The Seamstress

By: OtakuSailorV

His web was remarkable, the envy of any seamstress. It dangled so gently and yet held so tightly to its foundations. It looked as if even a breeze might stir it and blow it away, but the threads were like reinforced steel as they swung idly. In the moonlight they were like silken silver hairs; oh such beautiful hair that she would have died to call her own! In the mornings the silver strands glittered with beads of dew that glittered in the sun, more precious than any diamond.

Oh how lovely, oh how ethereal! If only she could have them, to possess such beautiful threads that looked so frail and yet were so strong. The creature that haunted the threads though, kept her away, though he had his own enticing beauty.

A spider. Despicable as the creatures were, she found this one to be rather attractive, sitting to the side of his magnificent web and just waiting idly for some poor soul stupid enough to be ensnared by him. And it would be so easy too; she could not deny the allure he and his web seemed to have; a strange kind of power over her.

Lilting nearby, she hides in shadow, watching him in interest, knowing that he sees her too, but choosing to remain hidden nonetheless. She fears going out in the open, knowing he would snare her instantly and she would never be released from his grasp.

But, oh, such lovely silver threads…

A little thing I did for Skittlez, who has so kindly been poking and prodding me about doing a story for her favorite pairings for some time. Heh heh, I'm joking, I was glad to do this and all of the other stories she ahs asked me to do.

This is - in case you don't know already - a YuraNaraku drabble-thing that I came up with on-the-spot just the other day. Its ok, not as long as I wanted it to be, but oh well, it made Skitz happy. Heehee.

Thanks for reading this far and for more YuraNaraku goodness be sure to check out OnlyCoolEmoBoysKiss - aka Skittlez - for the skinny. Heh, see ya!

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