Poems of Sonic and his friends. I'll be using their theme song titles for their poem. It was kind of hard making the poem fit the title. First up, Miles "Tails" Prower:

I Want to Fly High

All my life

I've been a follower,

Following the light,

The World is spinning away from me,

He's has always been my idol

He's like a big brother and fast on his feet.

I've always dreamed to be just like him.

But I can't always follow

I need to get a hold of my life

I have a dream so I'm not hollow

If Eggman bites, I'll put up a fight.

I want to fly high…

To reach the highest of the heavens

To follow the light,

To protect the world from chaos

and collect the emeralds of seven.

Someone might be waiting for me

High up there so I have to go see.

I won't stop 'till I reach there, never to get tired.

To see who's waiting, I have to fly higher!

My best friend will always lead,

That's what he's good at

He sees what I have in me,

He's always got my back.

But I'm not a kid anymore,

I will always fly higher

Someday, I will soar

Right across the sky, my passion is a burning fire.

I love to fly, I love the sky

That's why, I want to fly high!

This is my first try at this and I'll update another poem when I get at least 1 review.

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