Okay! This is the first Drake&Josh fic I've ever written the story idea kept bugging me so much I just had to write it! I don't own Drake or Josh or any characters.

Chapter 1: The Worst Birthday Ever

"Happy Birthday Josh!", screamed Drake, Josh's dad, Drake's mom, and Megan.

"AHHHH!", Josh screamed as he fell out of his bed, hitting his head on his nightstand on the way down.

"Whoa! Take it easy champ", Josh's brother Drake said as he helped Josh up from the floor. "You turn 16 only once!"

"Yea...did your whole family scream at you when you first woke up scaring you half to death!?", Josh asked standing up straight.

"Nah...a bunch of hot girls did through...", Drake said putting his fingers to his chin thinking, about it with a sly grin.

"Calm down Josh!", Josh's step-mom said holding out to Josh a birthday cake. "Its a homemade cake for my favorite step-son!"

"Actually she just bought it at the bakery!", Josh's dad piped up and then got elbowed by his step-mom. Josh took the caked from his mom and examined it.

"Happy Birthday...Julie?", Josh looked at the cake strange.

"Oh great...they gave us the wrong birthday cake!", Josh's mom said disappointed.

"Well...I'll save it for later...", Josh said putting the cake down on his night stand and then thanking his mom.

"Here's my gift to you", Megan said holding a a box out to Josh with an innocent smile.

"Hold on!", Josh pulled out a pair of gloves from under his bed and then some twisers. He picked the box up slowly with the twisers and then placed it gently on his bed.

"Josh...", Josh's dad said giving him a look.

"What? Shes always pranked me on my birthday! Remember the putting the syrup in the shampoo and super glue soap basket she gave me for my 15th birthday?", Josh said eyeing Megan suspiciously.

"One of your finest yet...", Drake said to Megan giving her a high-five.

"Oh Yea! Very funny! I thought you were against her?", Josh said defensively.

"Well yea...but only when I'm the one getting pranked, when someone else has it happen to them, then its funny!", Drake said with a smile.

"Drake stop picking on your brother its his birthday!", Josh's step-mom said.

"Oh yea! Josh, I know how much you love magic so I found a new magic shop just down the street and I got a card saying you can have one thing for free!", Josh's dad said giving him the card.

"Thanks dad, I do loooove my magic!", Josh said putting the card on his nightstand.

"Welp I've gotta go and run some errands!", Josh's step-mom said giving Josh a hug. " Happy Birthday Josh!", she said as she left the room.

"I've got to get to work, I won't be back to late!", Josh's dad said, then he left the room.

"I've gotta work on some more ways to torture you and Drake. Also its a good thing you did'nt eat that cake...", Megan said with a grin.

"Why...?", Josh dared to ask.

"Cause I put a fire cracker or two in there", she said as she left the room. Suddenly the cake exploded alittle, and got caught on fire.

"Evil...", Drake and Josh said in unison.

"Welp I gotta go and watch the monster truck rally on T.V!", Drake said.

"Wait! Aren't you forgetting something?", Josh asked Drake.

"Oh yea!", Drake pulled out a dollar from his wallet and handed it to Josh. "Happy Birthday champ!", Drake said as he headed out the door.

"Oh well thanks I-...wait a minute!", Josh looked at the dollar dumbfounded, then followed Drake out the door.