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The brown, black, and white cat, Eikichi, was laying on her side on the little bed that Kuwabara had made. Her chest hiving up and down as if she couldn't catch her breath. She made a hic kind of sound, perhaps it was like a kitty cough or something, but it sounded like there was something in her throat.

"You should put her down Kuwabara." Said Kuwabaras sister, sitting down on the bed.

The high school boy knelt down and picked up the limp kitten and kissed her lightly on the head. "I can't do that." He set her back down in her little bed.

"Its in pain." The kitten was awakened by Kuwabaras soft kiss and opened its eyes to look at its master. She tried to lift up her head but couldn't, she was too tired, and out of energy.

"Its not an it! It's a she! And her name is Eikichi!" He said, and he pet the young cat.

"Fine. She is in pain, you just going to leave her here?"

"No. I'm staying here."

"You can't miss school."

"I don't care."

His sister sighed and got up to leave. "I understand you're sad about your cat,"


"Right, Eikichi is sick. So I'll let you stay home for one day. Then tomorrow you go to school. Got it?"

"Yeah whatever."

His sister left her brothers room and closed the door behind her.

"Eikichi… don't die… you'll get better, you'll see. The vet even gave me this medicine to make you all better and you've been taking it except it doesn't seem to be helping.

Please be ok…" Kuwabara lay down by his kitten facing it.

He thought about how much he loved his kitten and how depressed he is going to be when it passes away.

Just then he had an idea… Koenma! He could talk to Koenma about Eikichi! Maybe he could stop her from dieing… and if his cat had to die then maybe he could bring her back to life or something like he did Yusuke!

Kuwabara rose up and went to his door. Now how to contact Koenma?

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