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Here's the ending chapter …


Epilogue: God's Child and Satan's Angel

16 years later

"… So can any one tell me the answer to this question? Any one? Come on people wake up! That including you Jylin … Jylin … why do I bother?" the teacher in his mid-ages adjusted his glasses and walked around his podium with a large Algebra 2 book in hand. Walking down the center row of his class the students all watched as he stopped right in front of Jylin with his head literally in his book sleeping away. His neat long pitch-black hair with violet streaks doing down the sides from this temples was tied back in a neat ponytail.

The teacher stood right next to him – like he always did – and with much force slammed his book on the slumbering boy's desk. Jolting up and gripping his desk he snarled and looked up with his amber eyes bleeding over red. His teacher rolled his eyes, "Do pay attention mister NoLincous or I shall be forced to call your parents once more for your lack of listening skills."

Jylin grumbled and sat back glaring at all the other students that dared to mock him, all he made eye contact with were quickly silenced as he ran a hand through his now messy silky black hair. Glaring up at his teacher he growled, "Yes sir."

Looking smug the teacher nodded, took his book and walked back to the front of his class to continue the lesson, among the students that slowly turned around to face their teacher. One with the same amber eyes, yet short cut and spiky snow white hair glared at Jylin and snorted, before turning back to complete the lesson. Jylin sank in his chair with a pout and before he knew it he was back to sleep.

Then the bell rang.

Once more jolting Jylin up he gathered his things and walked out the door, his brother leaning against the wall pulled on the back of his shirt and the two growled at one another. Ice-Is glared, "What the hell is your problem, are you trying to fail?"

Jylin sneered and turned to continue on down the hall never minding the careful eyes of the human, angel, devil, and demonic students in the hall. Ice-Is followed, "I can not help it if I, Malchior one of the greatest sorcerers is degraded to such a pathetic level of reincarnation. To be stuck in this filthy body, with these filthy humans, and this filthy world, it all just sickens me to the bone."

"So work with it," Ice-Is growled and continued to follow him until they reached the schools courtyard, "and just remember you are not Malchior, you are Jylin, son of Raven and Rorex, and my brother."

Jylin suddenly turned on him, "Then you wonder why I am opposed to all this! I do not know what fate is playing at here, but to have you as my brother? That is some kind of sick, cruel and unusual punishment! Even I would never inflict such monstrosity upon my most hated of enemies, that including you."

Ice-Is gave him a dry look, "Gee thanks for caring, the point here being, Jylin, is we were reincarnated for a reason, must we go over this time and again?"

"What I don't understand is how can you just take all this in … I mean for God's sake Ice-Is, you are now the son of your descendent! Does that not the least bit bother you?" Jylin snarled and glanced at a female that had been watching them for quite some time, which was really starting to irritate him, especially since she could have been eavesdropping.

Ice-Is followed his eye and discreetly glared at the female as well; with a roll of his eyes he grabbed Jylin by the shoulder of his shirt and dragged him away to a more secluded area under the tree next to the school's steps where no one would over hear, "Look Malchior, I know this is a bit of a shock to you, it is to me, but we have to at least be grateful. We're free to start anew, think of it as a chance to actually relive the moments of our lives where there was nothing more than chaos and blood. Here is peace and you have a chance to look over your power and really study them. I'm not asking you to fully give up your past, just asking for you to give this a chance, the fates did. Just work with it."

Jylin rolled his eyes then gave Ice-Is an exasperated look and sighed, "You've been talking with Rorex again haven't you?"

Ice-Is scratched his head frustratingly reframing from pulling his snow white hair out he growled furiously and bared his fangs at his brother, "Jylin! Are you even trying to hear me out?"

"Chill out Ice," Jylin snickered, "I heard ya loud and clear … now don't you have a chess club to get to?"

Ice-Is growled and shook his head, "Whatever, just please try not to do anything that'll get you into detention again other wise mother will have your head."

"Yes brother dear," Jylin watched as Ice-Is jogged off for his club leaving him to kick a random rock and walk to the tree. Leaning against it he slid down and sat staring at the rest of the student body in pure boredom, though still contemplating his and 'Rorek's' latest conversation. He didn't think long before he saw a pair of shiny dress shoes standing right in front of him.

At first he thought it was just the vice principle about to bust him for bombing up the west block school wall (by bombing I mean is a slang for graffiti) but with a sly look on his face it quickly vanished to be replaced with that of shock. An older male, about maybe in his late 50's yet lookin' pretty sharp and built for a seasoned old man, his cold unforgiving violet eyes gave his mother a run for her money. Long silky snow-white hair was pulled back in a sickly neat ponytail as the wind from the coming winter blew passed.

Jylin got up from his feet and kept his back against the tree still staring at the older man in disbelief, "Trigon?"

Trigon sneered and looked him over, "You must be my grandson, Jylin is it? Or do you prefer Malchior?"

"What do you want? How did you get free?" Jylin growled protectively looked beyond to see if Ice-Is was still around. Nope, he was long gone. Trigon chuckled and looked away with a greatly amused face.

"I'm a demon Jylin … I find ways … and as for what I want," he looked Jylin dead in his eye, "can't I be allowed to see my family?"

"Go back to hell where you belong demon, the war's over, it's been over for near 25 years," Jylin snarled and stopped when Trigon suddenly held up the white book of the Nol Verses. Only … it couldn't have been, Rorex destroyed it even before he was reborn. Yet in Trigon's hands it was fresh and full of paper, new parchment paper.

The demon opened the book to no particular page, but when he did Jylin was struck with awe when he saw the struggling angel of Malthenor trying to break free from his confines. His blood red eyes locked with his amber gold ones and in a fit of rage lunged at him, but the black chains around his wrists held him back.

Trigon snapped the book shut and held back a smirk, but that didn't mean his amusement was plastered all in his eyes, "Now Malchior, I'm not here to start another war … far from it. I'm here for a proposition … you see, my "term" is coming to an end and I need an heir."

Jylin raised a brow but kept a scowl on his face, "Raven would never take the thrown for you, not even if her life depended on it."

"No, she wouldn't," Trigon agreed with an uncharacteristic shrug, "she's much to "good" for that. That's why I propose to you a rather intriguing suggestion … you rule after me."

"Are you insane?" Jylin sneered, "Not only would I stoop so low as to actually rule after you and in hell no less, but by law the next in line is to take the position of the fallen lord. Raven by blood alone is the reasonable choice, only way for me to rule is if I kill her."

That was the realization, the point in the meeting and for Jylin it only got worse as Trigon grinned, "Malchior, you are smarter than you perceive yourself to be … but I'd like to see you out smart this one. I already know you're going to deny me, and I already know you despise me, so I'll get to the point. Kill Raven, and Rorex, so you and Ice-Is can come with me under my wing to rule the northern territories, expand it, and take over the rest of hell then move to the surface. Do this under my name and I don't have to lock the both of you away in this book once more, with a very angry angel might I add. Understand? Think about it Jylin … if you do this I'll make sure there is a way for you to return back to your former self even Ice-Is."

"Even if I was able to, Rorek would never agree to it." Jylin glared as Trigon chuckled and gave him a sheathed dagger with a dragon handle, in its mouth was a glass orb with a green liquid.

A green liquid Jylin knew to be poison.

He took it and Trigon spoke once more, "If he doesn't then kill him as well. That dagger will inject a poison that'll instantly kill off its victim, more potent then Malthenor's or Sirus's. Just a drop in a cup of water would kill 100 men in one sip. Stab the victim then twist it and watch the poison do the rest of the work. I'll see you soon."

With that he turned and walked away, leaving Malchior to stare at the weapon in his hands as the words and reality sank in. " …if you do this I'll make sure there is a way for you to return back to your former self …" those were the only words he really did hear after that … and for the rest of school he had said nothing, only thought about it all.


"Mother! Father!" Ice-Is called out with a happy smile, "We're home!"

Raven called from the kitchen with Starfire who was helping her cook something for the rest of everyone in the Tower. While Sunfire, Starfire and Robin's daughter about 7 years of age was playing with Francesca in the middle of the main room, "Hey boys, how's school? I'm guessing everything went fine considering I didn't get a call from any one of your teachers Jylin."

No response … Raven frowned and looked up from the kitchen to see Jylin walking across the catwalk to the hall where their rooms were, "Jylin?"

He didn't answer, oblige, or acknowledge her with even a wave, just kept walking until his footsteps couldn't be heard anymore from the main room. Raven raised a brow and looked to Ice-Is who shrugged and walked down the steps to the couch, "He's been quiet all day."

"I'm sure it is just the adolescent stage he's in," Starfire giggled and put a hand on Raven's shoulder, "no need to fret."

Raven still had a worried look on her face, not finding comfort in anything Starfire or Ice-Is said, speaking of Ice-Is she saw him reach for the control to the GameStation 2. With her power she yanked the control from him and brought it to her, "No games until your homework's done understood?"

Ice-Is gave Raven a cute look that Raven got the distinct feeling he learned from a certain someone, "Aw come on mother, I'm getting straight A's in all my classes, it's Jylin that's failing … besides father allows me all the time when you're not around."

"Does he now?" Raven gave him a pointed look and Ice-Is got the feeling that his father was in big trouble when he came in – the door slid open and Rorex stepped in with Robin– Ice-Is sank into the couch covering his face with his hands, To late.

The cute little girl with fiery long braided red hair and lively light candy green eyes bounded up and took off for her father, "Daddy!" she screamed as she launched herself in the air and hurled herself into Robin's arms. Catching her, Robin tumbled to the ground in a tuck and rolls from the momentum of the girl's tackle then stopped with the little one sitting on his chest, "Daddy! You promised that you'd teach me how to fly today! Letsgoletsgoletsgoletsgo!"

Rorex snickered, "Got yourself a little bundle of joy there Chuckles?"

"Sunfire, I need to breath," Robin chocked and the girl giggled then jumped from her father and hopped up and down like a little rabbit next to him watching him get to his feet.

"Come on! I wanna go!" Sunfire eagerly pleaded and Robin ran a hand through his still short and spiky ebony hair, looking no older then the age of earlier 30s when he was in reality much older then that, Rorex was the same. Only his once unruly hair was tamed and combed back neatly – you could blame Raven for that, but his amber eyes still sparked with that familiar flare.

"Don't worry about it, we'll get to it just be patient."

Rorex left Robin to simmer down the little whining girl, glad that he already went through that stage of parenthood, but stressing over the age of adolescents. Not that his boys got into much trouble – if they did it was usually always Jylin that started the fights and was the most difficult to talk to. He was so … even Rorex couldn't find the word for it, but the word "difficult", however even that seem to do no justice. Looking up to Raven he smiled, but it fell when she gave him a pointed look, Oh, what I do this time?

Eyes traveling to Ice-is who sank deeper into the couch, Rorex raised a brow, "Something I miss?"

"You've been allowing the boys to play video games before work?" Raven mostly accused then questioned, Rorex stilled and gave a nervous chuckle as he walked into the kitchen with her.

"What can I say, they've been good so far."

Raven shook her head, "That's not what Ice-Is tells me."

Rorex snorted and sent a playful glare at the peeking Ice-Is who cringed and hid again, "Snitch."

"Snitch or no snitch," Raven sighed, "you know you spoil them."

Snaking an arm around her waste and pulling her in his embrace he purred to sooth her and kissed her cheek, "I don't spoil them I spoil you."

Raven smiled and looked up giving him a chaste kiss he moved away and called to Ice-Is, "Yo Ice! Catch!"

Rorex tossed the gaming remote to Ice-Is and he caught it with a large smile, "Alright!"

Raven went wide-eyed, "X!"

Laughing Rorex jogged to the couch, and jumped over it next to Ice-Is grabbing the extra remote, while Raven growled and harshly slammed the butcher knife into the meat she was cutting. Making Starfire very uneasy, "Uh … Raven … maybe I should cut the –"

"I can handle it Starfire," Raven growled and again drove the knife into the meat, all the while mumbling how Rorex was going to get it tonight. What she was talking about Starfire didn't want to know.


In his room Jylin sighed and plopped on his bed, staring up at the ceiling with the dagger in his right hand. Clenched tightly and out of it's sheath the blade shimmer under the dimmed lighting of his dark sinister room where hardly any one but his "mother" dared to enter.

Mother … he thought dryly and deeply bringing the dagger up to his face to see that it was so polished and shiny that he could see his reflection so clearly. Well at least his amber eyes … amber eyes of his "father" …

Father … again he thought deeply and dryly as he brought the dagger back to his side and once again stared up at the ceiling … his domed shaped ceiling with arched pillars on the sides sinking towards the middle. It was beautiful and also the reason why hardly anyone wanted to come in … his walls were all – what some would saw mahogany … but really it was a deep dark blood-red. Everything screamed at everyone to leave and never look back.

Everyone, but his "brother".

Brother … he turned to his side and dangled the dagger over the edge of the bed scrapping it along the carpet his sensitive eye sight saw it cut some of the furs so easily it was like shredding a piece of paper. Ice-Is wasn't afraid to come in, in truth the setting didn't bother him at all, he just respected his privacy.

Jylin found it all so funny that him and his enemy were now blood brothers – twins – living in the same house, under the same roof, and respected each other greatly. Well, Jylin in his past life may have been a power hungry, dominatrix, and overly obsessive sorcerer, but he was still sane enough to know a challenge wasn't his to win … and yet …

Ignorance is bliss.

It was always best if you didn't know you could very well be dominated by some one other then yourself … however all this thinking wasn't helping him with this challenge. Sitting up Jylin flipped the blade over and over running the pros and cons of the scenario … on one hand he had the opportunity to be his natural self and with that plus of ruling over all of hell … he would be the first angel to ever get that chance. Hell he was now related to one of the most calculated demons in the underworld … however taking orders for others didn't leave such a flowery taste in his mouth.

He was a natural born leader and natural born leaders didn't fair so well with taking orders.

Switching the blade to his left hand he thought about his "family" …

Family … staring distantly at his reflection once more he saw the amber eyes staring back at him … the amber eyes that weren't his … the amber eyes that were Rorex's … and as he continued to stare he hated them. He hated looking at them … he was a natural born angelic leader, to be in a devil/demonic bloodline was outrageous! It was is sickening, it was –


"Jylin," it was Raven, "Jylin dinners ready come on down."

He just stared at the door, then looked down at the dagger and gritted his teeth, as he held on to the handle tighter.

" … Jylin? Are in there?"

By now his grip had tightened so much the handle should have cracked, he heard shuffling and whispers, his "father" as there and leaning against the wall next to the door. He was telling Raven to never mind and leave him alone. Jylin wanted to scream for them both to go and get away and stay away as the butterflies swarmed his stomach in nervousness. The feeling of throwing up was threatening, but Malchior held it in and waited for the door to open.

"Jay-Jay?" she always called him that when she was worried, and Malchior hated it and growled his eyes bleeding red, his fangs growing longer, his claws piercing skin as he sat there on the bed waiting every so patiently for her to open the door.

Beep … beep … beep … beep … beep …

The sound of her overriding the doors as she called his name one final time, Malchior was shaking with anticipation as the door cracked open …

Wider …

Wider …

Wider …

"Jay?" her head peeked in and the door slid all the way as she sighed with relief to see her "son" just sitting on his bed, then changed to that of a scolding parent, "Jylin, you had me worried, how come you never answered me?"

He whispered something she could not make out, "Excuse me?"

"My name … is Malchior." he whispered louder, in a deep angry, rage filled growled. Slowly turning to face her, Raven never got the chance to react when he was in a literal blur right in front of her, so fast that the wind of his clothes didn't even settle as he stabbed the dagger into her chest. Too fast, she didn't even scream, but gasped and stared with wide-eyed shock up at her grinning crimson red-eyed son. Her lips moved to make out his name, but then she felt it – the pain when he twisted the blade.

She let out such a scream that it made Malchior laugh as he yanked out the blade and Rorex came running to her side, he to never saw anything coming as Malchior grabbed him around the neck and thrust the dagger coated with Raven's blood and still oozing out the glowing green active poison into his heart.

Their faces were so close that Malchior could just make out every fine detail of the iris in his amber gold hues. Which just angered him, those amber eyes were the eyes of a devil. They were NOT of ANY angel. With a feral growl he twisted the blade and made sure the devil closed his eyes so he couldn't see the repulsive things any more.

Slowly he pulled the dagger out so to make it all the more painful – even if the devil was already dead – Malchior's grin widened as he brought the blade close to his face. No more could he see his reflection … just the perfect coat of thick blood that ran down the handle and on to his fingers. Perfect … simply beautiful … which made him wonder why he hadn't done this before when he developed his motor skills.

Just about to literally dance on the demoness and devil's dead bodies, a familiar scent brought his sense back to reality … he still had one more he had to deal with. Turning around to stand with the dripping dagger still in hand and with his "parents'" blood spilt all over his shirt. Malchior titled his head down and to the right observing "Ice-Is's" pained shocked expression.

"Wha … have … you done …?" he whispered barely inaudible his eyes glistening over with ushered tears, he even let one slip and drop to the ground. Their sensitive hearing picked up the drop, but neither bothered with it … except Malchior. It just sickened him to have the one other he almost considered his equal crying for a couple that was weaker than both. Revolting.

"Don't freeze up "Ice" nothing can live forever … except me." Malchior grinned and marched towards the stunned "twin" with silence and precision, one goal … to eliminate the enemy, " … I can last an eternity."

That knocked Ice-Is out of his mourning state to turn and stand up defiantly against his murderous brother, "Damn you Malchior! They brought us free into his world and this is how you repay them?"

Malchior snorted and snarled, "I'm the greatest sorcerer there ever lived … I have never asked for their "help"."

Ice-Is was shaking with rage, so much so his aura flared his eyes glowing scarlet as his hands glowed white as he sunk into a fighting stance that Rorex had taught him, "You. Will. PAY."

"Come for me then Ice-Is," without warning Ice-Is was suddenly right next to him and swirled. Kicking the blade far from the deranged brother then complete the turn with a powerful right hook combined with Raven's power after chanting her mantra aloud.

Sending Malchior back and skidding to a stop next to Rorex's unmoving body, strange that when he saw it he jolted away in shock and stood up then stumbled back. Tripping over Raven and falling hard only to scramble away in fear when he saw her dead violet orbs staring back at him with a shivering chill.

"Take a good look bastard," Ice-Is growled standing the opposite side of the bloody couple. Malchior looked up at the angry Ice-Is and couldn't understand why he was suddenly so afraid, shivering in shock, and disbelief when he was the one that murdered them both with out so much as a second thought, "it'll be the last thing you see before I send you to hell!"

"No! Wait!" Malchior shook his head, and closed his eyes trying to calm down but for some reason his eyes wouldn't go back to normal they were still glowing red and he still had a blood-lust. But then why did he fear it all? "I didn't – I couldn't – I … believe me Rorek! I'd never do –"

"LIAR!" Ice-Is harshly growled and suddenly everything around them fell apart until it was only them two standing on separate pieces of land in the darkness. Malchior stood up and looked around in slight confusion with the conscious feeling that something was … odd. Back to Ice-Is who continued … but his voice sounded very different, but in a very familiar way, "How dare you lie right through your teeth! You slaughtered them and now you lie to save your own skin? How dare you!"

Malchior growled back, Wait a minute … this isn't real… this is a dream! "Don't you dare shout at me you pathetic little coward! Come out from your hiding at once and show yourself!"

Ice-Is raised a brow even as he still looked sinister he managed to pull of a perplexed look, "Have you gone mad? I am your brother!"

"Now who's lying through their teeth?" Malchior challenged, "come forth and face me like a true fighter rather then use a simple dream spell you worthless piece of trash!"

"Never mock me!" in a swirl the concealment dropped and Ice-Is melted away to show a raging Malthenor … or at least his angelic self, with his wings ripped and bleeding due to the curse of the book to keep him from leaving. His claws painfully cut off, and his markings carved straight out of his face with chains around his waist, neck, ankles, wrists and broken wings.

He was the literal definition of a "fallen angel".

Malchior almost felt pity on him … that is if he weren't so greatly agitated by the fact that he'd dare invade his mind, "I can not mock what is true, insolent whelp. Now I warn you, leave my mind or die."

"You can not kill me! I'm locked away forever in that book!"

"Obviously you don't know what I am capable of."

"But I do know that you are weak," Malthenor smugly grinned at Malchior's glare, "ah yes, that "family" of yours made you considerably put out in the power department … I'm purely angelic … can you truly stand up to me?"

"Don't forget you're cursed!" Malchior jumped his perch and came down on the angel with a drop kick, who he just used his chains to wrap around his ankle then like a toy spun him around and launched him into oblivion. Correcting his flight another platform of earth rose up and Malchior landed in a graceful crouch.

Not a second later did he again go after the angel, but was careful to avoid the chains that lashed out at him, and planted a nice left hook, right upper cut, and a spin kick to get him off the platform. Yet the most astonishing – and enraging – thing happened … where the darkness of his mind should have let him die, a platform rose up with the damned angel on it grinning like Christmas came early, "Guess I forgot to mention I still got some power over this realm."

That just set Malchior off, not just the fact that Malthenor dared to mock him in his face, but more the fact that he was finding pleasure out of it all, Child's play is over, no more games, he ends here, "Well I hope you didn't forget who's blood runs through your veins, Hazabek montrexer dradono nalsin thex!"

Throwing his arms in the air, his mouth and eyes opened wide to allow the burst of brilliant pure blackened dark energy and magic come forth taking the form of a snake like dragon that slithered out and coiled to glare at Malthenor. Sparking with purple electricity it opened and spread it's wing, roaring in the process as it suddenly darted and lashed out at the stunned angel. Rushing the speed, power and force knocked him off the platform and into the air as all of Malchior's soul-self seeped into his body extracting a horrified scream of pain and pure torture.

This was the power Raven once dared to use, but failed to control, Malchior over took the angel who was a pure soul and engulfed it in his dark energy. Torture and ripping his mind piece by little piece his throat was becoming tired and torn from all his screaming until finally he begged for death. Not aloud, but Malchior could feel his soul crumbling and crying out for mercy, for release, for death, for anything other then the torment that he was suffering.

Malchior inwardly grinned as he growled in the angel's head, "Just remember who your superiors are wretch, you have caused enough grief in one lifetime, no matter what, you'll never be a part of my bloodline."

Pulling back his soul-self, dropping the spent angel, Malthenor never hit the ground as Malchior rushed him and with his claws alone tore him to pieces, literally killing his mortal self inside as his eyes turned dull and dead. Malthenor in the correctional prison had died inside, and no one would even care to know.


Jylin jolted up when the Algebra 2 book came down on his desk once more for the second time that day, the glasses wearing teacher glaring at him, "Jylin, I've had it with your sleeping in class, lunch and after school detention for a week! Plus a call to your parents, and an extra assignment for tonight pages 101 and 102 numbers 1 through 59 all. Is that understood?"

Dazed, slightly confused Jylin shook his head then looked to his brother in the front of the class catching his worried eyes there was a silent agreement and they both stood up, "I'm sorry sir, but I – I mean my brother and I have to go home … it's an emergency."

Without so much as a note Jylin took his things and Ice-Is did the same they both dashed out the door never heeding the teachers cries down the hall as they ran with Jylin in the led about a foot. Ice-Is glanced to him, "What's going on Jylin? I along with half the damn class couldn't concentrate with your flaring aura then sudden energy burst. Talk to me."

"Before I do had Malthenor ever come to you in a dream?" Jylin gave him a stern look, which Ice-Is blinked and looked forward when Jylin looked away.

"Once, but he fled before I could capture him … he made me kill our parents in the dream though. You?" Ice-Is asked curiously as they rounded a corner and flew down the stairs.

"Same here, but I think I may have killed him," jumping down the last flight of stairs then bursting through the school's entrance and dodging the custodians and security guards. Jylin and Ice-Is took to the air and flew as fast as their adolescent bodies would allow them to all the while continuing their conversation.

"Killed him? How could you even physically hurt him? He couldn't be that strong to pull off the same trick we did, I mean the book's pages were torn to shreds then burnt! There's no way he could have come back." Ice-Is argued as Jylin shot him a dry look.

"The Nol Verses were meant to with stand anything. If it were burnt it would come back from the ashes as good as new, you know this Ice. And I went back to the site father burnt the book and took it back."

"What?" Ice-Is glared, "Have you complete gone off your rocket!"

Jylin glared and Ice-Is shook his head, "Okay, point seen, but he's still –"

"We locked Malthenor's angel self in the book, not the full him, the angel is strong enough to do the same we so desire, but never stronger then us." Jylin growled, "He's still just a kid, and the original is always better."

Finally they were nearing the Tower, faster they made it and touched down on the roof. Escaping into the building and racing down the hall Jylin took a sharp turn down a corner. Ice-Is was going too fast and missed, but lucky for him Jylin reached out and yanked on his backpack pulling him to the right direction. Into Jylin's room that was right across from their parent's and next to Ice-Is a little more down. Ice-Is leaned against the door and watched his brother scrounge about the immaculately clean blood-red walled room.

Never knowing the true reason why he'd have the place painted blood-red Ice-Is hovered to his brother once he pulled the white book from in between the mattresses, "Hah! Here it is."

"Hurray!" Ice-Is mocked, "Now open it."

Jylin ignored the sarcastic twin and opened the book expecting an angry angel to come out and try and get a piece at them what they got was a puff of smoke that for a split moment turned into a skull then vanished. Ice-Is raised a brow, "That's it? Skull-face poof, he's dead?"

"Well …" Jylin shrugged, "… yeah … I guess so …"

Ice-Is growled, "What? That can't be it! We just skipped class and the rest of school, not to mention mother and father with both have our heads when Johnson calls them!"

Closing the book Jylin sighed and tossed the thing on the bed where Ice-Is sat and pouted while he paced the room, "Well … the good thing is Malthenor's dead, so I guess we contributed to saving the world from another potential disaster right?"

Ice-Is shot up from the bed and walked to the door, "Potential disaster? Is that what you're calling this? When we're caught with our parent's we're so –"

Cut off when the door slid open and jaw dropping when he caught said parents in the middle of a "make-out session" one thing came to mind, Scarred for life. Apparently Raven knew some other presents was around and saw Ice-Is staring at them in shock, confusion, little fear, and everything else rolled into one. Quickly separating herself from Rorex and looking fluster she tried to fix herself up to reduce the guilty-caught-red-handed look, "Ice-Is."

"Mother …" Ice-Is breathed and that was when Rorex turned around to see Jylin behind Ice-Is almost hiding yet showing he was around.


Jylin nodded and cleared his throat, "Father …"

Silence … until Ice-Is broke it and chuckled nervously as he rubbed the back of his head, "Well, uh, heh, this is awkward."

That was when Raven kicked into mother mode and glared at the two suspiciously, "What are you to doing out of school so earlier?"

Ice-Is shook his head and opened his mouth to answer, but Jylin was faster, "The school let us out early today … uh, assembly."

"Yeah, assembly," Ice-Is quickly agreed and Rorex ran a hand through his messy mused hair trying to straighten it out the best he could as he raised a brow.


"Ye-" they were both cut off when Rorex cell phone went off, taking it from his belt he flipped it open and glanced at the number before glaring at his kids as he put it to his ear.


Jylin and Ice-Is gulped as Rorex amber eyes darkened, "Yes, this is he … Really? … Oh-no that's quite alright I know where they are, but thank you for the heads up and for notifying me … Right, okay bye."

Raven crossed her arms over her chest forgetting about the total embarrassing earlier catch. Rorex put the cell phone away and gave the two a pointed glare; "This is the third time this week you two ditched, what the hell's your reason now? You know don't even answer that cause I don't want to hear it, just go back to school and stay there for the rest of the day until it's out. Got it?"

They both nodded, "Yes sir."

"Good, now what are you waiting for? Get out of the tower," Rorex growled and the two quickly ran down the hall back to the roof leaving Raven and Rorex to shake their heads and walk back to the main room, mood completely killed.

All the while Ice-Is and Jylin took off of the roof back to school grinning like there was no tomorrow, who would have thought doing something so wrong would actually save your life? From his pack Jylin took out a Galactic Silver spray can and shook it the rattling from the mix loud and clear as he gave it to Ice-Is and he pulled out another, but this one being cerulean blue, "Fresh coat of paint was laid on north block, wanna' drop a bomb?"

Ice-Is snickered, "Let's do it."


So in conclusion to his little tale we can honestly say that no matter if your good or bad, saint or sinner, from heaven or hell the out look on the righteous is not the same as what other's might see it. Some of the most impure of creatures that originate from hell itself can be the most powerful, but never the most deadly. You're given second chances, you just gotta' know how to go about doing things differently … would you continue the life you once had or do something totally different?

Everything in life is really up to you.

The divine or greater power, however you might see it shows you the way, you gotta' decide how to take it … or carve your own path all together. So whenever people say that there's a "Fine Line" to things, just ask them what about the gray line. Where it all doesn't matter, where demons are angels, angels are devils, and the good is never what it seems. Here is where you stand, when you call yourself God's Child and Satan's Angel.

The end …


(Takes a deep breath and slowly inhales while kissing her numb fingers) well there you go people, the final chapter, hope the ending wasn't a disappointment, but hey at least you read it till the end. And once again I'd like to thank you guys so much, I know I've been saying that you guys are awesome, but you really are!

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