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Last time Kuwabara said, "because I love Eikichi more than anything! When I was in pain after Yusuke beat me up, Eikichi was there to lick my wounds! When I had too much food on my plate, Eikichi was there to finish it off! When I needed comfort that I couldn't get anywhere else, when I was stressed, when I needed training, when I needed help, and even though she is only a kitten, shes special to me! And I don't, DON'T, want her to die!"

He slammed the door behind him, leaving Botan by herself outside his house. He hurried up the stairs and found his cherished kitten.

Eikichi was laying in the small bed that Kuwabara had made for him out of his old cloths and other things he happened to find around the house. The kitten was still having trouble breathing and looked weaker and smaller than usual.

Its eyes were squinted in pain as it kept trying to breath. It was almost as if the breaths where what was causing the pain. Kuwabara had brought it to the vet. but they could not find anything wrong with the baby cat.

Eikichi sounded more like a mouse than a cat, and that was a little ironic… if you think about it. (cat eat mouse thing… ya know) It made small squeaks and sometimes a very weak meow.

She had not eaten in a couple of days. When Kuwabara could, he would try to have Eikichi drink some milk, but the poor thing could barely lift up its head nor gets its tongue out of its mouth.

Kuwabara picked up the bed made from cloths, including the cat, and put it on his bed. He didn't know how much longer he had with her. How much longer she could survive, at the rate that she was breathing and that she was not eating or drinking. Eikichi might even die of starvation or dehydration first before what was really wrong.

Kuwabara snuggled with the bunches of cloths on his bed, slowing moving as to not frighten his beloved kitten. "Oh, please don't die Eikichi, I don't know what I'm going to do…"

"I don't know, get a new cat?" Said Yusuke as he entered Kuwabaras bed room.

"What do you want? Can't you see I'm not in the mood for you right now," asked Kuwabara with a little bit of frustration in his voice. "And I don't want a new cat, I want this one, right here." He stroked Eikichis' head with his finger and kept his gaze upon the cat.

"Chill, Kuwabara, I just came by to see how you were doin. Heard about her, will she be ok?" He sat down on the bed, next to Kuwabara.

Oddly he was being sympathetic, not Yusuke. It was a little weird. Well Yusuke wasn't all that bad but he, well, who would have thought he cared how Kuwabara felt, and about a cat too.

"No… chances are she'll die. Hey, do you think you could… do me a little favor?"

"Hum? Yeah sure, whatdaya want?"

Kuwabara kept his eyes on Eikichi, "Do you think you could say here for a while? Maybe till I fall asleep or something?"

Yusuke smiled, geesh, that scared him for a second. Who knows what type of favors Kuwabara would ask for. "Hey, I may seem hard headed and stupid, but I can be compassionate. Trust me dude, you'll see her again."

"And how do you know?"

"Hey, I may not seem smart, but I know and thing or too, and trust me or not dumbass, you'll see her."

So Kuwabara and Yusuke talked for a couple hours, Kuwabara talked about Eikichi and how much he loved her and how much he would miss her and how much this and how much that…Yusuke nodded and once in a while tried to give a comment that didn't seem … un-caring.

After a while Kuwabara did fall asleep, and Yusuke did leave…

When Kuwabara finally woke up, he found that his kitten, had stopped breathing all together. Eikichi had become stiff and cold. Eikichi had become dead.

Kuwabara laid in bed a bit longer with his kitten, his best friend. He touched her soft fur, and quietly cried.

A coupleweeks later, the group was invited to the spirit world for Keonmas 665th birthday. They where all laughing and having fun when Botan said that it was time for the prince to open gifts.

Cake, ice-cream, and drinks for the older people, it was… enjoyable.

Kuwabara, still sad from his kitten dieing, was sitting at a table, alone, with his head down. Botan walked over to him and asked, "Why don't you go enjoy the party Kuwabara?"

"I can't. I'm still depressed about Eikichi."

Botan smiled. "You realize that this is the spirit world Kuwabara." She said, a lot of emphasis on the word spirit. "Come on." Botan held out her hand and Kuwabara brightened up with happiness. "You work for Keonma, you can come here anytime and see her… you should know that."

Yusuke was holding Eikichi when Botan and Kuwabara walked up. The kitten, very much alive and happy, jumped from Yusuke to Kuwabara so quickly you would think it could beat Hiei in a race. "I told you dumbass, you gotta learn to trust me!"

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