This is the last chapter, it is how ever one of the longest I've written. It's about the size of two small chapters. I hope you enjoy your super jumbo final chapter of The Best of Friends. It's been really fun to write. Now all I need is a title for my next story.


"Yuan RUN"

Without thinking Yuan turned and ran. Just behind him he heard Kratos's feet pounding. No one was following them just yet, everyone was to shocked to process what had just happened, but soon enough Yuan turned to see General Aurion leading a pack of angry humans.

"Yuan follow me. I think I have an idea," Kratos shouted behind him. Kratos headed in the direction of the dorms and Yuan followed. He didn't know what Kratos had in mind, he couldn't even tell what he himself was thinking. There was a dull buzzing in his head and all he could think was how stupid he'd been. How unfair it was that one stupid mistake could ruin everything.

When at last they reached Kratos's dorm the boys dodged in and Kratos locked the door. Yuan stared at his friend.

" That's not going to stop them."

" I know I just want to hold them off," Kratos stared quietly at the door for awhile. He then turned and began to rummage through his things. Over his shoulder Kratos tossed a bag of money to his friend. Kratos came back to the door holding his sword and shield. Yuan looked at him sadly.

" You can't…" he said, " They'll kill you. You can't fight that mob. You can't even fight your father."

" Yuan you have to get out of here. Sneak out the window I know you can." The mob had reached the door. They were banging on it.

" Kratos I can't leave you here to face them alone. I…"

" They will kill you if they catch us. I'll be fine I promise. Now go!" Yuan stared at Kratos sadly. He didn't know what to do.

" What if I never see you again?" The door was splintering, Kratos leaned against it, but it was about to give.

" YUAN GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! THAT'S AN ORDER!" Yuan stared at his friend, he had never spoken to him that way before. The two friends stared at each other for another second, than Yuan turned grabbed his brother's sword and fled out the window. Kratos turned and opened the door. He stood and faced his father. General Aurion held up a hand and the mob behind him stopped.

" Where is the slave, boy?" General Aurion asked. His face was red and the look in his eyes was terrifying. The General gritted his teeth as he tried to control himself. His voice was gruff as he tried to restrain himself from yelling.

" I'll never tell you. You'll have to kill me first," Kratos stared back at his father and spoke to him calmly. Kratos's insides felt as if they were going to explode. He felt insanely nervous, he was shaking, and yet his mind was utterly calm. His body knew that he was going to get hurt, that he should run, but his mind knew that he would rather die a thousand times than let these people near his best friend.

"TELL ME! I AM NOT AFRAID TO HURT YOU!" his father roared.

"I know," was all Kratos said.

"I'll take care of him. You go find the half-elf!" General Aurion shouted. He was on Kratos before he could blink. Kratos tried desperately to defend himself but his father was to strong. With a single blow of his sword General Aurion had knocked the blade from his son's hands. General Aurion grabbed Kratos by his shirt collar and lifted him from the ground. Kratos squirmed in his fathers grasp. As he was lifted Kratos saw out of the corner of his eye that the mob was storming away down the hallway off to find Yuan.

He tried desperately to concentrate amid all the chaos. General Aurion shook him violently than threw his son to the floor. Kratos stood up and concentrated. The General's eyes grew huge when he saw the spell circle appear.

" FIREBALL" Kratos shouted. He knew it was a weak attack but, he used it to the best of his ability. He set the hallway rug on fire, which sent the mob into panic. General Aurion was fuming.

"YOU ARE GOING TO REGRET THIS. YOU LIKE SLAVES SO MUCH, YOU'RE GOING TO LIVE LIKE ONE. IT MAY BE ILLEGAL TO KILL YOU, BUT I CAN SEND YOU TO A LIVING HELL!" General Aurion kicked his son down, and began to hit him repeatedly with the side of his sword. Kratos felt the sting of the sword as he lay crumpled on the floor. He tried desperately to keep his shield between himself and his father but he could not. Kratos could feel himself give up. But he promised himself one thing; he would not cry.

Kratos felt himself dragged across the floor. The floor was covered in the ash of the destroyed carpet and Kratos felt himself burned by the few remaining sparks that sat in amongst the ashes. Kratos could feel himself losing consciousness. One moment the pain would be excruciating and the next he would feel nothing at all.

" You like fire so much Kratos, how about you have a little more." Kratos felt himself thrown into the corner of a room and he opened his eyes. He sat breathing heavily as he watched his father light a fire. He couldn't think straight. He didn't know why his father was doing that. But when General Aurion thrust his sword into the flames Kratos felt total terror.

Kratos stared up at his father with wide eyes as General Aurion approached with his red hot sword. Kratos shook his head desperately. His father only grinned sickly in response. Kratos struggled to his feet trying in vain to make it to the door. Suddenly felt the searing hot blade cut his flesh and he let himself collapse, unconscious, to the floor.


Kratos awoke two nights later in his bed back home. He sat up quickly and looked around. His room was utterly dark there was no light at all. Kratos lay still and he could here his parents shouting some where nearby in the house. He didn't know quite what they were saying but he knew it must be about him. He hoped that his mother was defending him, but he had the feeling she was only arguing that he was indeed his father's son. Despite his pain Kratos stumbled out of bed.

Something was wrong with his room. Never before had it been so dark, never before had it felt so lonely. He flicked on the light and was met with the one sight that could have made the situation worse. Noishe's tank was smashed open, Kratos's pet was gone. He turned off the light and got back into bed. He snuggled into his blanket and wept. He did not weep because his parents were shouting, he did not weep because his entire body screamed out in pain. He wept because he was completely and utterly alone. No matter what became of him he knew it would be awful if he had to face it alone. He wept because for the first time in over five years he didn't have Yuan by his side.


Yuan ran through the forest deliriously. He couldn't hear people following him anymore, which was good because he had never felt so tired. He didn't know how long he had been running but he couldn't handle it anymore. He let himself collapse onto the ground. He could hardly believe he was still alive. He had only evaded his captors by managing to pull off his first "indignation". He had watched as his spell stopped an entire mob of people.

But he didn't care. He had no where to go and nothing to live for. He had lost his only friend in the world. He didn't even have any family left. Yuan curled up on the forest floor, hugged his brother's sword and cried. He cried harder than he ever had before. He didn't stop until he couldn't cry anymore. He lay there in silence unable to move and yet unable to relax enough to fall asleep. Suddenly a noise forced him into action.

Yuan struggled to his feet and looked around for whatever had made that rustling noise. He prayed that it would be some animal anything but a human with the mind to kill him. He prayed that somehow someway he could see his friend again. From behind the trees came the most majestic sight Yuan had ever laid eyes on.

A large bird walked into the clearing and stared at him with beady eyes. It had long graceful legs and a long graceful neck. It's back was large enough for a full grown man to ride on comfortably. It was so white that it seemed glow in the night. The tips of its wings were green, as was the tip of it's curved beak. When it lifted its head and cawed into the night Yuan saw that the crest on its head was green as well. It walked over to Yuan and rubbed its head against him happily.

" Noishe?" Yuan said and the bird cawed happily. Yuan pet the bird's long elegant neck and smiled. He didn't know how it happened but Noishe had shown up at the perfect moment. " You're the best animal in the world. Do you know that? Listen, Noishe Kratos is in a lot of trouble we have to do whatever we can to help him. You have to take me to him. He's done so much for both of us. We have to rescue him!"

Noishe made a peaceful sort of clicking noise in Yuan's ear and nuzzled the half-elf again. Noishe bent his long neck around and pushed Yuan towards his back. Yuan nodded at Noishe and struggled up onto the protozoan's feathery back. Noishe threw back his head and let out another cry to the night. Yuan was balancing his brother's sword in front of him when suddenly Noishe lifted from the earth. Higher and higher the protozoan climbed in the sky.

Yuan held onto the birds neck with one hand and held his brother's sword with his other. The wind rushed around him and he could feel his hope renewed. Yuan gritted his teeth and faced the wind.

" Alright Noishe! Let's go save our friend!"


Kratos sat in his room staring at the floor. He couldn't look up, the look on his mother's face was heart wrenching.

" Please Kratos listen to me. Just apologize to your father, just tell him that you're sorry. Just tell him that you'll never befriend a heal-elf again. Tell him that you won't humiliate him. Please Kratos, tell your father that you regret ever teaching that half-elf to read."

" I don't" Was all Kratos said. Mrs. Aurion was kneeling besides her son's bed and begging him to redeem himself. She was crying as she looked at him sitting silently on his bed. She stared at her little boy and wanted so desperately for him to go to her. She wanted him to take the path to safety that she had prepared for him. Mrs. Aurion had begged her husband to give their son a chance to redeem himself, but now he would not take it.

" Please Kratos. I'm sorry I've been such a bad mother, but please don't let yourself be tortured. Your father will sell you off like some slave to live a horrible life. I know I've been bad but I don't want that to happen to you. You're my son Kratos, I love you," she lifted her son's chin so that he'd look at her. He stared back as if he were looking right passed her with dead, tired, and serious eyes.

"What have we done to you?" She said. "You used to be so happy, Kratos please don't lose that." A little more shine came into Kratos's eyes.

"I'm sorry mom. I love you too, but… I'm not apologizing," He looked at his mother very seriously. She let out a single sob then covered her mouth her hand and left the room. Kratos sat staring at the wall for along time.


The mansion was in chaos. Commander Aurion, he had been instated quickly while Kratos had still been out cold, stood in his entry hall talking to the other officers. He looked up to see his wife walking down the stairs. From the look on her face he knew she had failed.

" Commander you have to deal with the boy. Just make up your mind. Thanks to the reporters at the ceremony what happened is known to the world. Everyone supports your reaction, considering what the kid did. But Aurion, they need to know your final decision!"

" I know that Everard. I just thought I'd be kind enough to let my ignorant wife see that the boy is to far gone." Commander Aurion watched as his wife came to join them and stood meekly off to the side. "Would you get us something to drink?" He asked her rather fiercely and she nodded. The slaves were refusing to work. Down on the grounds they were partying wildly and inside the house they had all locked themselves into rooms and were sleeping in the human beds. The officers were concerned that as other slaves learned of Kratos's slave revolts would begin.

"I'll deal with the boy in the morning. For now we should all get some sleep. I'm sorry for the behavior of the slaves, but you might want to stay in town. I will deal them in the morning as well."


Outside Noishe touched down daintily. Yuan climbed off the protozoan's back and stretched his legs a little.

" He's got to be here; he wasn't at the school," He said to the bird like creature. "It would probably best if you just flew me up to our room."

Noishe cooed his response and stood still so that Yuan could climb back on. Yuan didn't do so immediately. He was looking sadly at the forest ground. Right at his feet was the entrance to the hole. Briefly he considered going into it to get any supplies that he might find. But he decided against it. Leave it undisturbed, he thought to himself, it's the last memory of our childhood.

Quickly Yuan remounted Noishe and clucked to him gently. Noishe took off into the air again. The protozoan flew over to Kratos's window, he remembered exactly where it was from when he had escaped to look for his master. As they drew level with the window Yuan looked inside and saw his friend. He felt his heart leap with joy as he knew their previous meeting had not been their last. But as he looked longer he became concerned.

Kratos sat on his bed staring at the wall. There was a look in his eye that Yuan had never seen before. A serious look, an angry empty look as if he would never smile again. Down below him Yuan heard the door open and he knew he had to hurry. Yuan wrapped his knuckles on the glass and Kratos looked up. Emotion flowed back into his face and the human flew to the window and opened it.

"Yuan! Oh, Yuan I thought I'd never see you again!" Kratos whispered to his friend. "How are you fly…Noishe!"

"I'm glad to see you too but we've got to hurry!" Kratos nodded and then ran back into his room. "Kratos!" Yuan whispered urgently, not knowing why his friend had turned back. Kratos soon returned with a bag.

Not asking questions Yuan pulled his friend out of the window and in front of him onto the back of the bird. Kratos looked terrified for a brief moment but soon hugged the neck of his pet.

" Holy Shit!" Came a voice and both boys glanced down. Beneath them stood Commander Aurion, Mrs. Aurion and all the officers. The officers looked horrified and Commander Aurion was seething, but Mrs. Aurion smiled weakly up at them.

" Go Noishe!" Kratos cried and the bird hurried into the night leaving the plantation and its people behind them.


When at last they were far away Noishe landed in a field and the two boys got off. They lay for a moment in the cold night air catching their breaths.

" I can't believe were alive." Yuan said breaking the silence.

" I can't believe I got to see you again. And Noishe! I thought my dad had destroyed his tank." Kratos went over and sat by his friend.

" No I guess Noishe just evolved to big for it." The two boys looked at one another in the silent laugh and suddenly began to laugh uncontrollably. Neither of them had ever been so happy or relieved in their lives. Together they set up a little campfire and settled down for the night. Noishe sat nearby with his head curled under his wing.

"What did you bring in the bag Kratos," Yuan asked when at last both their nerves had calmed. Kratos grinned at him and emptied the contents out between them. Yuan saw the plans for the hole, the paper on which he'd first written his name, and his ownership papers.

"I didn't want to forget," Kratos said.

"Neither do I," the half-elf said quietly.

"So what do we do now Yuan? We can't turn back," Kratos asked. Yuan observed his friend quietly. Something about Kratos was different. It wasn't the bruises and wounds that were left from his encounter with his father, it was the way he carried himself. They had known one another for along time and Yuan could tell just from that last sentence that Kratos had come more reserved. Kratos's bright optimism had been squelched. And yet Yuan could still see the kindness behind his eyes.

" We'll work Kratos; we can take care of ourselves. We don't need anyone but each other." Kratos smiled at his friends optimism. Yuan was staring off into the distance with a look of excitement on his face. When Yuan looked out of the fields he could see the future he would make for himself. Nothing would hold him back.

" Is suppose we can get jobs if we pass you off for a human. Your ears are round enough." Yuan blushed and glared at Kratos. He didn't want to look like a human. Kratos smirked back, knowing he had gotten under his friend's skin.

" Oh who cares! Kratos you and I are going to fulfill our destinies. Just you wait! I can see it out there. You and I are going onto great things. I just know it!" Yuan flopped back onto the ground, and for awhile the boys just stared at the stars.

" There are so many," Kratos remarked as he had so many summers ago. "Wouldn't it be great to be out amongst the stars. Just you and me and no one else?" Kratos said. Noishe cawed. "Sorry Noishe, you can come too."

Together the boys stared off into the night sky. Both of them saw the empty road before them and hoped that they could make something of themselves. And both were sure that as long as they had one another nothing could touch them.



So that is the end. Soon enough I will continue this story, sort of. I will pick up six or seven years from now when the boys are twenty or so and can no longer be considered boys. That's when the real adventure will begin. But still it will be connected to this story. They will still have all of this in their pasts. And we already know who their greatest enemy will be. It may take awhile for me to start again. I need to do some serious planning. But don't be to sad this is all over. They live to be four-thousand there is still a lot of ground to cover.

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