Why Snape never eats here

Chapter 3: Black

He can't believe he's let that slimeball Snape eat at his table, drink his whisky, but Dumbledore insisted, well Dumbledore wasn't in the Shrieking Shack when Snape was on the point of killing him on the spot, the only reason Snape held back was that he was hoping the Dementors would give him the Kiss, the sick twisted bastard. And now Snape think's he's the Golden Boy, the apple of Dumbledore's eye. He's tired of Dumbledore's little speeches about how they're all members of the Order, subtext, lay off Snape, why won't Dumbledore tell them the reason why he's so sure that Snape can be trusted?

Look at Snape lounging there by the fire, can't be bothered to talk to anyone, the arrogant sod, so why is he hanging around, unless – its just too awful to contemplate – is he trying to crack onto Tonks? As if any woman would want the greasy git to touch her, not unless money was changing hands, but he will have a word later, in private, "Of you so much as look at my pretty little cousin, Snivellus, I'll take you apart."

Tonks is smiling at Snape, the slimeball has the nerve to smile back, doesn't Tonks understand, he's a filthy Death Eater, he's killed and tortured people and he's still got the Dark Mark on his arm. He remembers Snape showing the ghastly thing to Fudge at Hogwarts, and the look of revulsion on Fudge's face. Oh, Snape's sorry now according to Dumbledore but Moody has told him what it says in Snape's Ministry file, Snape admitted to killing people for fun. Most of the bloody awful Black family were Death Eaters, with respect, Dumbledore, a Black knows what they're like a bit better than you do, no one in your family was a Death Eater. Ironic, really, he's not a Death Eater, he doesn't have the Dark Mark branded on his arm, but he still rotted in Azkaban for 12 years, but they didn't touch Snivellus.

Dumbledore's gone now, Snape, you should have scuttled out with him, because he's not here to make excuses for you now. He'd like to ask if Snape knows who killed his brother Regulus and if Snape was there when they tortured the Longbottoms, but not tonight, some other time. Tonight, he'll go easy on Snape.

"Show Tonks the Dark Mark, Snape, go on, show her your little tattoo."

Moody is backing him up, saying, "She's an Auror, she ought to know what the Dark Mark looks like, in case she runs into one of your Death Eater mates."

"There's nothing to see, Black. It isn't visible unless the Dark Lord uses it to summon a … Death Eater."

Ha, Snape, you nearly said "summon me", didn't you? He pushes a bit harder.

"Or you need to show it off to establish your credentials as a Dark wizard. Stop pissing around, Snape, let's see it."

Snape shrugs, rolls up his sleeve, touches his forearm, and the Dark Mark blooms like a bruise. The slimy sod has no shame at all, just stands there looking bored and contemptuous. There must be something he can say that will rattle the bastard.

"Just the thing to impress the girls, heh, Snivellus?"

Snape smirks. "Oh yes, it certainly did. Big time." And walks out.

Big mistake, Snape! Tonks is looking disgusted, that's blown his chances with her. Lupin is buying into it now, "Why did you have to say that, Sirius? I think you've hurt his feelings."

He snaps back, "Who cares about his feelings, the greasy git. He's only on our side because he's more afraid of Dumbledore than Voldemort." But even he doesn't believe that, Dumbledore can be a bit sharp sometimes, but he's not a sadistic madman like Voldemort, it's just something hurtful to say, though he seriously doubts if anything gets through to Snape, the greasy-haired, hook-nosed, thick-skinned bastard.