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Harry Potter and the Final Battle

Chapter One: A New Friend

Running down the deserted street, the witch could hear her pursuitors gaining on her. Pointing her wand over her shoulder she yelled, "Stupefy" and listened with satisfaction to the distant thud that told her the spell had struck home.

Ducking down an alleyway, the witch flattened herself against a wall, taking deep, much needed gulps of air. Straining her ears, she heard her would-be captors running past. Sighing with relief, the witch slid to the ground, suddenly tired, not to mention, VERY hungry.

I've been dodging those gits for about six days, she thought, I need to find somewhere safe, somewhere they won't find me.

While she was thinking this, the wall she had been resting against began to suddenly move. Springing to her feet, the witch watched in astonishment as a whole new house squeezed between the house she was standing by and the one next to it. Her mouth was still open when a skinny, dark haired boy stuck his head out of the new house's door and hissed, "Get in here! And quick, before those gits get back!"

Unable to utter a thank you, the witch quickly hurried into the house after the dark haired boy, who was so urgent for her to get inside, he practically pulled her the last couple of feet. Stumbling a little, she turned to the boy and found herself looking into a pair of bright green eyes.

"Who are you?" The boy had wasted no time and immediately started drilling her for information. Almost at the same time a pair of red headed twins popped into the hallway.

"Oi! Harry! I didn't know you were letting in visitors," said one, standing on one side of the boy named Harry.

"Makes you feel less important, don't it?" asked the other, standing to Harry's other side.

"Unless he's getting information."

"Then we are FAR more important."

"And for getting even with nasty Slytherins."

"Especially if it makes them turn blue and sprout roses."

"You know, we haven't tried that-"

Giggling at the pair, the witch said, "I'm Heather Daye. I've been dodging Voldemort's cronies for six days, so forgive me for not looking my best."

As usual, when Voldemort's name was uttered, the twins shivered; the dark haired boy did not. Heather had a pretty good idea who he was.

"You're THE Harry, then?" she asked, looking straight into his green eyes, as if she could see the truth there, "Harry Potter?"

"Blimey! Where are our manners?" one of the twins stated. Sticking out his hand, he smiled, "Fred Weasley. Not as famous as Harry, but then again, who is?"

After participating in a three handed handshake, where the other twin introduced himself as George, Heather asked her previous question, "You ARE Harry Potter, right?"

"Yes," he answered, tensed as if waiting a blow that never came. When he saw she wasn't going to curse him to oblivion, Harry asked, "Why were Death Eaters chasing you? And how are you able to say his name? Most people can't even utter it."

"Because of THIS!" Reaching inside her robes, Heather pulled out a tiny, golden cup and handed into to Harry's waiting hands. "I'm a lot braver than most people."

"A cup?" asked Fred and George as one, like twins sometimes do, "They were chasing you for a CUP? Did you steal it from You-Know-Who's mummy?"

Heather smiled again; she really liked this happy-go-lucky pair. Harry remained tight lipped, however, muttering, "It can't be...It just CAN'T be..."

"Can't be what, mate?" asked Fred, looking at Harry's face in alarm, "You look like you just the Bloody Baron in that cup!"

Turning the cup over, Harry showed everyone, imprinted on one side, was a very detailed badger.

"Yes, Harry," Heather stated sollemly, catching his green eyes again, "Yes."

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