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On Swearing and System Failures

"Ryou, this damn computer isn't working!"

Ryou sighed as he walked through the house. "Why do you feel the need to swear all the time?" he returned from the doorway. "I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but the word "damn" didn't even exist in ancient Egypt."

Bakura turned in his seat to face his light, a look of false serenity composing his features. "Pardon me. This piece of camel shit doesn't work." His calm, straight face made Ryou frown exasperatedly. "And I wish you'd quit referring to it as 'ancient' Egypt." Bakura muttered under his breath as he turned back to the offending technology. "It makes me feel old."

Ryou sighed again, gently this time as he approached his dark. He didn't see why an Egyptian thief would want to learn how to use the computer anyway. Apparently it had all started some time ago when they had been visiting Yugi, just after the darks had gotten their own bodies, and Yami had casually flicked on a light, causing Bakura to become not only unnaturally jealous but also suddenly interested in the new world around him. Now he was even fixing Ryou breakfast – barely edible, but still breakfast. And Ryou wasn't sure weather it was a kind gesture on the other's part or merely an opportunity to gloat the next time they happened to be near Yami. Ryou feared it was the latter and so they hadn't been visiting in a while. He could just imagine how embarrassed he would be if Bakura got before Yami and had the sudden urge to brag about his new skills, demanding if the pharaoh could fix the toilet or vacuum the floor. It was almost like raising a child. A rude, loud mouthed, opinionated, stubborn child. Pulling himself away from his thoughts, Ryou looked over Bakura's shoulder to read the blinking monitor.

"Catastrophic System Failure! Bakura, what did you do!"

"Nothing! I told you the damn thing wasn't working!"

"Don't swear!"

"I like swearing!"

Another long day.


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