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Note: This story took place 14 years before the events of Negima.


Feb 1989. The sky was blue but yet in the surroundings. A scent of fear and evil lurks around the enigma forest. A woman in a dark blue kimono is running as fast as she could.

Turning back just for a second to see that no one is following her. Her breath was heavy as she carried a small bundle on her left arm and on her right arm, a sword. She looks around and head north.

"Just a bit more…"

She looked at the bundle and knew that she must protect it at all cost...

Then a voice broke through it.

" There she is!"

Another voice shouted.

"Get her!"

The woman ran faster and saw a fast moving stream. She knew that if she can't make it, at least what she is carrying must be protected! She lifted up the bundle and in it a small baby. The baby was still fast asleep, not knowing danger is approaching any minute.

The woman took out a piece of paper and slip inside the bundle and placed the sword together. She knew her fate is inevitable.

A group of men holding swords and spears approached the stream...they looked around and saw the woman alone looking aimlessly at the stream. One of the elder men approached the woman. She looked at him and give out a sad smile.

"Otou-San." The woman called out her father.

The woman's father raise his hand and slap her left cheek!

The other men looked with shock and moved back away from the scene.

He shouted, "You fool! Where is the child!"

The woman answered back "The child? You would never find this child anymore! She is dead!" She then pointed at the fast, furious stream to them.

The woman's father stared at the stream and ordered the other villagers "Men! Take my daughter back to the village! Order a search for the baby! I want it found! Dead or alive!"

As the men took the woman away from the stream and into the village, they didn't notice that the woman was smiling to herself like as if she had pulled the biggest joke on them.

Soon the sun has started to set and the lively forest has suddenly turned quiet. The hoots of owls and crickets creaking changed the mood of the night when all of a sudden...


An explosion destroyed a line of trees turning them into rubbles, smoke surrounded the night.

A woman held a sword walked into the smoked night. She looked around and observed the surroundings and held her sword in a defensive position and closed her eyes.

She knew that if she made the wrong move, she'll be dead before she knew it. She felt the branches are playing tricks on her and eases her breath.

She speaks to herself "Okay, Tsuruko...don't fail me."

She side steps to her right and held her sword tighter.

A shadow was creeping above her and its eyes were filled with evil and planning to strike it attacker with no mercy.

Tsuruko move closer to the tree and she could sense the evil presence and knowing that it is watching her every move, she stop moving and breath deeply.

The Evil looked at the prey and without a moment, it strikes!

Tsuruko senses the Evil immediately and in a flash, she concentrates her energy and jump with all her might!

She knew that if she needs to kill, it is now!

" ZEN DAN KEN!" Tsuruko shouted her attack!

In a flash, Tsuruko and the Evil both landed on the ground.

Both didn't move for a second but Tsuruko stood up and slip back her sword into her sheath. She turned around and the Evil spilt into two.

The Evil let go a horrible scream and burn into a green flame.

Tsuruko breathed out and looked around. Her job was over andnow wants to go home and take a long bath.

She walked slowly back but then a cry is heard.

Tsuruko paused and hear the cry. She walked slowly to where the cry is. As she walked down, the cry was getting louder and finally saw...

" Oh my..."

A baby wrapped in a bundle with a sword tied together was on a log near the end of the

Stream. Tsuruko jumped to grab the baby and returned to the riverbank.

She held the baby around her arms and looked at the baby. The baby let off an innocent smile. Tsuruko gently stroke the baby's cheeks and smile back at the baby and then she noticed a paper

Sticking out of the bundle.

" What do we have here?"

Tsuruko removed it and started reading the contents. She smiled and looks at the baby.

" So your name is Setsuna...Well, Setsuna...Look like fate brought us together." Tsuruko give a warm smile at Setsuna and she smiled back.

Tsuruko carried her in her arms and began to walk out of the forest.