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Returning from retrieving the power unit for Cyborg was a tedious task; they were being very careful to not damage it. They had opted to get a power unit that would charge Cyborg's battery that was currently installed rather than attempt to install a new one. Robin and Starfire carried the actual unit while Beast Boy and Raven carried the large and thick power cord that would be used to link the unit to Cyborg to charge him. Both Raven and Beast Boy were only holding the thick power cable with the hands on the opposite sides of their bodies; the hands that were between them held each other by mutual need for support. The air was still think with tension about how all this occurred but now a different type of tension was collecting between Beast Boy and Raven.

Beast Boy kept glancing at Raven as they moved through the halls back from Cyborg's room . He looked at her many times as they passed through the alternating dark and lit sections of hallway. He felt a blush rise in his cheeks as his looks became less glances and more stares as he studied how the shadows fell on her façade. Dude, what's the matter with you, he asked himself as he became more interested in her face. He studied how the shadows fell and how the tone of her creamy skin changed as they moved forward in the halls. He couldn't stop himself staring at her; it simply felt good to look. She wears no makeup, I know that for sure. How can she possibly be this beautiful, how can anyone ever be this beautiful, he thought to himself as they walked further.

He began to space out as he held her hand, imagining holding her hand while he turned to her and pulling her left hand, which he held, out to behind them, pulling on her shoulder and turning her to him like that. As she turned his left hand would come up and touch her face as it moved across her temple to running it's fingers through her hair. Bringing his fingers up through her hair so he cradled the back of her head as he leaned in and put his face on her neck, smelling her beautiful wispy scent as he rubbed the left side of his face against hers, moving from her neck up the side of her face and ended with his lips on hers.

Raven felt a blush rise in her cheeks for no apparent reason. She glanced over at Beast Boy trying to find the source and was met with his vacant and dreamy eyes. He'd been staring at her and was deep enough in thought that he didn't respond to her looking at him. His look was far away enough that she was surprised that he'd kept perfect pace with her and hadn't fallen behind. As she looked into his eyes she saw streams of images flow before her vision and felt something incredibly soft and smooth rub from her neck to her cheek as a hand softly gripped the back of her head. Beast Boy's thinking this, I've taken the place of myself in his thoughts on accident, she thought to herself as Beast Boy's cheek slid along hers. I didn't mean to intrude on his thoughts, I'll just leave and…….she thought as Beast Boy's lips softly planted on hers and his hand pushed on the back of her head holding their mouths together.

Raven's eyes closed as her arms came up to hold Beast Boy and her mouth opened, letting him kiss her deeper each second. Mustering her last shred of self control Raven tore herself out of the fantasy and found herself back in the hallway, out of breath and feeling excited shivers running up and down her spine. She had fallen behind, still gripping Beast Boy's hand and he had awoken from his day dream as her hand tugged on his. Glancing over to her he looked into her eyes and heard her voice whisper into his ear as if she had leaned very close to him, but he could still see her at an arms length as her voice whispered into his ear, "You love me; I've never been happier Beast Boy. How can you possibly love someone like me? How can I deserve that?……" As Beast Boy looked into her eyes Raven too heard someone whisper in her ear, "I love you so much Raven, I always have……" so low that it couldn't have possibly come from his mouth, but it was still Beast Boy's voice. Both Raven and Beast Boy stared intently into each others eyes for a few moments, as if searching for where the voice they each heard came from.

Robin and Starfire had moved ahead for a while before they noticed that Raven and Beast Boy had fallen behind.

"Hey guys, keep up!" Robin called at them as he and Starfire slowed to wait for the lagging Titans. Raven and Beast Boy shook off the strong emotions they felt for the moment and moved onwards, not voicing the questions that ricocheted around their heads with blinding speed.

After the rather long trek to the destroyed living room from Cyborg's quarters they were finally able to power him up and begin to focus on what had happened.

"I know I'm pretty keen on naps, but this is kinda ridiculous……" Cyborg said upon awakening, glancing about the surrounding destruction with wary eyes.

"I'm pretty sure that that isn't an issue Cyborg," Robin said supportively as he gestured to the scorch marks that adorned almost all of Cyborg's body, "these on the other hand probably have quite a bit to do with your untimely shutdown."

"Yeah, you have a point," Cyborg said as he glanced at the marks upon his tough exterior, happy to have an apparent reason for being unconscious. "We'd better get started on this y'all, hopefully it'll be a simple matter of checking the vid feeds from the many cameras around the Tower." he said hopefully as he got up and brushed himself off. Cyborg set off to work with the computers as the others began preparing a way of viewing the footage it yielded for the huge hole in their tower happened to be right where their huge video screen was earlier. They retrieved a few monitors from storage and got them hooked up to both power and the video system as Cyborg got the video feed that he wanted. There were three different video feeds and they were routed to one of the three monitors. All three cameras had overlapping fields of view on the main room, so there would be in reality 3 views of what was going on throughout the main room. Highly sensitive microphones ensured clear audio of what was occurring on screen. Cyborg had selected the times that were to be shown based on when the disturbance was detected by the tower's systems and hadn't yet seen any of the footage when it finally rolled in front of all the Titans. Cyborg had said nothing about the differences in his fellow Titans that he noticed, how much closer Robin and Star were, as well as Raven and Beast Boy holding hands. He wasn't at all surprised when Raven and Beast Boy sat close to each other on the remnants of the couch along with Robin and Star, leaving Cyborg his own large portion of the couch, but he was fine with that.

The true weight of the incident set upon them as the watched the footage of the craft smashing into their home and the shock was apparent on every face as they watched longer and longer. Then as the sirens wailed from the monitors they saw themselves coming in to check out what happened, it all seemed so long ago because to them it never even happened. No one other than Beast Boy and Raven noticed where Beast Boy's attention was focused as they all stared the craft, Is he staring at my butt, or is that just me? Raven questioned herself as she saw his eyes linger on her form covered by the night gown. She glanced over to Beast Boy by her side and was met with a resounding yes as his cheeks were scorched a deep red and an extremely guilty and embarrassed smile shown from his face as he remembered the times when he'd stared at her that he remembered.

A chorus of horrified gasps filled the room as the footage revealed Beast Boy being struck by the long arcing electricity and dropping to the floor, smoking. Both Raven and Beast Boy's hands tightened on each others as his fall seemed to slow in mid air, slowed by the horror they both felt fill them. Every Titan was so amazed by the story that unfolded before their eyes that they were unable tot take time to even glance at Beast Boy, but if they did they'd see horrified disbelief as on screen his eyes rolled up into his skull and his body dropped……and then was caught by Raven! He was almost as amazed at the second part of what was happening as being struck by the electrical charge. Why would she care enough to try and catch me? I always thought she'd probably let me hit the ground and then kick me for good measure….. he thought as he stared on in fascination. Wait a second, he thought as he remembered her whispered words he heard in the hallway, maybe I was wrong about how she felt about me all this time, maybe…..his thoughts trailed off as he heard his friends all gasp as they saw Raven recoil on the screen as she realized that she was holding a monster. Everyone was frozen in an unbroken silence as the video moved forward, no words or sounds were uttered as they saw each of them defeated in order. The silence continued up to the point where Beast Boy forced the creature from his body, apparent from the electrical energy surging around his body, with a scream of, "I love her! I failed her! RAVEN I LOVE YOU!" as he ridded himself of the hostile being.

Everyone sat in an awkward silence for a moment after the words had washed over them from the speakers, did they really just hear Beast Boy proclaim his love for Raven? Cyborg was the first to move or speak, he stood up and walked over to the computer console that he had retrieved the video feed from and paused the video. Everyone looked questioning to him, "To be honest, I think it's time that Robin, Star and I leave right now. I have a definite feeling that this is gonna get real personal real quick," he said gesturing to the bank of monitors, "and I think that Beast Boy and Raven deserve their privacy." He added as he stood and scooted Robin and Starfire out of the room before either of them could protest. Following them out the door Cyborg turned and gave Beast Boy a double thumbs up gesture and closed the door to the main room behind him.

Raven felt her heart beating wildly as if she'd just been in a fight or run a very long race. Willing her renegade heart to slow she began to think about what had just happened, Beast Boy had just screamed out that he loved her on video and now she was in a room alone with him……..How could he love me, she thought to herself, how could he…but what about when …… she said to herself thinking about what happened in the hallway, maybe that was a broken memory. Her thoughts were interrupted by Beast Boy getting up and walking past her to the computer, clicking a single time he reacted the video feed. She looked up at Beast Boy as he walked past her to sit by her again and grasped her hand as before, but now it felt different, it felt warmer, an expression of a feeling inside him that wasn't simply wanting to be comforted. She willed herself to not look at into his eyes as he sat beside her because she knew that she would be lost in his warm green gaze, lost and never to return…….and never happier.

Beast Boy's heart had been in his throat since he'd said he loved Raven on the video, he hadn't seen that coming at all. What made it even more intense was that he knew that he really loved her, that this wasn't some practical joke, that this was real life and that Raven actually knew how he felt. He savored the feeling of her hand grip his tighter as the words registered to her, it was such a relief that she finally knew and he didn't have to feel the trepidation that would come from saying it himself to her. Still all of his body tingled as he stood to restart the video, his knees tried to rebel against his attempt to stand but he successfully forced them to straighten. Feeling her eyes follow him he kept his eyes on the screens as he returned and gripped her hand once again but with a different feeling welling up from within him. He could feel something big happening around him, he could feel his whole life shifting beneath him and he didn't care because it seemed that Raven would be there with him for she grasped his hand with a reassuring force.

As they both looked upon the screens they saw Beast Boy crawl over to Raven as she lay on the ground very still. He picked her up into his lap and they could hear him whisper emotion choked words into her ear, "You have to be okay Raven, you just have to be. You're invaluable to this team; you've saved my life more times than I can count. You're our friend; you make a difference in all our lives. You make a difference in my life…." crisp and clear, not distorted at all. Raven felt her eyes cloud with tears as she heard the raw emotion in his words. She saw herself awaken just before he went on, "You have to be okay because I love you Raven, you've made my life so different from before when I met you. You're the reason I'm alive today and…." he said as he started crying forcefully, "I almost killed you, it's all my fault. Please be okay, please, please….please…..because I love you….." he finished. Raven felt her chest begin to heave as her breath caught in her throat and tears began to flow from her eyes. Seeing her crying Beast Boy pulled her into the same position before except on the couch, with her practically laying in his lap in his arms. How could I have ever mustered the courage to tell her that? he asked himself as he held her, wondering to himself how he could deserve to even hold such an angel. Both Titans watched the screen intently as they held each other tightly.

"It's not your fault Beast Boy; you saved me from it in the end…..Do you really love me Beast Boy?" they heard Raven ask on the video as both felt their breath catch in their throats and their hearts skip beats. Raven clung to Beast Boy tightly as she heard him whisper fearfully on the video and then, "Yes…" he whispered into her ear as she lay in his lap looking intently at the screens before her. Then whispered in perfect time both the Raven in Beast Boy's lap watching the screen and the Raven from the screen whispered "You love me; I've never been happier Beast Boy. How can you possibly love someone like me? How can I deserve that?" into his ear. "How could you not deserve it Raven? How could you possibly not deserve it?" Beast Boy whispered back to her in perfect time with the video in front of them. Both of them held the other tightly as they watched themselves kiss on the video, watching the heat and the passion that was flashing between them mesmerized. "I love you so much Raven, I always have." they heard Beast Boy whisper both from the screen and into Raven's ear as they broke their kiss in the video.

Both Raven and Beast boy began to stand in sync as Raven began to whisper her reply to Beast Boy but was cut off with unconsciousness on the screen. As the video continued to play the image of them unconscious and laying on one another Raven turned to Beast Boy and put her arms around his hips, pulling him closer. Looking deeply into his eyes Raven said "This is for saving the Teen Titans." as she leaned in and kissed his lips softly, gently and quickly pulled back. Confusion showed on his face as he stood with his mouth slightly open, dumbfounded by the quick polite……friendly……kiss. Reading his confusion Raven kept going with "But this is for saving me from the darkness that used to consume my life and for loving me so much." she finished as she leaned in pulling his hips in closer and tighter, kissing him very deeply. Beast Boy's arms came up to embrace her tightly. His right arm pulled her hips in close as well, his hand resting on her lower back as his left hand pushed up through her silky hair to cup the back of her head and pull her even deeper into the kiss. His right hand slid up her back to her shoulder blades and then back down to her lower back but kept going past there to squeeze her butt lustfully. Finding it as spectacular as he had always imagined it was he found himself moaning into her mouth as he caressed the back of her head with his left hand and massaged her butt with his right.

"I love you so much Raven, I always have and always will……" Beast Boy whispered as he pulled back from their kiss and leaned in to kiss her neck. Leaning in and smelling her scent he felt like he was losing control as he started kissing her neck, feeling her entire body jump as she first felt how good that really felt. He pulled his head back from her neck and pulled her into a very tight hug, wondering if he could have ever been happy before he held her close and kissed her.

"I love you Beast Boy, I really do." Raven whispered as she was held by him, wondering silently to herself if she'd ever truly been happy before that moment. Finally they found where they belonged, he in her arms and she in his.

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