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The Possession

Beast Boy smiled widely as he opened the door to his room. He leaned against the door after it had closed and bent his head down and thought about what had happened that day. He looked around the room and at the mess he'd made there but looked past his quarters into his memories. His eyes reflected his thoughts distance to his room as they looked at nothing in particular. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back as he slowly slid down the door. Resting on the floor images of what happened that momentous day flashed in his mind.
He had started the day off as usual, hungry! All his friends were in the main room of their tower hanging out and getting started on their day together. Cyborg was cooking himself some eggs and bacon at the stove. Beast Boy resisted the urge to comment on how disgusting it was that Cyborg ate meat. He knew that an argument would soon follow and decided it just wasn't worth it. Beast Boy glanced quickly at Raven as he crossed the room and wondered if he should even try to tell her a joke today. She sat on a stool at the counter drinking a cup of herbal tea, her usual breakfast. His glance turned in a stare as he kept his eyes on her while he crossed the kitchen. How can anyone look that beautiful so early in the morning, he asked himself as he finally took his eyes off her form. He glanced back nonchalantly across the kitchen at her again as he opened the refrigerator door. Wow, she looks so spectacular in this light, it hits her hair just right from this angle, he thought as the door swung all the way open. A purple mossy substance jumped out and began attacking him.
The fridge had not been cleaned since the Hive Academy students had been kicked out of the Tower. They had gotten most of the purple moss-like material out of the fridge but it had since grown back. Beast Boy screamed and put his hands in front of his face just in time to catch his spongy attacker. Yelling for help he ran around the kitchen with the purple enemy wrapping around his hands. Star took an opportunity as he slowed his running around to try to hit the purple attacker. She hit her mark with her star bolt and blasted it, not really off Beast Boy but more all over him. As he stood in shock with the purple goo covering him he was grateful to be covered in anything as long as it wasn't attacking him! He smelled the goo that was all over him and it smelled surprisingly good. It smelled strongly of grapes; Beast Boy gingerly took his right hand that was coated in the stuff and sucked some off his finger and tested it's taste. His eyes widened as he realized how good it tasted. He walked over and started to scrape it off with a bread knife into a bowl when he heard Raven giggling at him. He looked over to Raven to see if he was imagining things but she was laughing and smiling at him. Everyone else was staring at her because she didn't act happy at all most times. Beast Boy was staring at her because she was so beautiful he couldn't look away. As her laughter died off he regained control of himself and continued to scrape the grape monster off of himself but he was still amazed that she laughed.

"You should smile more often Raven, it really looks good on you...pretty much like any other expression but you look stunning when you smile." Beast Boy said after he had finished cleaning himself up and sat beside her eating his breakfast.

"Thanks Beast Boy, I might keep that in mind." Raven replied as she took a deep drink of her tea hoping that drinking the hot beverage quickly would cover up her blushing. Beast Boy noticed her blush and produced one of his own and began to find his food very interesting, looking down until he felt his cheeks cool. The rest of the day passed in a blur of him catching glances of her once in a while and getting caught looking at her more than once. Amazingly she seemed to not mind me looking at her when she started noticing, he thought to himself sitting on the floor in front of his door, maybe she likes me some. He couldn't stop thinking of Raven as he got dressed to go to sleep. She seemed to stick in his mind with ease and occupied his thoughts until he finally fell asleep and dreamt of her.

Raven's dark form glided into her room and let the door shut before she breathed a sigh of relief. She'd been afraid of seeing Beast Boy on her way to her quarters because she knew how she'd react. She'd have stumbled over her words of good night to him and probably blushed so deeply anyone could notice. She didn't understand where these new feelings were coming from. She shook her head and moved to change into her night gown and go to sleep.
She couldn't get Beast Boy off her mind as she changed clothes and was even more embarrassed by herself when she wondered if he'd like her nightgown as she moved past a mirror. She looked at herself in the darkness in the mirror and was amazed that she actually thought that he probably would enjoy looking at her dressed like this. The moonlight shown off her silk gown in a reflective strip down one side that highlighted her curves in the darkness. He didn't seem to mind looking at her with her leotard and cape on so it probably wouldn't be a stretch to assume he'd enjoy seeing her dressed in the sheer gown.
She thought over the day and tried to count how many times she caught him looking at her...or another way to phrase it was times they caught each other looking. She didn't want to admit it to herself that she was looking at him on purpose but her eyes just kept being drawn to the grass stain. He had said her smile was beautiful and she didn't know whether she believed him or not. Believe him or not I still appreciate him saying it, she admitted to herself in the dark.
The most amazing thing that happened that day was that nothing had broken or exploded when she laughed. It amazed her and made her feel both comforted and odd that nothing bad had happened. She had never expected to be drawn to laughter by Beast Boy but she was very glad that there was no downside to laughing at his joke...especially with the compliment he paid her. Thoughts of how differently she felt about Beast Boy occupied her mind as she went to sleep to dream of him.

The small craft cruised at it's top speed along through space towards it's faraway destination. Where it was going was a prison world call Thraxar and there it would dump the prisoner it transported to live or die on the desolate planet. What was different about this prisoner from the rest is that it was more energy than matter and could infiltrate a being's mind and take control. In every case of the creature taking control of another being the host had to be killed to extricate the parasite within. They were being extra careful of accidents because this was a very important prisoner and they would be killed for sure if it were to escape.
As they cruised smoothly around a small planet called Mercury their ship's sensors returned a small ping just ahead of them. They both decided that it was of no significance and ignored the tiny ping as they progressively moved towards it. Head Space Navigation officer Jordlaw got a bad feeling and began to actively scan the area around where the ping was coming from. The active scans returned no threats but he moved on to actual visual instruments that allowed him to see where the ping was coming from. A mixed look of horror and disbelief came over his face as he saw the huge gently spinning black object directly ahead of them.

"Black Death!" Jordlaw screamed to the pilot up front, warning him of the obstruction. Carbon Ferrite is a reflective black substance that is very hard to detect with sensors and tears ships to pieces with ease. Carbon Ferrite is called Black Death because many lives have been claimed by it throughout the years of space travel. Determined to avoid a cold death in the dark of space the pilot fired the emergency afterburners in hopes of being able to turn in time to avoid the rock. Flying blind he did the best he could to avoid the 400 thousand tons of disaster barreling towards them.

Almost succeeding he fell short of his goal and the ship was deeply struck by the side of the rock. Tearing many systems out of the ship and barely leaving the crew alive the Black Death simply continued to float through space looking for more innocent craft to tear apart. They floated adrift for a short while and then were sucked in by the gravity of a planet suitable for an emergency landing, Earth. The pilot's last act of consciousness was to activate the autopilot to land the craft. Unknown to either of the blacked out crew their charge had been awoken from the collision with the space rock and was plotting it's escape as they burned their way into the atmosphere. It could sense the beings below were perfect to be controlled by it's powers and the creature would not hesitate a second to take a host and wreak havoc.

A huge force rippled through the Titan Tower that activated the security alarms that were throughout it. All the Titans ran from their rooms in their nightwear to see what caused the commotion. They all consulted their communicators as they ran through the hallways and were told to meet up at the main room, where the disturbance originated. They all arrived to the sight of a wrecked space transport crashed into their living room. All of the windows in their living room were broken out from the force of the rectangular spacecraft about the size of a Mac truck flying into their tower.

There was a large ragged gash along the side of the craft that suggested it was in distress before it crashed into their home. Everyone was busy staring at the official and sleek looking craft while Beast Boy glanced around and then saw what Raven was wearing. She wore the gown very well, it's sheer silk fabric clung to her curves as she moved into the main room. Resisting the urge to drool Beast Boy followed. How can she possibly look so good this late at night, he asked himself as he moved off to the right, still watching her. He had moved along with the group but to the right of it as the group moved to the left of the craft, leaving him about 10 feet from it without him knowing he was that close. He kept staring at Raven with appraising eyes for a while, no one noticed so he just enjoyed the view. His eyes moved down along her back admiring her figure and then moved and rested on her butt. He blushed as he realized what he was staring at and with difficulty moved his eyes elsewhere.

After admiring her for about a minute and a half Beast Boy turned to look at the craft for the first time since entering the room. As soon as he faced it his eyes locked on the gash down it's side, there was an electrical charge dancing around inside of the tear. I wonder if that's dangerous, Beast Boy thought to himself as he looked inside the ship's outer hull. His thoughts were cut short as a very long arc of electricity jumped out to him and temporarily electrified his entire body. His friends gasped as his eyes rolled up into his head and he went limp to the floor, his entire body smoking.

Raven rushed forward and grabbed Beast Boy before he fell to the ground and lowered him slowly as she looked into his face for signs of his condition. It can't stop here, he had to be okay, she thought to herself as she looked into his face. What can't stop here, she asked herself, wondering what she meant by that. Her thoughts were interrupted by his eyes opening slowly, blinking and taking in his surroundings. She felt her heart freeze instead of melt when he looked up into her eyes because the green eyes that she dreamt of were not looking into hers. They were replaced by the cold seeing apparatus of a creature from distant stars. His eyes no longer smiled and she knew it wasn't right, that couldn't be Beast Boy looking up at her so coldly.

"Get away from him guys! It's not Beast Boy!" She said as she got up and quickly pushed her friends away from the beast on the floor. He slowly propped himself up with his elbows behind his back. She could hear a deep growl coming from his throat, a guttural expression of hate that chilled her blood even further.

Beast Boy felt the savage pulse of electrical energy rip through his body as he was invaded by the parasite. Moving to his brain first and then expanding outwards the creature expertly took over Beast Boy's entire nervous system. The changeling felt his whole body carressed by the invading electicity while burning every nerve ending into compliance. Losing control of his body but still able to see the distruction unfold Beast Boy screamed out in agony inside his own corrupted mind. The invader moved Beast Boy's eyes to look upon Raven with hate and fury as it thought of how many ways it could exploit this new body to kill her. Beast Boy screamed out once again in his mind, but this time with fury instead of agony.

"You will not touch her!" He screamed as a rage he'd felt once before saturated his being. He'd only been that angry when he'd discovered Malchior's plot that used Raven as his gateway back into this world. Beast Boy prepared to fight the beast inside his body no matter how futile it was. If it destroyed his very being he would defeat this new foe, For Raven, he whispered to himself as he focused harder.

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