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I hate my mother. Everyone asks me, "Thorn! How could you hate such a gorgeous and talented woman?" The fact that she is beyond beautiful, and extremely gifted doesn't erase my loathing of her. It doesn't relieve me of all the pain I go through daily, knowing my mother despises me, and regrets even giving birth to me.

I cry myself to sleep most nights silently so that no one hears.

I suppose I hate my mother because I look a lot like her: I have her onyx eyes and short, but dynamite body. My hair is a bit different from hers though. Instead of her fawn brown color, my hair is sort of crimsony-brown, combining both my parents' hair colors. Looking at pictures of her is like looking into some kind of Twilight Zone mirror for me.

Luca thinks he's giving me a huge compliment when he says, "You could pass as her twin, you know." I grin and bear it, but I can feel myself die a little more each time.

It hurts even more when my father smiles sadly, plays with a loose strand of my crimson-brown hair, and sighs, "Thorn, you're beautiful just like your mother…"

I smile back and thank him. He can read my mind, so he knows how much I hate her. I act in a civil manner for his sake.

I wonder if he blames me for her leaving him? He won't even look me in the eye most times because when he looks at me, he sees her looking back at him. I hate her for what she done to him!

He could have any woman he wanted no matter her age, but he refuses to accept the fact that she's gone. He's sworn off women because of her; sure he still flirts heavily with any short skirt with a nice pair of legs, and he acts cheerfully enough, but he says he will never start seriously dating again. He's 33, but he only looks like a teenager of 17. He's been wasted on that devil woman.

Hoshi, my older twin sister, says it's our fault that she left; she didn't want to be a mother. She left because she didn't want us. I hate my sister.

Hoshi openly admits that our mother abandoned us, but then she turns around and says in that annoying valley-girl accent, "Gosh she was like beautiful!", "I bet she was wonderful; I sooo totally want to be just like her!" Hoshi is a 'Daddy's girl'. Personally, I think she's such a brown-nosing little slut.

Dad lets her run wild with all sorts of strange men. Whenever my sister goes out at night, she comes home early the next morning. Yet, my father lets her out the door every night saying, "See ya Hoshi; have fun. Use protection." Then he turns around and flat out refuses to let me have even a boyfriend!

She's three or so minutes older, but she's allowed to do so much more than I am. I feel so restricted; so trapped.

Hoshi wears tight-fitting, revealing, stripper's clothing. My wardrobe is loose and sort of baggy. I have mostly pants and giant T-shirts; the one skirt I do have hangs down around my ankles, and all of my shorts are at least knee-length. I swear he buys boys' clothes for me. I'm not allowed to get my own outfits like Hoshi is. All my clothes have to pass my father's inspection before I can buy anything new.

My clothes do nothing as far as complimenting my figure. You can't even tell I have a chest. I look like a longhaired boy; my father looks more like a girl than I do. I'm not even allowed make-up.

Once I had found a tube of bright red lipstick when I was little. It was just lying on the floor up in the old abandoned bedroom, so I put it on.

I was only five; I didn't stop to think of where it had come from, or who it must have belonged to before I had gotten my hands on it. I didn't know it was hers.

I showed my father; he took one look at me, and his eyes started to mist over. He had the most hurt look on his face when he asked where I had gotten the lipstick.

I didn't bother lying to him; he could read my mind, so what would the point be? I told him that I had been in the abandoned bedroom. The one he used to share with my mother. The one he refused to sleep in after she left him. The one he had specifically told us to stay out of because it was 'off-limits'.

He made me take the lipstick off, and I've never worn make-up since. My dad said it was better that way. It's as if my father doesn't want me to look attractive. I am 16, but he treats me like I'm still 10.

Hoshi has her bellybutton pierced, and two pentagrams tattooed on her: one on her right ankle, and one around her navel. I'm not allowed to 'mark-up' my body like that. My dad got upset when I got even an airbrush tattoo at the beach one summer. He's way more than 'a little' too over-protective.

And yet…I never disobeyed him. I always rebelled against Luca, and Opacho, and Kanna, and Mari and Macchi, and Hane even, but I could never bring myself to go against my father's wishes. Even Hoshi had a hard time defying Dad.

I remember once when I was four: Hoshi and I were out in the rain playing in the puddles and lobbing mud at each other. Opacho told us to come inside and get cleaned up before the mud permanently stained our clothes. At the time, Opacho was in charge of the laundry, so of course he would think of the clothes first.

Hoshi threw a mud ball and hit Opacho square in the face. I was reminded of what a horribly rude person my twin was. Opacho had done nothing wrong, and yet Hoshi had gotten him all dirty. I reminded myself to get her back for him later.

Next Kanna stood out in the doorway, telling us to 'get our butts inside before she came out there and drug us in herself after clobbering us!' Of course, that's not exactly what she said. I had to clean it up a bit, but then again, Kanna's language always needs to be cleaned up.

Kanna was promptly pushed aside by Mari and Macchi. The duo yelling at us not to make a mess when we finally came in. They were the ones who would get stuck cleaning it up, and they didn't exactly feel like scrubbing mud off of the ceiling.

The two were shoved out of the way by Luca, who read out of his huge medical text about all the different types of foreign flues, colds, viruses, sicknesses, and diseases we could get from playing in both the rain and mud combined.

My sister and I ignored Luca. We had had four years of practice ignoring the man, and we were getting to be pros at tuning out his voice.

Next came Hane. It was hard to say no to such a cute puppy, but we resisted the cuteness, and continued throwing mud. Finally Hane got so fed up, he joined us in frolicking in the rain and grime.

I threw one mud clod, intending to nail my older sister in her pretty little face, but the projectile stopped in mid-air and just sort of floated. We dropped our weapons, and my twin and my attention slowly centered on a man standing just inside the doorway of our four-story mansion.

Dressed in a plain pair of old, worn, torn, blue-jean pants, without a shirt on, the man looked no more than 17—nowhere close to his actual age of 1000 and something. He had waist length crimson/mahogany hair, tied up in a ponytail with two long bangs hanging messily in his face. The bangs covered his subduecingly hypnotic dark brown eyes.

My father's followers jumped at his sudden appearance. "Master Hao!" Luca tried to explain to their leader why his children were out in the rain, clobbering each other with mud.

Hao smiled lightly at Luca and the others, saying, "I'm sorry; are my girls giving you trouble again?"

A collective nod from the group.

My father smiled apologetically at his loyal group before stepping out into the rain. It didn't dare touch him. That was an odd thing about my father: the rain seemed to avoid him. It was as if the person who controlled the rain would be angry if Hao Asakura got wet. It seemed so strange that I got soaked when he didn't. I was the Allure in the family after all.

Hao smiled down at us as he approached, clearly amused. When he reached us, he knelt so that he would be at our eye level. He quietly studied our dirty faces, and shook his head fondly, gently brushing the mud-drenched hairs out of our eyes. "You do know it's raining…don't you?"

My sister and I suppressed giggles as we nodded in unison.

"Yet you both insist on getting wet and muddy…I will never understand children." Our father rolled his entrancing eyes, and smiled again at us. "Come on in, and we'll get you cleaned up."

He got up, and started to walk away. Once he had gotten about six feet away from us, he looked over his shoulder as a sign for us to follow. Hoshi took a few reluctant steps forward, but I staid put. When my father noticed us not following, his kind tone changed to a firmer one. "Hoshi. Thorn." That was all the coaxing Hoshi needed; she ran to our father's side, and he picked her up, ignoring the mud.

I wasn't as easy to convince.

"Thorn?" Hao's eyes narrowed, clearly displeased at my attitude, but not yet to the point of losing his temper.

"No! I want to stay out here and play!" I whined, determined to fight my father.

A thin layer of flames formed on his skin, but it didn't seem to burn either him, or Hoshi. "Thorn." Those flames only appeared when he was angry. He hated when people disobeyed him. As Shaman King, he was too used to people bending to his will.

"NO!" I yelled childishly, glaring at my father. All the while, tears spilled silently down my cheeks.

The flames on his skin disappeared, and the look of fury in his eyes dissolved. Hao looked sadly down at me, his eyes taking on a far off, and mourning look. "You're so stubborn…just like your mother…" He turned and carried Hoshi back into the house.

My twin looked at me over our dad's shoulder. She glared at me. I could tell by the flames in her eyes what she wanted to yell at me: 'THORN! Look what you've done! You know better than to remind him of Mom! You had better get your butt in here right now and apologize! It's bad enough that we are the reason she left, but then you go and act like her just to make Daddy sad! Shame on you!'

So, of course I ran after them and caught up just as they were about to enter the four-story mansion. I tugged lightly on his pant leg, and Hao looked down questioningly at me, his eyes still showing signs of sorrow.

I looked up at him with pleading eyes and held my hands outstretched for him to pick me up. "D-daddy?"

The mist over his chocolate eyes instantly cleared, and a victorious smirk overtook his face. "That's more like it; let's get you two cleaned up." My father could never stay mad at me for long.

I couldn't disobey my father; he was such a tough guy, impossible to get to, untouchable, but it seemed that my rebelliousness was the only thing that upset him. When I saw that hurt look in his eyes, my heart started to break. That's why I had never gone against him before…until the day that I met Hana. Of course at the time, I didn't know that he was my cousin.

I had never been introduced formally to my aunt, uncle, or cousin; I just knew that they existed. My dad constantly talked of his business trips with Yoh, his brother, so I felt that I knew my uncle's personality from what my father said about him. Whenever Yoh called Hao, Hao would talk to his brother on speakerphone, so I had heard my uncle's voice, but I had never met him in person. I got the impression that Uncle Yoh was a very kind person, but extremely lazy. He was a good Shaman King though, and surprisingly Hao and Yoh worked well together.

As for my Aunt Anna, my mother's older twin sister, all I knew was she was beautiful, but harsh. She had her own business, but I wasn't really sure what it was exactly that she did. I knew very little about Yoh and his family. I didn't even know Hana's name. My father never spoke of my cousin, and on the rare occasion that he did bring my relatives up in conversation, Hana was simply referred to as 'your cousin'. I wasn't really even sure if 'my cousin' was male or female.

It's surprising that my long-lost cousin was the one who brought about the meeting of me and Ivy.


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