Chapter 4: Trust

"Will this hurt?", Josh asked looking at the crystal ball.

"No! Fortune telling does not hurt!", the woman said lighting some candles.

"Are you sure I can trust you?", Josh asked.

"Well Josh...sometimes strangers can't be trusted sometimes they can, you just have to believe me", the woman said sitting a deck of cards down on the table.

"Well, how do I know I can believe you?", Josh looked at her suspiciously.

"Silence! The aura is setting in and now we can begin..", the woman gazed at the crystal ball. "Now then Josh, I'll look into your past for a second and tell you what I see...", the old woman gazed at the crystal ball and studied it. "I have a wait! A step brother...named Darcy."

"Well acutually his name is Drake", Josh stated.

"And I see a little girl and she is smothering whipped cream on your face while your sleeping and tickling you with a feather...", the old woman said.

"Megan! She told me Drake did that!", Josh said suprised and amazed that the old woman knew all of this stuff.

"Now do you believe me?", asked the old woman.

"Well now I know I should say sorry to Drake for yelling at him for something Megan did...", Josh suddenly had a sad look on his face.

"Whats the matter Josh?", the old woman asked.

"Well, my brother Drake ditched me on my birthday to go out with some fact noone hardly pays attention to me at all...even on my own birthday...even my own brother...", Josh said.

"Don't worry, it happens to everyone once in awhile", the old woman said while looking sypathetic for the boy.

"Yea, but sometimes I wish I was somebody else, somebody who can get people's attention and be respected for...for once..", Josh said sighing to himself.

"Really?...", the woman said with a curious look on her face," What if I could tell you I can make your wish come true...", the old woman said with a spark in her eye.

"What do you mean?", Josh said looking up at her.

"I mean, what if I could make you somebody else, a new fresh start for you...", the old woman said.

"Well! I think thats scientifically impossible! You can't possibly do that!", Josh said with a laugh in his voice.

"Silence!", the old woman raised her voice as Josh quickly stopped laughing.

"Now then...since its your birthday and I'm feeling generious today, how about a free gift", the woman said as she took out a small box with a bag full of pink powder in it and handed it to Josh.

"Whats that?", Josh asked as he opened the box and looked at the bag inside.

"Its magic powder, it was made to give you energy and there's a myth that it will make your wishes come true if you have a pure heart, all you have to do is pour the powder into a glass of water or tea if you prefer and drink it", the woman said.

"Does it really work?", Josh eyed the old woman suspiciously.

"Do you believe in magic...?", the old woman tested Josh who gave her a blank stare." You don't have to believe me, you don't have to try it, its a free gift from me to you and its up to you to try it."

Josh put the bag of powder back inside of the box and closed the box shut. He wondered if the old woman might be right, he was kind of desperate for a life change, even if it was just a myth.

"Now dear boy, if you would please depart, because I'm closing the store now. Remeber what I said, good luck, and come back anytime". The woman got up from her chair and for the first time smiled at Josh. She left behind a back door in the room.

Josh got up and left the store. He looked behind him and saw the old woman change the store sign from Open to Closed.