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"Hey, Shinji, want to play poker?" Asuka asked as Misato, Ritsuko, Maya and Rei sat around the table.

"Uh, but I don't know how to play."

Asuka just grinned as she dragged the boy to the table and shoved him into a chair.

Six hands later, Shinji had lost about fifty yen, Misato had won three hundred, Ritsuko had won two-ten, Maya had won fifty, Rei had won one-seventy-five, and Asuka had won two hundred even.

It was then that Asuka got a wild idea.

"How about we make this interesting?" the redhead asked.

"What did you have in mind?" Misato asked.

"Strip Poker."

Everyone looked at her, stunned.

"But, Asuka, I'm not doing so good." Shinji flushed.

"Don't worry, baka, it's not like any of us are going to get excited by anything you've got."

Seven hands later...

"This is all your fault Asuka!" Misato screamed as she hugged her naked chest.

"Yeah!" Maya grumbled, hugging herself as well, feeling the air conditioning against her bare skin. "Could we turn the AC off, please?"

"How is this my fault?" Asuka gasped as she pulled her knees up against her body to cover herself.

"If you had not insulted Shinji, we would not be in our current state of undress." Rei stated calmly, not even trying to hide her nakedness at all.

"I consider myself lucky." Ritsuko said, her labcoat still draped over her now nude body. "I forgot to leave my labcoat back at NERV."

"I'll give you thousand yen for the coat, sempai." Maya pleaded.

"And where are you hiding that money?" Ritsuko leered at her assistant.

"How was I supposed to know the baka plays better when he's upset!" the redhead grumbled.

"It's The Same Way When He Pilots, IDIOT!" Misato shouted.

"WARK, WARK, WARK!" Pen-Pen shouted from the computer.

"Really? How much?" Shinji asked from the table.

"Wark, Wark."

"That much? Alright take it!" he said, giving the penguin a thumbs up.


Shinji held up his writing pad. "Let's see: that's six-hundred yen for Asuka's panties. Four-twenty for Maya's bra and panty combo. Umm...three thousand for Misato's..."

"THREE THOUSAND?" Maya and Asuka gasped.

"Well, she was wearing the one with the red lace and frills." he explained. (Fan service)

They looked at Misato who just blushed and grinned sheepishly.

"I can just imagine the sicko's who are buying these things." Asuka grumbled.

Gendo's House

"Hmm. These panties look familiar." Gendo said as he stared at the computer screen. "Ritsuko has a pair like these I'm sure."

Kensuke's house

"Hey, those look like the panties that Asuka was wearing on the 'Over the Rainbow'." he cried as he punched in his father's credit card number.

Kaji's apartment

"Three Thousand. Yes. A worthwhile investment. I'd recognize Katsuragi's property anywhere." the unshaven man grinned widely. "And it's easier than trying to get them direct."

Misato's apartment

"Now if I had posted pictures of who the underwear used to belong to, I'd be getting hundreds of offers. Maybe thousands." Shinji grinned as he tried to find some pictures of the women.


Kinda short I know, but I've been working on six other stories simultaneously which is really taxing on me. So I decided to do something short, funny, and simple.

Hope you enjoyed it, and please read my other story, "Shot Through the Heart", and I hope to have the other stories finished as soon as possible.