Disclaimer: I don't own X-Men Evolution, or Toad. Though I do want to own the little amphibian. But I don't. I only own this story, and my ideas and my sad morbid little thoughts.

What The Wristbands Are For

I'm sick of it, ya know? Bein' treated like dirt, and being the court jester. I'm just plain sick of it. Sick of it and the people who enforce it. They think it's funny, and I know it. They think it's amusing the way I just sit back and take it. They think it's hilarious the way I don't stand up for myself. I'm sure they bust at the seams when I just walk away and come back for more the next day.

Honestly? I find it funny too. I find it funny how devoted I am to these people. So devoted, so blinded by false words, I ignore the obvious. The obvious fact I'm being used. Yeah, I know I'm being used. Used as a physical and emotional punching bag. I know this, but I ignore it. Hoping that maybe one day, it'll go away. And that I won't be used anymore. Hope that one day they might actually care and stop abusing me like that. Hey, every fool can dream, right?

Sometimes I'm sure those 'dreams' turn into nightmares. I'm easily lead astray and sooner or later I make myself believe these people actually like me. And as always, I'm smacked in the face with reality. Hard. It's bad when you wanna be accepted by the people you care for the most so bad it blinds you. Hell, it's bad when the people you care for the most in the world don't give a fuck about you. And you just sit back and take it.

I used to sit back and take it. Let the abuse come and go every day and every night. But not anymore--to a certain point, anyway. I still take it, I have no choice. What can I do against Wanda or Pietro or Lance or Freddy? I can't do nothin' against them. But that doesn't mean I haven't found a 'cure' for the abuse. It's a sad, pathetic excuse of a 'cure', but at least it works. It works faster than any drug I've heard off. And I only have to take it in very small doses, but it lasts for hours. Sometimes days even. It comes in a neat little package of plastic wrap and a plastic handle.

What is this miracle cure for pain? It's small, and sleek, shiney and sharp. A razor balde. It's amazing how quickly it works. Just slash some random place on your body, arm, leg, whatever, and the pain just...goes away. You go numb, and all your mind focuses on is the blood seeping from your body. It's like...focusing all the pain out in the blood that spills. And of course you have to make sure you don't cut anywhere vital or too deep. Don't wanna kill yourself now. Just...bleed. My prefered spot? My forearms and wrists.

Yeah, it's a pathetic, sad, and even dirty habit. But it's a cure none the less. It works, and it makes the pain go away. I'm an addict to a deadly drug, one that has nasty scarring side effects. But honestly, what did you think the wristbands were for?