Chapter 15 Hope Triumphs Over Despair

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"Cagalli, what's with you and that weary face today? You should be overjoyed that your beloved has finally been able to catch some sleep without being disrupted from those nasty little withdrawal symptoms. Besides, Dr. Ramius said it's a good sign too, if you need reminding." specified Miriallia, wrapping a warm arm around the blonde girl's shoulders.

"It's not that I've forgotten Dr. Ramius's words, I've just been thinking throughout this whole time. Athrun may be sleeping, but what if... what if he..." stammered Cagalli, choking slightly as her eyes welled up with pearly tears. She cleared her throat boldly and continued, "What if he doesn't wake up?"

Miriallia sighed deeply, before pulling her shakened friend into a chair beside Athrun's bed and settling into one herself.

"No doubt, Kira and I have thought of that several times before, but all we can do now is hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. You can't just order Athrun to wake up in the pink of health, and poof, he is, can you? But you shouldn't worry yourself over something like that, like I've said before, don't stress yourself out worrying over things you have no control over, or over things you can't change, ok?" advised Miriallia, grinning reassuringly at her friend.

"I assume what you said is true, and rest assured I'll try not to worry myself too much over it." said Cagalli sniffling, and wiping her eyes dry of her tears.

"That's my girl," interrupted Ochika, striding briskly toward them, Dr. Ramius following along behind, her hair knotted neatly into a sleek tight bun, with a bit of her fringe hanging loosly by the side of her face.

"I've faith that Athrun will arouse from his deep slumber, besides if you want to reassure yourself, whenever you feel worried or fearful, that he's still alive, you could always rest your head on his chest and listen to his heartbeat. I'm sure he wouldn't mind," advocated Murrue, smiling warmly down at Cagalli.

"I'm hoping the same, dear," said Ochika, stroking her daughter's head gently, before bending down a little to plant a kiss on her cheek.

"Has anyone seen Kira?" questioned Miriallia, looking curiously from Murrue to Ochika.

"Oh, I think that young doctor's caught up in a bizarre frenzy with one of his patients in the ward on level three. If I'm not wrong, that patient of his is pregnant with an unknown man's baby, so right now he and some nurses are trying desperately to conduct some blood tests, but the patient seems overly restless, and won't let neither him nor the nurses anywhere near her." stated Murrue, sighing and shaking her head.

"Ugh..." moaned Athrun, turning over on his bed, before his eyelids fluttered open to reveal those exact same emerald ones Cagalli would never forget.

"Athrun, how are you feeling? Do you feel queasy, does your head hurt, do you feel cold?" asked Cagalli frantically, feeling Athrun's forehead and pulling his blanket up higher over him.

Athrun's lips broke into a small grin, before he started giggling a little. The others around Cagalli followed suit, soon breaking into fits of laughter.

"What's so funny?" asked Cagalli looking around at her friends, before returning her gaze to Athrun.

"I'm fine, Cagalli. I woke up earlier when you and your mother were out for lunch. Dr. Ramius would've told you earlier, but I told her I wanted to surprise you." said Athrun, still sounding a little frail, but much stronger than before.

"You asshole! You only made me worry for longer!" exclaimed Cagalli, pouting her lips.

"Well honey it's a load off your back, now that you know your future husband is alive and well." teased Ochika, stepping away from Cagalli, afraid that the blonde girl might extend an arm to hit her.

"Well, looks like the cat's out of the bag, eh?" asked Kira, walking into the ward, still dressed in his doctor's uniform.

"Yep, Cagalli just found out minutes ago, and I see you've managed to attain a blood sample of that restless patient of yours." said Miriallia, smiling widely at her fiance, who was holding a cylindrical shaped tube containing some blood.

"Oh goodness, don't remind me about it. She had to be bound to her bed, before we could actually do anything. She's probably one of the toughest patients here." said Kira, shaking his head and rolling his eyes playfully.

"You wouldn't want to say that too soon, if this little lady has set her mind on something, you'd probably need to sedate her just to contradict with her thoughts." stated Athrun, staring up at Cagalli, who stuck her tongue out at him playfully.

"When can he be discharged?" asked Cagalli eagerly, turning to Murrue for an answer.

"Well, I'm thinking of retaining Athrun here till tomorrow just to be safe, and then you can bring him home." said Murrue, smiling an even-toothed smile at Cagalli.

"But how would you know for sure that Athrun's fully recovered? I don't want him to have a relapse at home, you know." said Cagalli, looking disapprovingly from Murrue to Athrun, who just smiled widely.

"I thought you'd ask, well I took a few blood samples earlier, they've been sent for tests. The results should be out by tomorrow morning latest." explained Murrue wisely, tucking Athrun's record file under her arm.

"You took a few blood samples?" asked Cagalli, sounding a little horrified, though the others surrounding her had not idea why. "Damn it! How many times did you poke Athrun with those needles?"

Cagalli frantically searched Athrun's arms, and by the looks of it, Kira swore she might've wanted to flip Athrun onto his stomach so she could peer down his pants, to see if he had been poked on his bum.

"Cagalli, they're only injecting needles. It's not like they're using knives or anything," reassured Athrun, looking bluntly up at his blonde girlfriend, who still seemed horrified at the thought.

"Well I'll tell you that it's a knife through my heart seeing them poke needles into you like that!" snapped Cagalli hotly, shooting Athrun a penetrating glare that told him very well to shut his trap for the meantime.

"Relax Cagalli, he only got two pokes. One for an influenza vaccine and another for the blood sample." reassured Murrue, patting Cagalli on the back.

With that, Murrue and Ochika returned to their usual duties at the hospital while Kira and Miriallia said they'd be back in a jiffy, as they were going to get Cagalli and Athrun some dinner.

The Next Day

It was crystal clear that the blonde girl could not hide her eagerness and excitement. She was buzzing around the ward excitedly, packing every single one of Athrun's belongings into a suitcase.

As much as the blue-haired co-ordinator, who was sitting on the bed, wanted to help, Cagalli insisted that his bum remained rooted to the bed itself, and knowing her only too well, Athrun obeyed without a question.

"Cagalli, I think that's all of my stuff. So stop double-checking already, you're going to wear yourself out." remarked Athrun, watching Cagalli walk around the ward, into the bathroom, walking past him twice, and re-checking places to see if she'd left anything behind.

"Wow, you're certainly busy this morning, Miss Cagalli." greeted Kira, entering the ward in his doctor's uniform, Miriallia clinging on to his arm, and smiling warmly at Athrun.

"Of course, it'd be such a pain in the ass if I had left something of Athrun's here, and I would've to come back and retrieve it." stated Cagalli, not even looking at the trio, who were staring at her.

"Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Mr. Athrun's results are back, and you can now scan through them if it is to your liking." said Murrue, striding into the ward and making her statement sound a little singsong.

"You sound like a message boy," said Athrun playfully, laughing at his doctor.

"Well not exactly a message boy, but yeah, I meant to sound youthful and jovial. Now that's the first time I've heard you laugh since I met you," said Murrue knowingly, smiling a euphoric smile at Athrun.

"Now you see why Cagalli's head over heels in love with him. Everything Athrun does seems to be charming and gentlemanly in one way or another." remarked Kira, teasing Cagalli, as the blonde girl shot him a fierce stare.

"Ok, my limbs are starting to ache. I think that's the last of it," announced Cagalli, throwing one of Athrun's towels into the suitcase, before slamming it shut and sitting on it before it would close.

"Oh ho ho ho! Cagalli you'd better hurry back home soon with Athrun, Mika's got a surprise for you waiting in her house basement! Oh yes, she says she's ecstatic to hear that Athrun's well now." voiced Ochika, dancing around the ward and humming a merry song to herself.

Kira scanned through Athrun's record file, containing his results, and could only smile before handing it back to Murrue.

"I declare that Athrun Zala, is now at liberty of his drug addiction!" announced Kira, as Cagalli darted forwar d and threw her arm around Athrun before, pressing her lips onto his.

"Aw..." said Miriallia, as the others followed suit, watching the duo kiss and cuddle.

"Are you done with the lipsucking frenzy already? If you are I'll drive you two lovebirds home," said Ochika teasingly, looking expectantly at Athrun and Cagalli.

"Mother we weren't doing some lipsucking frenzy you claim we were. You make it sound so, eeew." replied Cagalli heatedly, pulling Athrun to his feet and following her mother to the carpark.

Cagalli dragged Athrun's suitcase along, occasionally looking behind to see if Athrun was still behind her.

"Mind if I tag along?" came a voice from behind, which was definitely not Athrun's.

"Oh Mirre! Sure you can, you can stay for lunch too, if you like." offered Ochika sweetly.

Back At Home

"Ok, I need to get back to work. Mika said just go into her basement, she's waiting there." instructed Ochika, before letting the trio exit the car.

"Yes ma'am!" saluted Cagalli playfully, before unloading Athrun's suitcase and helping Athrun out of the car.

"I wonder what Mika's ot in store for us, maybe a feast. I've heard she can cook quite well," said Miriallia knowingly, following Cagalli and Athrun past the gate of Mika's house and into the basement.

"Cagalli, Athrun Miriallia!" cried Mika jovially running to the trio. "You won't believe what happened while you were gone! This is so cool, and THEY are TOTALLY adorable!"

There was a curtain pulled tightly around something, and it was only a few seconds before Mac came out to greet them barking happily, wagging his tail and panting.

"Who's the 'They'?" asked Athrun curiously, looking from Mika to the curtain.

"Ready to see the surprise? Come over, don't scream or make too much noise though." said Mika, leading the trio forward before slowly pulling open the curtain.

Cagalli's jaw dropped in amazement, Miriallia made a small gasping noise, and Athrun's just smiled widely.

Holly lay curled up in her bed, suckling four balls of fluff, which could be none other than Husky pups. The four pupies snuffled around their mother, occasionally crying softly to get Holly's attention.

"They're soooooooooo cute! Why didn't you phone the hospital to tell me!" said Cagalli, her words almost a whisper, though she couldn't hide the excitement in her voice.

"Because you were too busy," explained Mika knowingly, slowly lifting one of the fluffy pups from Holly's side and bringing it up into her arms. "This is a female, she was born first. She's the prettiest, don't you think?"

"No doubt, she looks somewhat like Holly," said Athrun smartly, looking from the pup to its mother.

"The next one is a male, he's the most dominant, he seems to gain respect from all his other siblings. Next is yet another male, who's constantly fighting with his older brother. Last but not least another female, who is quite tough, she barely made it when she was born. She didn't start breathing, but she's a good and strong fighter, and eventually came into the world." said Mika, introducing every one of the pups.

"Mac seems happy, he's a father now," said Athrun, bending down to scratch the male Husky's ears.

"You'll get to share that joy when you marry Cagalli, and have a dozen kids!" teased Miriallia running away from Cagalli, when the blonde girl gave chase.

"I'll leave the naming to you, since Holly is yours." said Mika smartly, returning the pups to their mother.

Sure enough, the pups were named Aphrodite, Zeus, Hercules and Athena respectively, the very next day, and all that's well, ends well. We've come to the end of this story.

Oh yes, about Patrick Zala, Mia Campbell and Yuuna Roma Seiran, I've certainly not forgotten them.

Patrck Zala was sent to jail for a lifetime, as after he was arrested, he was found guilty of several other crimes and a murder as well.

And if you ever happen to walk down the streets of Kyoto, Japan, and you see two beggars on the street, one a lady with pink hair, and another a man with indigo coloured hair, they might just be Yuuna and Mia, so keep your eyes peeled!

In addition, Cagalli and and Athrun did get married a month later, holding a double wedding along with Kira and Miriallia. Whether they had kids or not, it's up to your own imagination to run wild and think, but they all lived happily ever after.

The End

A/N Ok, I know the ending was a little fairytale like, but I hope you liked this fanfic, every one who has read it! Thank you for supporting me while I was writing this, and I hope to get the same support from you in my upcoming fanfic, "Love Is Thicker Than Blood", which is another Athrun&Cagalli fanfic, jaa!