RK: This was the second poem I wrote for fanfiction, and in my opinion one of my better ones (sweatdrop) its from Hiei's pov, so, enjoy!

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…Façade of Happiness…

She sits there surrounded by birds and trees

Her thoughts are carried by the morning breeze

Her delicate hands and porcelain face

Are melancholy and lost in space

I know what she's thinking

I know what she needs

She longs for her brother

Who hides in the trees

Her soft lips part to utter a word


The idea of telling her is completely absurd

I am a creature of darkness and hate

From the day I was borne I was cursed with this fate

To wander the shadows

And spite those who teach

To help those who are lost, broken and beached

With a dip of her head and twitch of her feat

She's gliding away on a new beat

She covers her pain

Sadness and frustration

With a façade and implication

Of happiness

I am a shadow who flies through the trees

Listening to whispers carried by the breeze

Watching over an angelic face

No longer lost in space

Eyes now filled with determination

She sets forth with a new destination

To live and breath and wait for the day

When I would come forward and say-

Abruptly she turns her head to the trees

To the spot where I crouch

With my hands on my knees

Her eyes widen briefly before she does say


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