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Swap shock!

Chapter 1: Sh-shockin' around

It was raining and thundering in the city of New York while they were fighting. Flashes were seen through the sky, and the rain soaking the city. Doctor Octopus has just robbed the bank (for some reason even I don't even know). Spider-man jumped in to stop him, and they pulled their little rumble up upon the skies, where it wasn't actually a good battlefield to fight in, seeing that they're electricity conductors.

Otto sneezed; having a battle against Spider-man out above the city in a trenchcoat and being soaked in the rain is not a good idea at all. I could've picked a sunny, beautiful day to rob the bank, he thought angrily, but nooo! I had to pick this day! Bloody meteorologists, never trust them in a good mood!

Father! His actuators took notice while attacking and blocking Spider-man's attacks. Are you catching a cold?

I'm fine! He snapped back at them. Just pay attention to the task at hand.

Spider-man noticed and chuckled, jumping backwards into a lighting rod.

"Hey, doc," Spidey said, "let's call it a day before the storm gets worst. Why won't you drop off the moneybags back at the bank for today and rob it later on?"

"As the matter of fact I will," Otto replied, surprised that he actually agreed. The actuators took their glances off of Peter and started nagging at Otto.

Excuse me!

We are not putting the money back after all that trouble!

Well, Otto protested, I want to go home! It is cold, and wet, and Spider-man looks like he is unwilling to let me get away with this tons of cash!

Otto sneezed again, this time even worst than before.

"Gee doc," Spidey scratched the back of his neck, "that was pretty bad! You sure you don't need help or anything? I could find you a warm place or something...you look like you're developing a cold!" He didn't even sound sarcastic or in a smart alecky way.

The good doctor was taken aback of Peter's kindness and offer after just fighting him. "Um, thanks for the offering Parker but, no thanks."

Otto looked once again at where Spider-man landed. Is the young college student thinking clearly today? Standing on a lighting rod on a thunder storm?

"But uh, you might wanna think twice of where you're standing on...?"

Spider-man looked down; his eyes grew big, even when he's wearing his mask.

"Shit!" He yelped, before jumping upwards.

Otto could've laughed, but it happened. It just happened.

A flash of lighting was seen above them, and Otto's curly-turned-wet hair began sticking up. Peter could've laughed too but...


Both super beings felt a powerful charge all over their body, they felt paralyzed for the minute. Otto could see yellow light just right in front of him, and he felt his brain's being fried. He wanted to scream, but couldn't. The charge was abit too much.

I've, I've felt this before! He screamed in his thoughts.

His actuators were screaming uncontrollably, driving Otto insane. They seem to feel unimaginable pain, but how does machines feel anyway?

It was too much for Peter as well. He even managed to scream, his muscles getting tenser by the minute. His whole body hurts, a pain that is no other. He was sure Otto felt it too, hell, the doc's felt it about 3 times already, now included.

To put things in a nutshell, both super beings were being electrocuted.

"AAAHHHH!" Peter tried to contain his head. He fell backwards on the sides of the state empire building.

Otto grabbed his head as an act of trying to get the voices and the electricity off his brain. He too fell, but was falling to the ground below. His electricity seems to stop though, but he was still paralyzed.

"OTTO! AHH!" Peter screamed, lying down, shooting out a webline after the ex-doctor. He didn't want the guy to die, you know?

He caught Otto (thank God), who was swung right into the building's windows. The poor human octopus embraced for the world full of pain.


Lots of screams from inside the building. Peter felt relaxed once more; he wasn't into electroshock anymore. He was surprised he was still alive, but maybe because his spandex suit was made of rubber. But was Otto lucky?

The human spider weakly stood up, and crawled slowly down to the broken window, where Otto crashed.

"Octavius!" Peter weakly yelled out, jumping into the building. He tried to avoid the broken glass and debris.

Ock stood up slowly, brushing the debris off his coat. "I'm here, honey," Otto answered, jokingly. His actuators were in the floor, but they'll recover.

Peter saw the office building room (he was in) empty, so he took off his mask to breathe. He flopped back down on an office chair. "Ha ha, what a rush!" Peter held onto his heart, "I thought I was gonna die back there! How come you treat it was nothin'?"

"Hey, it's my third time," Otto answered, rubbing his temples, "but it isn't a cake. My brain was frying, and I got metal attached to my back! That wasn't a massage back there!"

Then, Otto sneezed louder than before.

"Poor Doc!" Peter laughed, "your nose is red!"

"Yes, yes, I know! I got a cold, I had my brain fried, and ahhh, I'm getting this irksome headache!" Otto placed a hand on his forehead.

"Yeah, me too!" Peter placed his hand on his forehead too. "I'm getting kinda tired. You going home?"

"Yup. I had my fun for the day." Both rivals/friends approached the broken window, when then they heard a clash of thunder. "I think I've developed a thunder-phobia. You taking the elevator?" Otto looked at shock-struck Peter with a wide face.

"I call dibs!" Peter called out, putting back his mask on and Otto hiding the fully recovered tentacles underneath his coat.

"Let's go!" Otto raced.

"Hey, what about the money you're gonna bring back?" Spider-man asked, running towards the elevator.

"Ha, leave it," Otto shugged it off, "the cops would find it eventually."

"Peter! Where have you been!" An angry Mary Jane stood up from her recliner, running up to a soaked up Spider-man. "I heard on the news, you were out there fighting in the rain and got electrocuted!"

"Gee Mary Jane, the usual!" Peter tried to calm her, "besides, were you watching the Daily Bugle? You know how they were, always detailing our fights." He felt drowsy.

"Peter, are you alright? You don't feel well...you look sick..." Mary Jane began feeling his forehead.

Peter removed her hand, and swung her around, getting more closer. He recovered from his tiredness real quick.

"Naw, I was thinking of what we could do tonight..." He purred, shaking his eye brows up and down, "...in bed?"

Mary Jane giggled. "Sure! After a shower!"

Both stood back up. "I'll shower, you get in those new robes I brought you for your birthday. Don't be late." Peter ran right into the bedroom, tossing off his wet spidey suit.

"Like the way you're always late?" Mary Jane teased.

"Ha ha, very funny."


Father, we're getting a new place!

"Forget it. You guys attract too much attention. I can't live anywhere without you guys trashing the place when I'm trying to sleep! A'choo!"

While Peter's home was Mary Jane's comfy apartment, Otto home was a dreary warehouse, where there were there a lot of holes in the ceiling for rain to fall unto and only a few rags and sacks of hay as a bed. Not a good living condition for a person with a cold.

We promise we wouldn't make noises!

What do you mean we make too much noise?

Your health is more important than anything else. Our desire to break things will not come first before your much needed health!

"I said NO!" Otto huddled up in a corner, his wet trenchcoat as a pillow, a homeless hoodlum's sweat as a shirt, and a bunch of rags as a blanket. He shuddered. "Achoo!"

Father! If you do not act now, you could die!

Otto was silent; he didn't care. That was a statement he couldn't talk back about, or at least he couldn't find the words for it. Death sounded like a glorious idea, to die and be back with Rosie again...

Otto shook his head. Clearly, his dead wife wouldn't like for him to die on purpose, but there was nothing he could do about his cold right now. He'll get some Tylenol in the morning from the nearby drugstore.

"Good night." Those were the last words he spoke before he drifted in sleep...

Both Otto and Peter had something in common that night. They both had a good dream.

Otto dreamed about Rosie, and how everything that happened to him did not happen. He dreamt that he was still in bed with her, either reading classic stories together or poetry. He was living in a large home, right outside of New York City. Peter and Curtis, oddly, were his next door neighbors in their own large homes. Peter was like a second best friend to Otto, next to Curtis. He was happy, and married to his girlfriend, and had three children. Otto had four.

Peter's dream was different, but similar. It was kinda like a what-if dream like Otto's. He was living happily in a home he owned (no more landowners!), married to MJ. Aunt May was there. Otto, without the tentacles, was there, and so was Rosie, like a close family friend. Harry was still his best friend. Uncle Ben was alive too, and even Norman, and he wasn't insane or anything. Stress wasn't part of that happy family, nor tragedy, nor sadness. They were so...happy.

Both men wanted it to stay forever. But it only was a dream...

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