes, and then pecked him on the cheek. "Thank you Genis."

The girls, all smiling and blushing, hummed the same tune from the beginning. Each wrapped up in her thoughts about that certain someone.

"Achoo!" Zelos, Lloyd, and Genis sneezed. They were waiting for the girls to finish up in the Hot Springs. They were chatting about the new world, and what might have changed, when the three suddenly sneezed.

"God Bless You," Regal said politely.

"Thanks," Zelos said, pulling out a napkin from a pocket and wiping his nose. Lloyd and Genis gave their thanks, and wiped their own noses with cloths from Zelos.

"Ack...Zelos, this smells of perfume! I think I'm going to suffocate!" Lloyd coughed.

"Sorry, Bud." The Chosen apologized. "From one of my hunnies and you know how girls love perfume."

"Yeah, yeah..."

"Hey," the mage spoke up. "Why did we sneeze all at once?"


"No way."

"There's a slim chance for all three of you to have the same allergy."

They gazed at each other, when the old priest cleared his throat. "Perhaps I can be of assistance?"

Lloyd nodded. "Sure."

"When I was younger I heard about a peculiar superstition. It's said that if you sneeze, it means that someone close to your heart is talking about you." The old man smiled, gave a polite nod, and left.

The three suddenly blushed, and Regal only smirked.

Mean while, at Dirk's house, a certain angel sneezed rather violently. He stared out in the distance on the same balcony where Lloyd and Colette often met. "Hmmm...superstition...someone close to your heart..."

Kratos watched the setting sun and then smiled softly, the faint color of red upon his face.

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