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Bathing In blood…Chapter 1: The girl

It was going to be a perfect Monday, the only thing that sucked about it was that it was Inuyasha's senior year of high school. That meant it was only one more year of school before he could leave his dumb-ass brother Sesshomaru behind and live his own life. He pulled himself out of bed and over to his closet, where he put on black faded jeans and a red shirt. He then headed down stairs; he wanted to be at school early to meet up with his friends. So he grabbed his backpack and jumped into his 1981 convertible and drove off.

He pulled into school to be meted by his two best friends, Miroku Houshi and Sango Tayjii. Sango, Miroku and Inuyasha had been friends since kindergarten and stuck together ever since. They were Inuyasha's only friends because of the fact he was a hanyou. Demon's despised Inuyasha's human side and human's were afraid of his demon side, so it was hard to make friends.

"Yo what's up?" asked Miroku as he and Sango walked towards Inuyasha.

"Nothing much, how was your guys' summer?" asked Inuyasha as they headed into the school.

"It was ok," said Miroku.

"Great," said Sango as a wolf demon stood in front of the three of them. And it just so happened that this wolf demon and Hanyou didn't get along.

"Hey mutt-face how was your summer?" asked Koga. Koga Wollfe was popular but Inuyasha definitely surpassed him in looks.

"Great cause I didn't have to see you," said Inuyasha as Miroku, Sango as him all got there schedules and locker numbers. And coincidently enough they all had the same classes and there lockers were right beside each other.

"Hey Inu," called Kikyo. Kikyo was known as the school slut. She and Inuyasha were once dating when Inuyasha had caught her cheating on him with Naraku and dumped her. Ever since then she had tried everything to get Inuyasha to go out with her again.

"What is it Kikyo?" asked Inuyasha as Miroku and Sango began to set up there lockers.

"Just wanted to know if you're doing anything tomorrow?" asked Kikyo because tomorrow was Friday.

"Oh don't you have plans to fuck someone that night?" asked Inuyasha as he walked away. He needed to cool off so he went outside because he still had fifteen minutes before classes started. He then jumped into his tree. It was a great tree; when ever Inuyasha was pissed off he would jump into the tree and be calmed. He sat there thinking for about ten minutes then headed inside.


"Bitch hurry up or else you'll be late for your new school," said Yow up the stairs to is daughter.

Kagome just moaned as a sharp pain ran through her body. She pulled herself out of bed and sat looking at her body in the mirror. Her once creamy skin covered with bruises and cuts. She looked at her face and saw a purplish spot under her eye and one on her neck. She cursed her mother for leaving her here with this monster as a tear fell from her eye. But she didn't have time to cry for if she was late for school her father would not go easy on her. In fact when did he ever go easy on her? She was about to put on a pink shirt when blood started leaking from her stomach. She walked to the washroom and placed a bandage around herself. She then continued to dress herself. She put on the pink shirt and a pair of black baggy pants and a baggy black hoodie. She then went back to the washroom and tried to cover up the bruise under her eye, and when she covered it the best she could, she began her walk to school.

Kagome loved the smell of fresh air. It felt like ages since she had seen outside. Her father never permitted her to go outside. Kagome sighed as she thought about her father's rules. She was aloud no friends, she had to come home straight after school and cook supper, and she was aloud no T.V. or games and had to get good grades in everything. Kagome was in such deep thought she hadn't realized she was at school. She walked in the school to be greeted by the secretary at the desk. She was handed her schedule and walked to her locker. This would be the seventeenth time she had gone through this procedure. Every time she had made a friend or someone her father couldn't buy off found out about her abuse she would move then get the worst beating of her life. She must've had a record for trips to the hospital, but her father would just pay the doctors to keep there mouths shut. So Kagome quickly set up her locker and headed to her first class…World History.

"Man I hate world history," said Miroku as he sat next to Inuyasha and Sango sat in front of them.

"Miroku you hate anything that required using your brain," said Inuyasha as Sango laughed.

"Shut up Inuyasha," said Miroku as the teacher walked in.

"Hello class I will be your teacher Mrs. Yamata. All of you guys no each other but Im going to introduce a new student who moved here from Kyoto. Please welcome Miss. Kagome Higurashi. When Kagome heard her name she walked into the room. "Kagome would you like to tell us a bit about yourself?" But Kagome shook her head 'no'. "All right then please choose a seat. So kagome sat in the back corner away from everyone.

"She's really mysterious," said Miroku. "I wonder if she's a babe."

"Oh shut up you stupid pervert," said Sango as she smacked him upside the head.

"Miroku will you ever change?" asked Inuyasha, but he too was curious about the 'silent girl'

World History seemed to go by pretty fast, but Inuyasha couldn't take his mind off of the Kagome girl. She always kept her hood up so you could never really see her face. But the bell soon rang and they all headed to there next class. Kagome took a little detour though and headed to the washroom. She walked up to the mirror and sure enough the make-up concealing her bruise had worn away. So she applied more and headed off to her next class…Language Arts. She walked into the class and noticed the same half-demon that had been in her world history class. There was also another boy and girl there. Kagome was so distracted by her thoughts she didn't even notice someone take the seat beside her.

"Hello there babe," said Koga as Kagome tuned her head so she wasn't facing him. "Listen how about me, you and a movie tomorrow?"

"No," replied Kagome softly.

"Your loss I could help you make it in this school," said Koga placing a hand firmly on her shoulder.

"Listen I'm not interested," said Kagome still not looking him directly in the eye. Koga was about to protest when the teacher walked in and he took his original seat. Kagome was relieved when she saw him walk away.

"Hello my senior students, my name is Mr. Yoko and I will be teaching you all language arts. And for our first assignment I would like you all to right a poem about what ever you want. But unfortunately for you this will be taken in for marks"

"Kagome was happy when she heard her assignment. She was a master poem writer, in fact she wrote poems almost everyday so she pulled out a piece of paper and began to write. After she finished writing her poem she handed it to her teacher. The teacher then looked at the piece of paper and then at kagome. Soon after kagome sat down other people began to hand in there poems. But none even came into comparison with Kagome's.

"Okay class I will read you two poems and you tell me which is better and why," said the teacher. "Here is the first one…"

I hate this friggen rhyme,

Ive got better ways to spend my time.

Who actually liked to write this crap?

Whoever they are should get a slap

This stuff is stupid and gay,

And that is all I have to say

"Ok class that was the first one now here is the second…"

You can't see me, for I' am invisible,

I'm a lonely spec of dirt on the ground,

Unwanted, uncared for,

I' am a blemish on the face of society,

A wound that won't close,

I walk this earth alone and always will,

Can anybody save me?

Does anyone even notice I'm there?

I guess not,

I'm only invisible.

"Now which is better? Yes Sango?"

"Number two is way better. It has more feeling but gives a les direct way of telling you how the author feels."

"Very good…Now," but the teacher was interrupted by the sound of the bell ringing. "All right see you all tomorrow" said the teacher and everyone walked out of class.

"The person who wrote that poem is really deep," said Sango.

"Ya way deeper than Inuyasha here," said Miroku poking Inuyasha.

"Hey I never said I was a master poem writer,' said Inuyasha as they all walked into the cafeteria.

Kagome took her lunch tray and walked to the empty table in the corner of the room. She was proud of the poem she had written, and it wasn't even her best one. She took a bite out of her sandwich and was in heaven. At home her dad would not allow her to eat so she had to sneak food. But at school she could eat all she wanted.

"Hey Miroku, Inuyasha isn't that the new girl?" asked Sango as they all sat down at there normal table.

"I think so why?" asked Inuyasha as he began to eat his ramen.

"She's all alone I'm going to see if she wants to sit with us," said Sango as she walked in the direction of Kagome. Kagome was enjoying her food when a shadow came upon her. She looked up and saw the same girl that had been in all her morning classes.

"Hey it's lonely over here. Why don't you come eat with me and my friends? There pretty cool give or take a few quirks," said Sango

"I don't know," said Kagome. She wanted friends so badly but she also didn't want to disobey her father.

"Oh come on," said Sango and before Kagome could resist she was being drug across the cafeteria to the place where the hanyou was sitting.

"Ok this is Inuyasha and this is Miroku," said Sango pointing to them.

"Hello," said Kagome very quietly.

"Hi," said Miroku as his hand found Sango's butt.

"Ah pervert," screamed Sango as she placed a red hand print on Miroku's face.

"Sorry about that Sango it's my dam cursed hand," said Miroku trying to sound innocent.

"Right," said Inuyasha as a certain slut walked over to them.

"Hey Inu baby listen have you come up with an answer to my Friday night offer?" asked Kikyo as she noticed Kagome.

"Sorry Kikyo but I'm busy," said Inuyasha and Miroku and Sango laughed. It was fun to watch Kikyo and Inuyasha fight.

"Let me guess you're doing something with this bitch?" asked Kikyo pointing to Kagome who was taken aback by her comment.

"She's no the true bitch I see standing here," said Inuyasha.

"Ha what ever, everyone can see through her little quiet act it's all so she can get a guy to fuck her," said Kikyo as she laughed.

"I'm sorry if I made you mad in some way," said Kagome as she stood up and walked away.

"God Kikyo can't you keep your fucking mouth shut," said Sango as she set off in the direction Kagome left in.

"I need some air," said Inuyasha as he to left Miroku al alone.

"Sure just leave me all alone," said Miroku but then he said. "Sure leave me all alone with the pretty ladies. And so Miroku walked up to the first group of pretty girls he saw. "Hello would one of you fine ladies please do the honor of bearing my child?"

"Stupid, Perverted, Idiot," they all screamed and slapped Miroku. "Maybe I was to forward' he thought 'Nah'

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