Hello, here's my latest story. It's my second DW one, but the other's a one-shot. The first chapters of this may be a bit short and/or weird, but it'll get better, I promise...I hope it'll get better at least.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dynasty Warriors. I wish I did and if it was possible to steal the people I would, but sadly they all died long ago ((goes and cries))

Anyyyyyyyways, here it is:

Chapter 1

((in Wu))

Gan Ning was walking along when Ling Tong called out to him. "Hey, pirate!"

"What do you want now?"

"Sun Ce just sent me to tell anyone I could find that they've installed an 'elevator' in the castle."

"What in the name of Wu is an 'eletator'!" Gan Ning asked.

"How should I know! He said something about making it so you don't have to walk up and down stairs. It's in the hallway next to the main entrance to the castle." And with that Ling Tong walked of.

So Gan Ning went to see the elevator. After all, thought the lazy pirate, if it saved him from walking up and down the stupid millions of stairs in the Wu castle it must be helpful.

Eventually he came upon what seemed to be an oddly decorated door that he knew hadn't been there before. He pressed a button that seemed to admit an odd glow. There was a random beep that came from out of nowhere and the door opened.

Zhou Yu was standing in the center as if waiting for something.

"Hello, Gan Ning are you going to go for a ride too?" he asked.

"Yeah." Walking inside Gan Ning looked around. "So what does this thing do?"

"Well, it uses a series of chains and connectors to pull this compartment. The physics behind it are amazing, you see…"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, but how do I make it go?"

"Just press on of those buttons," Zhou Yu said, pointing to the many glowing buttons on one wall.

"Ooh," Gan Ning pressed a random button and nearly had a heart attack as the thing started to move. He couldn't see it moving, but it was as if it were pulling him somewhere.

What if it got stuck along the way! He thought frantically. What if I never get out of here again! What if it's really a monster and it is trying to eat us!

Zhou Yu seemed to notice that Gan Ning breath was quickly speeding up. "I've been on this over one hundred times, Gan Ning and nothing has happened. I did create it, I would know."

"Well, alright." Gan Ning took on a haughty pose. Him, afraid of some moving box? That was just stupid and crazy.

"So how long will this take?" Gan Ning asked.

"We should be there in a few sec-" there was what sounded like a crash and then a grinding sound.

"What was that!" Gan Ning asked angrily.

"I'm not quite sure…" Zhou Yu said calmly. He walked over to a box that was attached to the wall next to the buttons. Opening it up he started to fiddle around with things.

Gan Ning couldn't see what he was doing, but he was starting to get a bad feeling. The grinding got louder and he suddenly wondered if maybe the thing was trying to eat them. Zhou Yu could be pretty weird sometimes, he could be remaining calm because he thought this was interesting or something.

Suddenly the elevator gave a lurch and shot upward before coming to a complete stop that sent Gan Ning rocketing upwards. As he crashed into the floor the elevator gave a huge shake.

"Apparently, that wasn't correct," Zhou Yu muttered, seemingly unaffected by the jolt of the elevator.

"You think! Could we hurry this up a bit Zhou Yu?" Gan Ning asked. He was getting freaked out now. As the elevator rocked from his crash he started to shake.

"Maybe this…" Zhou Yu muttered. Suddenly the elevator gave another lurch, straight downwards this time. Stopping abruptly it headed upwards again.

Gan Ning, who had fallen to the floor, couldn't bring himself to get up. Now he was thoroughly freaked out. This thing was evil!

The elevator seemed content to continue with this jolting as it went up and down rapidly. Throughout this Zhou Yu stood calmly in front of the box as if this happened all the time. The elevator gave a final lurch then stopped.

Gan Ning was hyperventilating on the floor and was shaking uncontrollably. He was going to die in here, he knew it. No heroic death, no battle, killed by an evil demonic, human-eating, elevator!

"Ahh, here we go," Zhou Yu said. Pressing a button on the wall the elevator glided slowly up until it stopped. The door opened and before Zhou Yu even looked up, Gan Ning was out the door and running away. "I thought that was rather enjoyable," he said to himself with an air of one who is incredibly confused.