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Chapter 7: Every Spidey story seems to have a house on fire

Peter stopped by the time he faced a flaring apartment building, no fire trucks in sight just yet. Bossy was itching to escape from underneath the trenchcoat, but was not ready to blow their cover just yet; Happy (looking through Peter-otto's eyes) watched the flares with childish glee, lazy didn't care, and Mute is mute.


People are dying! I have to save them!


I don't care if it ruins Otto's reputation for evil! I'm going to save some lives!

Bossy could only sigh in annoyance as Peter-otto began to run in all his might, some passer-bys telling him to stop before he kills himself.

"YAAAAHHHHH!" Peter ran like a manic and jumped up, but because he didn't have his spider abilities and the actuators were heavy, he fell face flat. Peter groaned painfully.

"Are you okay Mister?" Someone came to Peter in confusion.

What an idiot, Lazy commented.

Oh! Are you okay Mr. Peter? You could've just told us and we could get you inside the building...

Ugh...totally forgotten...God, make me miss my body even more...how high did I even jump?

...Approximately 4 inches to the max...Mute replied. Peter groaned even more.

Sigh, if you're going to save lives, it requires training, strategy, and professionalism, Bossy said bossily, you on the other hand just run up to a burning building without any idea who or what is in there, you are not used to Father's body and had no formal training, and not really a professional hero.

Damn, you sound like J. Jonah Jameson...no one needs to plan when people are dying! Are you going to help me or not?

I will, Mr. Peter!


I guess I'll need to watch over Father's body...

Smiling, Peter shook his head and bolted up, shocking the people around him, hiding the ice cream in his pocket and taking out Otto's black sunglasses.

"Look out New York! Here comes your friendly neighborhood Doctor Octopus!" with that, all four arms bolted out and carried Peter-otto inside the building in fire to save the remaining people inside.

"Harry! Where are you!" Cat jumped in the balcony of Harry Osborn's home, knocking on his window door. Harry, who was sitting on his desk writing a business letter, jumped at the sudden knock.

"Cat?" Harry blinked, getting up and opening the door.

"Hey handsome! We have trouble." Black Cat walked in his office with her arms crossed. Harry closed the door.

"Really? What trouble? Is it Peter?" Ever since Harry found out about Peter being Spider-man and his dad being the Green Goblin, he had been avoiding his ex-best friend for a long time. It made Peter feel even more guilty and depressed about not telling him sooner.

Felicia, all so fed up with Peter's moping when he was so much better and healthier before, forced Peter to work things out with his best friend. And they did. They just talked. No punches exchanged, no blood spilled, no Mary Jane being kidnapped, nobody died. They just solved it diplomatically. Hey, maybe men really do need a woman's touch after all.

"Well, kinda. And Doc Ock as well."

"Doctor Octopus? Otto...Octavius?" Harry got into offensive, ready to bolt to his hideout where he hid his father's Green Goblin outfit. Harry decided to help Peter in crime fighting, studying some of the best martial arts and self-defense training. He would've taken the OZ vial, but Peter warned that it was probably the source of all the madness of his dad in the first place.

"Yeah...but they're aren't bumping heads with each other. It is quite wierd..." Felicia had no idea how toexplain this. She knew Harry would think she's insane; she wouldn't believe it herself.

"As in?"

"You have to see it to believe it."

Otto-peter rode on the vespa scooter, ready to go back home. He had often thought that maybe he could go and visit his old friend Curt and give him a scare, but now that he thinks about it, the thought makes him nervous. Maybe he'll say hello Monday.

He rode the scooter and traffic is extremely hateful as always, so he decided to ride over the sidewalk.

"Huh?" For some reason his,what did Peter call it? Spider Instinct? Spidey-sense? Yeah, Spidey-sense (the name is so likely Peter) keep going off in his mind, at the sight of a burning apartment complex that is near Peter's apartment.

"Hmm..no way," Otto mumbled, trying to imagine the idea that Peter is over there acting the hero again. "I better check it out."

It didn't take too long after all.

There wasn't alot of people inside, with those he couldn't get to probably, but sadly, already dead. Just an infant, some old lady and her thirteen cats, an old black guy in need of meds, and some teenager that is probably too high to escape. But other than that, most of the people escaped.

The people around Peter-otto looked at him like a maniac, confused and scared at the same time. The firefighters came, didn't really bother thinking about arresting Peter at the moment, but is thankful he is saving people in time when they couldn't. But then, some screaming and ranting mother came to Otto in courage of everyone else.

"Please! Please! My daughter is in there!"

Peter nodded. "Which floor ma'am?"

"6th. Please save her!"

Peter jumped up into a 6th window that didn't have flames sticking out, two of the arms protecting him from the flames and falling debris, two other moving him around and knocking over the doors.

"Where are you little girl?" He screamed, and in response, heard a muffled cry for help. "Hold on!"

He went into the source apartment of the cry, where the girl was contiuously screaming and crying for him.

"Tell me where you are!" Peter screamed back, annoyed that she wasn't running out for him.

"In here!" It came from the closet. Sighing, Peter walked to a closet where the floor looked like it was about to fall, and had the arms open the door from afar.

"AAHH!" She screamed at the sight of the actuators.

"Come on! They don't bite! (made her scream louder) Jeez, it is either me or the damn floor!" Peter had the arms force the girl to come with him by carrying her, and they made a large run and leaped over the flaming window.

"Oh thank you!" Peter heard the mother by the time he landed on the ground, holding a shaking girl with his flesh and blood arms. "No problem," Peter smiled, letting her go. The mother and daughter were soon clinging to each other.

"Thanks,D-doctor Ock,"the chief firefighter thanked Peter, "we'll take it from here."

"Uh...You're welcome." Peter really wanted to leave.

Mr. Peter, Ice cream! You forgot about it!

Huh? Oh yeah, my ice cream... Peter took out his banana and chocolate ice cream that was still packaged inside the plastic. He saw the crying child he saved (who's still hugging her mom) and thought he should give it to her.

"Here ya go," Peter said and gave her his ice cream.

The girl stopped crying and lets go of her mother. "Hey, that's my favorite!" she gleefully took his ice cream and wasted no time opening it. Peter smiled, turning to leave.

"Hey!" Peter stopped, to face the girl once more. A thank you? No.

"It melted! Stinkin ass wipe!" She kicked Peter-otto in the shins and Peter yelped in pain.

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