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Summary: Cagalli's dead tired, and she can't fall asleep. So what's she supposed to do? A touch of Athrun x Cagalli.

Good Night

She twisted, she turned. But no matter what position she lay on her bed she just couldn't do it. Everyday this month she struggled. Was there some special trick needed to do it? Damn it! A girl needs her sleep!

She's tried counting sheep. She tried counting killer robots. She counted her numbers all the way up to 356! So just why couldn't she sleep?

She twists, turns, flips, flops. How many more times must she do this? She's already tired to the bones and the last thing she needed to do was bed gymnastics.

She yells in her mind for the millionth time, Give me back my sleep!

She opens one eye and looks over at her digital clock. The brightly shining green numbers displayed that it was currently 3:01 AM. Damn. Trying to sleep for three hours and still no go. Damn it all.

She pulls at her hair. A few strands of her blonde locks seemed to be defying gravity. The room is pitch black, the window opened slightly; the nice cool breeze blow the curtains gently, rippling like a wave.

She looks at her clock again. Now it's 3:08 AM. Seven minutes passed. That was it? She's still awake though. She does some more bed gymnastics, counts some more sheep and killer robots. But this time she counts by prime numbers. 2. 3. 5. 7. 11. She gets lost after 97. She decides to count doubles. 1. 2. 4. 8. 16… etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. She hears her stomach growl at 1024.

Getting up from her bed, she drops down onto the floor and worms herself to the door. She manages to open it after a few lazy attempts and slides herself along the ground to the stairs. She slowly crawls her way down the stairs, occasionally hitting her leg against the railing. On all fours, her stomach grumbles loudly, she crawls like a baby towards the kitchen, there's a light on.

At the table, Athrun is sitting, reading a book, and drinking some warm milk. He turns around to see her on her hands and knees, eyes half drooped, gravity defying hair, and a grumbling stomach. He smiles warmly as he comes over to pick her up off the floor, and carries her back to their room. He gently places a kiss on her forehead and then on the lips. He leaves the room, but quickly comes back with a tray.

Together they eat all the snacks: cake, brownies, chocolates, cookies, and many other sweet sugary goodies. They savour the taste of the sweetness with each bite, and from the others lips. When they're done, he holds her close; his body warms her up as she smiles serenely. He places a kiss on her lips, still able to taste the lingering sweetness. He whispers good night, and she sleeps easily, no problems at all.

The clock reads 3:47 AM.

A/N - Just for the record, it really sucks not being able to fall asleep. Take a wild guess as to when I wrote this fic. At 3 AM! YAY! It took me only 20 minutes to write, which is a miracle. I've never written anything that quickly before, ever. Maybe my mind thinks more quickly when I lack sleep… hmm…

Well… as always, hoped you all enjoyed (although it is kinda dull) and good night! Maybe I'll be able to sleep better this time round.