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I want to add that I'm sorry if I accidentally steal a title for your story, it's not intentional.

Beastboy opened his mouth to start speaking, only to be cut off by Robin.

"Hey, I'm gonna read this story, ok?" Since no one had any objections (except for Beastboy, but he was ignored), Robin started to read.

'Titans, GO!' "Well, they certainly used Robin's phrase well." Cyborg glanced sideways at Robin as he said this.

"How did they know I said that before attacking?" Robin was looking perplexed. Raven opened her mouth to state a remark, but Beastboy cut her off.

"Maybe we're being stalked!" Beastboy started bouncing up and down in his seat excitedly as his imagination ran wild about several girls that where following him.

"Please friends, what is this stalker? Has it something to do with the delicious vegetable celery?"(a/n get it? You know... like a celery stalk? Yeah, umm continuing on with the story) The three titans did an anime sweat drop (except for Beastboy who was still imagining the stalkers).

" Umm, maybe later Star." Starfire nodded as she made a mental note to look up the word later on. Robin started to read , and Beastboy shut up

'The familiar phrase rang out through the store as each of the Titans rushed in to action. Cinderblock was destroying the mall! Robin ran towards him while taking out his stick pole thingy,"

"Stick pole thingy! It happens to be called my bo staff!" Robin looked like he was about to continue, but Cyborg cut him off (a/n geez, it seems like everyone his cutting each other off. Oh, well).

"Robin, no one cares." Robin gave a huff of annoyance, but soon continued reading.

'Raven chanted her familiar mantra as dark balls of energy gathered around her hands,'

"Well, I'm glad they got that right." Raven shuddered to think at what the author might have called her powers.

'Starfire shot him repeatedly with starbolts, Beastboy morphed into a giant green T-Rex, and Cyborg, well.. who really cares?' (a/n i just want to apologize to any Cyborg fans, i don't agree with this. In fact, i don't agree with a lot of stuff written by the crazy authors)

"WHAT! Who really cares? Me, my team mates, my fans. Yes, I do have lots of fans who write everyday and say what an awesome person I am, and if you don't believe me, well, I have proof because I keep some letters, I mean, I can't keep all of them or the tower would explode from the sheer amount of letters I receive."

As Cyborg was shouting his head off at the computer, the four other titans looked nervously at him while backing away slowly. After ten whole minutes of shouting at the computer, he slowly lowered himself back onto his chair, breathing heavily, having stood up sometime during his fit.

"Uh, dude? You ok?" Beastboy said this somewhat quietly, afraid that Cyborg would start yelling again. Cyborg just nodded, still breathing heavily. Robin started reading again, all the while throwing nervous looks at Cyborg.

'No one noticed the small child who had managed to sneak away from his mother. The titans were winning, as cinderblock was being knocked down over and over again. The child neared cinderblock who was on his knees. Cyborg, who was behind cinderblock, didn't see the kid (stupid cyborg... grrrr)'

"Wow, she really doesn't like you Cy." Beastboy was still throwing nervous looks at Cyborg, scared of his anger.

"No dip, sherlock." Raven said this in a monotone voice. She looked extremely bored now, and Beastboy knew that she wanted her book to read, but he didn't want her to leave because then he would miss her company, even though she kept on putting him down. While all these thoughts were racing in Beastboy's mind, Robin had started reading again.

'Knocked cinderblock back with his fist onto the small kid, effectively crushing him. They were now assembled in the office of the mayor.'

"Jump City has a mayor?" Beastboy sat there looking entirely confused, while the four other titans groaned.

' "Now, I used to respect you, but after the incident with the small kid, there have been several complaints requesting for you to be removed from the city." The mayor was shuffling several papers on his desk. "So starting right now, you will leave this city and never return. You can go live in the woods."

"That's it? We're just going to live in the woods? With no proper supplies?" Robin was looking dumbstruck.

"And no tofu?" At this, Beastboy was looking horror struck. The thought of having to eat... real food. It was scary than Wicked Scary 5. The Attack of the Ooze Monster. Raven uttered a mock silent prayer, and Beastboy glared at her.

Starfire was just staring at the computer, confused about a few things. She didn't want to be annoying, so she made up her mind just to ask Robin later on.

'The titans made up camp in the woods, and as Cyborg was about to open his mouth to say something, a bunch of rabid wolves dragged him off.(good riddance! I wish that they would do that on the show)'

Cyborg stood up with a depressed look on his face. The four other titans watched as he walked over to the freezer and got a huge tub of chocolate ice cream. His anger had been used up in the earlier shouting match, and now he was just depressed. He then returned with a metal spoon and the ice cream.

"Continue." Cyborg pointed at the computer screen briefly with a metal spoon before digging it back into the ice cream.

'Beastboy turned to ask Starfire a question, but stopped when he heard a noise. He turned back to see Robin and Raven making out(a/n ugh, it pained me to write that sentence. Oh, well)

Starfire turned to glare at Raven, while Beastboy glared at Robin. Both Raven and Robin had looks of utter revulsion on their faces. With some great difficulty, Robin continued reading.

'Beastboy turned to Starfire and soon, they too were making out(a/n it pained me to write that sentence too)

Now Robin glared at Beastboy, who glared right back with equal force. Starfire continued to glare at Raven, who still had a look of disgust on her face. Cyborg sat there, slowly eating his ice cream. It was a few minutes before anyone spoke.

"Now, that had to be the most disgusting sentence ever written. And Starfire, you can stop glaring at me. I do not like Robin like that." Starfire immediately stopped glaring, happy that she would not have to fight her friend over Robin's hand(a/n you know, like some tamarainian contest thing.) Beastboy also stopped glaring.

"Ditto for me, except it's for Robin about Starfire." Robin stopped his glaring too. Cyborg still sat there, nearing the bottom of the ice cream.

"Can we please stop reading this story anyway?" It was a plead from Robin. Everyone else nodded in agreement, and someone clicked on the back button. They scrolled down, looking for a new story.

While doing so, each of the titans had a question about the story.

"Why did the author hate me so much?"

"How could they expect me to live with no tofu?"

"Why was the small child just called 'small kid'?"

"How could the author write those bogus pairings?"

"Why would any waste their time writing a stupid story like that?"

"How about this one?" Beastboy interruped their questions and pointed to a story titled 'No title'. All it said for a summary was 'slash'.

"Does anyone know what slash mean?"

Robin answered Beastboy. "I don't know, but it can't be worse than the story we just read." Famous last words. And so someone clicked on the title and they all waited for the page to download.

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