A Blessed Event


Potterfan2006 and Killerspikes


John was waiting at the mouth of the Stargate, he was nervous and he knew it. He just didn't know why he was nervous. He had stood in that exact same spot every time he went on a mission and he never felt this nervous during any of those times. "Why should this time be different?" He pondered.But in fact it was different he was standing there not in his usual field gear but he was dressed in a full tuxedo waiting for his beautiful bride Teyla to arrive. It was their wedding day finally. After they saved Atlantis from the wraith by fooling them by pretending to blow it up Teyla and John finally had a chance to explore not only the galaxy in peace but also themselves. What they found was magical. They found a life with each other. It was here on the one-year anniversary of them coming to Atlantis that they decided to start another chapter in their lives by tying the knot. Taking the plunge in to what up in till now was an uncharted part of their life that they would explore together. John was pulled from his thoughts when the song "Here Comes the Bride" started and as he looked up he saw an angel descend upon him and it took his breath away. John looked over to his right to find Beckett and McKay standing there with goofy grins on their faces. As Teyla came closer John could see a smile on her face.

Teyla was wearing a full length white wedding dress that had a v-neck top and skirt that went down just passed her ankle and a white gauze type material that went half way down her back for a veil. Both the dress and the veil were studded with small diamonds. While her hair was pulled back into a half ponytail with a diamond-studded headband held the veil in place.

As she came to a stop in front of John they took hands and turned to face Elizabeth who was going to give the ceremony. "Do you John take Teyla to be your wife to have and to hold from this day forward for better for worst in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?" Elizabeth asked.

"I do with the help of God." He replied.

Elizabeth then turned to Teyla. "Do you Teyla take John to be your husband to have and to hold from this day forward for better for worst in sickness and in health as long as you both shall live?" She asked. Teyla had a smile on her face before she answered her.

"I do with the help of God," she replied.

John then slipped a diamond ring on Teyla's finger. "With this ring I thee wed," he vowed. Then Teyla did the same for John. Then they turned to Elizabeth.

"By the power vested in me from the SGC I now pronounce you husband and wife," she announced.

She then turned to John with a gentle smile. "You may now kiss the bride," she told him. John then took Teyla into his arms and laid a very passionate kiss on her lips while every on around then applauded.

(Three Months Later)

John came back home from one of his off world missions to find Teyla sitting on a chair in their living area. John set across from her on the other chair. "How did your appointment go with Carson today?" He asked.

"It went fine but there is something that I half to tell you," she replied.

John sat up straighter and had a concerned look on his face. "Teyla what is it are you ok?" He asked. Teyla nodded with a small smile.

"John I am pregnant," she announced.

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