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Kratos and Raine

Watching sunset, Kratos stood. The Seraphim was standing on Lloyd's balcony. Down below a lot of noise could be heard. It had been four days since their reunion, and after his and Raine's announcement a party had been thrown. After all...it wasn't often that an engagement happened. Well, more like two engagements. Not only Kratos, but the red head ex-Chosen had finally proposed to the ninja. Zelos and Sheena hadn't been able to announce their engagement. Nor their wedding date, which was in one month. Thank goodness that they had spoken it. Otherwise it would've been a very depressing wedding for the two. What point was one, if your closest friends weren't there? He vaguely wondered what to get them, and made a mental note to ask Raine about it.

They weren't the only two having some good news. Lloyd and Colette were dating for two years, and were thinking about settling down. And Raine's brother and the ax woman were just deciding upon dating as well. It appeared that Regal had enrolled the now teenager into the new Palmacoasta/Sybak School, or as it was called the Symphonia School. The two towns had dedicated it to the new world. And the Principle of the old Palmacoasta didn't forget his promise to the mage, and the half-elf was to enroll the same year as Presea. It made the two beyond happy.

A smile graced his lips. Love was certainly in the air.

Kratos' eyes fell upon a graceful figure strolling down the dirt pathway. The woman was intent upon her destination. A lone gravestone. In one hand, hung loosely a flower. The setting sun struck her hair, causing it to glow a pale orange. The Seraphim smiled softly, thinking how different and yet alike his former wife and new love were.

Anna was a human, imprisoned with in a Human Ranch, with startling brown eyes and shoulder length hair. It was her optimistic view of the world, that caught his attention the first time. Even living in a depressing, and chaotic world, it appeared as nothing would crush her cheerfulness. Kratos had once watched her, as she had offered what meager help she could to another prisoner. Her kindness didn't dwindle with in her confinement.

And then there was Raine. A half-elf who was forced to raise her younger brother at an early age. She had to grow up and quickly after being abandoned by her mother, who in her grief lost her mind. She was lost in a world, where both sides rejected her. Yet Raine continued to live her life, providing for herself and brother. She had to be both a sister and a mom to him. It was incredible, and took a strong will to accomplish such a thing.

Raine was a realist and a scholar.

Anna was optimistic and a dreamer.

But the two had the same determination in their hearts.

When he had first lost Anna, the Seraphim had fallen into despair, ignoring the world around him, and following Mithos as a puppy dog. Lost and alone, he had built a wall around his heart, that crumbled with their meeting. It was not just finding his lost son Lloyd, but it was the discovery of someone else who kept dark secrets hidden away. Raine, who lived with an uncertain past, who based her world around the thought of a mother abandoning her. Who didn't love her. The healer shared with him, those tough and dark years of raising Genis, finding food, a place to live, holding their secret of being half-elves from the un-accepting world.

It amazed him to find such a strong and courageous woman, after the death of Anna. And it pained Kratos to betray her back in the Tower of Salvation. Each time he saw her, a dagger slid through his heart. The Seraphim barely controlled himself from embracing her when ever they crossed paths. But his will had fallen, one night. When she had arrived at the Otherworldly Gate. Raine spent the night and the next day, staring at the stone, observing, thinking, recalling. By sheer coincidence Kratos landed there, intent on some self reflection.

It was cut short, as they stumbled into each other. Raine had finally circled around the back column and halted. He was sitting on the ground. And when he looked at her he tilted his head off to one side, and blessed her with a lopsided grin. Then she had practically collapsed into his arms, crying her eyes out. She stayed in his arms, until all the tears were gone, and fell into a light slumber. He stayed by her side though it all. When she awoke, it appeared she had composed herself more. And they talked. Of the present. Neither dared to go to the past nor future, until it was all over.

When he decided it was time for his leave, she had surprised him, by giving a tender kiss without a word. Kratos left the Otherworldly Gate happier than he had been since Anna.

"There you are." An elegant voice said, pulling him from the past and back into the present. A pair of arms wrapped around his torso. Smiling the Seraphim turned around, slipping his arms around her back.

"What were you doing?" She asked.


"There's a party down there for you."

"It's also for you."

She kissed him on the lips quickly, snuggling closer to him, her silver head resting upon his shoulder.

"Do you want to go back?" he whispered, a hand stroking the silver hair.

"Hmm..." the half-elf replied, obviously comfortable. Kratos kissed her head, and inhaled the scent of flowers and lemon. He chuckled mentally. Raine had finally learned to cook after these long years. Not only was she decent, you could image cheers from the group, a trademark of her's was lemon. There wasn't a recipe out there that the healer wouldn't find a way to squeeze a bit of lemon in. They fell into a tranquil silence, both enjoying the warmth of each other.

Minutes passed before their solitude was destroyed. The door from the balcony flew open, and a shadow fell across the wooden floor and them.

"There you are!" Sheena stood in the doorway, the glow from the candles filling the balcony.

"This won't do at all." Zelos slung an arm around his hunnies shoulder. "What kind of congratulation party is it, if the people it's for aren't even there?"

"This is also for you." Raine stated, a hand entwining with her angel. The light caught the small gem on her left ring finger.

Even in the dim light, Kratos could see a faint blush. The ex-Chosen must have noticed too, "What's wrong, my violent banshee? Still shy to express you undying love to me!" A goofy grin appeared on his face, which would have been very similar to Lloyd's if it weren't for the glint in those deep blue eyes. He proceeded to kiss her neck, and worked his way up. Or would have.

"Zelos!" the summoner, whipped around, catching his ear in one hand. Her face was even more flushed. "Not here. And defiantly not now!"

"Ow, ow, ow," was his complaint and all Kratos and Raine heard as the two as Sheena dragged him downstairs. A few cheers were heard. The two shared a quick smile. They listened, when suddenly there was a shout "WHAT?" and laughter.

Blue eyes looked at him, "I believe we can assume that Lloyd figured it out."

Then they heard, "BUT HE'S ONLY FOURTEEN!" followed by more laughter.

Kratos smiled once more. "Yes. It appears so." He chuckled. "I wonder how this new relation will affect them..."

The healer leaned closer to him, "Who knows. Genis will probably try to use it to his advantage. Being an uncle who's younger than his nephew." She lightly laughed.

"We still need to decided upon a wedding date."

"We will." Raine fell into his embrace. "I love you."

His lips brushed her head. "I love you too." And they remained there for an hour before heading back in for their Engagement Party.


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