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Bathing in blood…Chapter 27: What does the future hold?

Gina sat up staring at the ceiling in the hospital room. What was wrong with her…her best friend totally sold her out and she instantly forgave her… 'grrrr' what's wrong with me?' she thought. She looked over at her sleeping brother. He was extremely tired that night. Gina thought back to when she had a 'normal life' but than again her life wasn't exactly normal to begin with.

She placed a hand on her stomach and decided to go for a walk around the hospital. The hospital seemed a little bit cold and she wondered why they couldn't afford heat? She walked and bought a soda from the vending machine and took a drink. She squished the can in her hand and headed back to her room…but on her way there she passed what was once Shippo's room, but it was now vacant. He was one of the most important people in her life and he left.

"Well now it's just me and my child," said Gina as she continued to her room.

"Gina there you are I woke up and you were gone," said Kanaye as he walked out of Gina's room rubbing his eyes. Gina giggled at how cute he looked. "What's so funny Gina?"

"Nothing," said Gina as she walked and sat up on her bed.

"What's wrong?" asked Kanaye

"Nothing why?" asked Gina

"You seem spaced out or something," said Kanaye as Gina pointed to her stomach

"Well Kanaye I have a lot on my mind," said Gina

"Oh yeah sorry," said Kanaye

"No need to apologize," said Gina as she gave her brother a smile.

"I really care about you my sister," said Kanaye

"Whoa, where did that come from?" laughed Gina

"It's true"

"I know, but im going to try to sleep and so should you," replied Gina as she laid her head on her pillow and sighed as she closed her eyes.

Gina tried to sleep peacefully, but her dreams were haunted with the dead Shippo crying and saying it was her fault he was dead. Then she had a dream where she and her daughter where sitting when a man came and stole her daughter. She didn't know it but tears were falling from her eyes. When finally she felt someone shaking her.

"Gina sweetie wake up," said Inuyasha

"Dad, is it morning already?" asked Gina

"It sure is," said Kagome

"Wow I guess the night just flew away," said Gina as Kanaye stirred and woke up.

"Mom, dad hey you're here"

"Sure are son," said Inuyasha

"What time is it?" asked Gina


"WHAT! Man why did you wake me up?" asked Kanaye as he tried to fall back asleep. He suffered from what Inuyasha and Kagome liked to call 'teenage syndrome'.

"It's all right you can sleep," said Gina as she swung her legs so that they hung off of the bed.

"Did you get any sleep last night?" asked Kagome as Inuyasha left to go and get a coffee

"A little," said Gina…she didn't want to tell her mother about the night-mere's

"Well when the little one is born you won't get any sleep," laughed Kagome as Gina hung her head. "Oh Gina I'm sorry"

"Oh no I'm ok mom," said Gina

"Gina maybe you should look at this as more of a gift than a burden," said Kagome

"Who said I was looking at it that way?" asked Gina"

"It's written all over your face," said Kagome

"Mom's right," said Kanaye who's attempt to fall back asleep had failed

"I know but it's so hard," said Gina

"But we'll always be there for support," said Kanaye as he smiled at his sister.

"Yes and for that I'm grateful," said Gina as they shared a loving family moment.

"Well do you want to get dressed?" asked Kagome

"What? Why?"

"Because me and your dad talked to the doctor who said you can come home"

"Oh this is wonderful," said Gina as everyone left her room to let her change. She walked out to see everyone waiting and walked to the car. 'Dear god please protect me and my family' thought Gina as she left the hospital thinking about what the future holds!

THE END!i!i!i!i!i!i!

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