Chapter 1

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Edward Elric sped up after his target, doggedly pursing his target while quickly running through thick bushes and dodging trees. His blonde hair whipped in the wind and his golden eyes strained to see in the murky darkness of the forest. His automail had been transmuted into a sharp blade that enabled him to slash branches out of his way.

"Brother! Wait for me!" Alphonse, Edward's younger armor bodied brother, called after him, struggling to keep up. Although Alphonse's body was easy to maneuver, he kept loosing Edward in the dense undergrowth of the forest.

Edward seemed to be so engrossed in his chase (since his target held a stone which greatly resembled the Philospher's Stone) that he ignored Alphonse's loud pleas.

Edward growled in frustration as he noticed his target quickening in speed. "DAMMIT! COME BACK HERE!" he roared with impatience. He lunged for the target and finally grabbed its hind legs.

Little did he know that the small target was not a very happy camper, considering that it was chased by a short, demented human and a suit of armor. And poor Edward just had to be at the receiving end of its anger.

Alphonse twitched slightly as he heard his older brother's tortured cry.

"Oh no! Hang on, brother! I'm coming!!" Alphonse called out, fearing the worst for his older sibling. Since Edward was the type who ALWAYS got himself into trouble, Alphonse didn't know what to expect.

Pushing the branches out of the way, he saw a small cat clawing Edward's face with fury unparalleled by anything Alphonse had ever seen before. The cat was black as the midnight sky, had yellow eyes that were narrowed at the young Alchemist below him, and had razor sharp claws.

"AAAAH! GET THIS DEMENTED THING OFF OF ME! AL!" Edwards screamed in agony while trying to pry the cat off of his face.

Alphonse watched this scene with disbelief and could not believe that his older brother, a State Alchemist, a very strong (not to mention short) man and a tough guy over all, would be beaten by a simple house cat.

Alphonse walked up to the cat and grabbed both sides of the cat while Edward struggled with it on the ground.

The cat, sensing that someone was trying to take him off of his victim, sunk its claws into Edward's face. Edward felt a pain that was akin to the pain from the cuts he had gotten during his battle with Scar. This meant that it felt like someone had taken a bunch of little knives and stabbed them into Edward's face.

Poor Edward, feeling the pain that had suddenly made itself known, began to try to do irrational things. Like bash the cat on the ground while it was still attached to his head, transmute a log into a hammer and beat the cat with it, or even feed the cat to some random wild animal.

"Brother, I am very sorry, but this is going to hurt." Alphonse apologized and tightened his grip on the cat. He knew that once he pulled this cat off of Edward's face that Edward was going to be mad. But Edward was too busy trying to think of a way to kill the damned cat that was attached his head, so he didn't hear his younger brother's apology.

What a fool Edward was for not listening.

Alphonse suddenly yanked the cat off Edward's face and held it up high in the air to keep the cat from lunging back at Edward to claw out the rest of his face.

You're probably all wondering what Edward did when he felt the claws being yanked out of his skin like a knife being ripped out of your chest.

"Ow! Damnit that hurt like hell!" he hollered jumping up from his position and jumping around Alphonse like some crazy guy on crack. After recovering from his initial pain, Ed proceeded to swear like a drunken sailor. Alphonse held the troubled cat in his metal hands tightly to try to restrict it from moving or running away. He grimaced at some of the language Ed used, but didn't comment.

Edward's face was filled with long scratches and small little dents from the claws being inserted inside of his skin. Small rivulets of blood trickled down his face and onto his crimson coat, where it blended in perfectly.

Alphonse stared at his brother (who was still jumping around) and shook his head. How happy he was not to have anyone witnessing this embarrassing sight!

"Ed… Can you calm down now?" Alphonse asked quietly, half hoping that Ed would hear him and half hoping that he wouldn't. Why? Well, Al had his reasons. Fortunately (or unfortunately) for Al, Edward heard his request, stopped, and sent some glares in Alphonse's direction.

"CALM DOWN?!?!?!? How can you say that when that DEMENTED CAT FROM HELL ALMOST ATE ME ALIVE?!?!?!?" Edward demanded, pointing to the demented cat that was licking his fur in Alphonse's hands. The cat stared at him with an amused look, and stuck out its tongue at Edward. "See! I swear to god it's a devil spawn!"

Alphonse sighed deeply. "Edward, it's just a cat. It's not a devil spawn."

If only Alphonse could actually hear what the cat was thinking… Maybe he would have second thoughts about what Edward had said…

'Stupid human… And tin man! I would have ripped off that little tick's face off if it wasn't for the tin man!

Damn it all! But no matter… My plans for taking over the world shall prevail!

I shall take it over one cat nip at a time.

MWHAHAHAHA! -Cough- HAHA -Cough- HAHAHA! -Almost dying cough-

.Whoops… Hairball.'

While the cat plotted its schemes to take over the world, minus its hairball, Edward was busy trying to bandage his face up from the damage the 'evil' cat had done to it. He was grumbling a few curses and few idiotic ideas to get rid of the cat.

"Cheer up Ed… After all, we have the cat now." Alphonse pointed out, motioning to the now sleeping cat in his arms. Edward glared at the cat and grunted.

"So? What's so good about that damned thing?" Edward snapped, forgetting WHY he had caught the feline in the first place.

"Well, because on its collar is a stone that looks like the Philosopher stone." Alphonse explained, catching Edward's attention.

Edward immediately remembered why he had captured the evil cat. He crawled over to the sleeping cat and incepted its collar closely.

Sure enough, a blood red stone was attached to the middle of the collar, emitting a soft glow. It looked like the mystical stone that was suppose to give what they lost back, but was it?

"Yes… I remember now!" Edward exclaimed while slowly taking the collar off of the cat's neck. The cat stirred, but did not wake up, luckily for Edward. Edward grinned in victory and then turned his attention to the collar and the stone in the middle.

"Is it the Philosopher's Stone Ed?" Alphonse asked, staring at the soft glow that the blood red stone emitted.

"I don't know…" Edward murmured, drawing the stone closer so he could see it better. "Honestly, I thought that it wouldn't be this easy to get the stone." Alphonse thought for a moment and nodded his head.

Nothing ever came easy to the Elric brothers, not since their mother's death. But maybe this could be the one chance that they had that something would ACTUALLY be easy.

Oh, how little did they know how wrong they would be!

Edward put the stone in his real human hand and continued to ponder about it. As if something activated it, it suddenly started to brightly flash mystically. Edward gasped in awe as the stone shot from his hand and floated in the air above them. The cat, as evil as it might be, sensed something totally wrong with the whole area. It hopped out of Alphonse's grip and scurried into the bushes. Alphonse was too busy to notice that the cat had gone and was staring at the flashing stone.

"W-what's happening?" Alphonse stammered out, staring at his older brother. Edward narrowed his eyes suspiciously and stood still.

"I don't know, Al... But this doesn't look good…" he muttered before closing his eyes; the blood red light had intensified to the point where it hurt to look at the stone.

"E-Ed! Look!" Al ordered, pointing to the now brightly glowing stone that illuminated the whole area in a blood red coating. Although Edward was unable to see this blood red coating the area since Alphonse's vision was not impaired by the bright light.

Edwards shot his eyes open and ignored the darting pain from the intense light to witness the stone activating. Edward covered his face, again shielding his eyes from the piercing light that the stone gave off.

Before Alphonse and Edward could do anything, their body was coated with the crimson light. Unable to even move, Edward struggled to protect his younger sibling from harm.

He would not let Alphonse down like he did before.

"AL!" Edward screamed through the blinding red light.

"ED!" Alphonse shrieked back, unable to see his older brother calling for him. A strange transmutation circle appeared around them, but neither Ed nor Al could see the circle because of the bright light.

Edward winced in pain; it seemed as though the stone was sucking their energy from their bodies! He fell on one knee, refusing to give into the alchemic power. Even though it was overtaking him quickly, he refused to give in!

Although Edward was strong, he could not withstand the power of the stone. He collapsed to the ground with no energy left in his body. Before he blacked out, his saw his younger brother across from him, reaching out to him, pleading for help.

Once again, Edward felt that he had failed to protect his younger brother from harm. He blacked out from exhaustion while the stone still shone brightly.

In a blinding flash, the light and the stone disappeared, taking the two Elric brothers with them.

In the Yugioh world.

Kaiba Corps Building

Seto Kaiba, CEO of Kaiba Corps, worked furiously on his new design for the Duel Disk. It was sure to be an improvement from the last failed experiment, since aforementioned experiment had blown up on the tester's arm.

Putting his long, slim pencil down, he ran his fingers through his chocolate brown hair and heaved a frustrated sigh. After glancing up at clock hanging on his wall, he closed his oceanic blue eyes.

It was one o'clock in the morning.

Once again he had stayed late at his job working on something that would probably be a failure. Nothing was going right at all!

His stupid employees knew absolutely nothing; they weren't putting the duel disk together correctly, and to top it all off, he wasn't spending any time with his younger brother, Mokuba.

Could anything else go wrong today?

Heaving another stressed sigh, he sat up from his leather chair and picked up his metallic brief case, which contained his Duel Monster cards, and walked towards the door. Opening the closed door, he stepped out of his gloomy office and into the dark hallways of Kaiba Corp.

No one was here except Kaiba, who had been working his ass off on something that they would just screw up anyways! Fuming, he paused at the elevator and pressed the down bottom.

Kaiba at his watch and groaned. His driver, Jack, would probably be asleep by now. But do you actually think THE Seto Kaiba cares?

Of course not!

Kaiba flipped open his cell phone and speed dialed Jack's number. Did he care that the man needed some rest? Of course not! He is Seto Kaiba! The CEO of Kaiba Corp, one of the richest men in all of Japan, and the reason why Duel Monsters is so popular among the general public.

Kaiba waited impatiently as the phone rang, waiting for Jack to answer . He paid the damned man to drive him around and that is EXACTLY what he was going to do, regardless of the hour! Kaiba does not pay anyone for nothing!

"H-hello?" the voice was muffled on the other end. Jack had been awakened by the phone ringing near his ear, since he had fallen asleep while waiting for Mister Kaiba in the limo.

"Jack! I am ready to go home! Get the limo over here now!" Kaiba ordered simply in his usual icy tone. And people wonder how THE Seto Kaiba gets what he wants?

Jack straightened his jacket and hat and nodded his head, even though his employer couldn't see him. "R-Right away, Mister Kaiba."

Kaiba merely grunted in response and flicked his phone closed just as the elevator doors opened. He picked up his briefcase and entered the elevator, pressing the 'close doors' button before setting his briefcase down at his side.

Reaching over once again, he pressed the 1F button and waited for the elevator to move down.

Top floor going down to the bottom floor, stated a cool female voice as the elevator began to smoothly descend.

The lights in the elevator illuminated the small compartment, revealing its smooth mirrored walls. Even the elevator at Kaiba Corp had to be first class! After all, it was owned by Seto Kaiba and he expected nothing but the best!

The lights flickered, immediately catching the CEO's attention. The elevator then shuddered to a halt in its current location, making Kaiba groan.

First the duel disk, and now this! Clenching his fists together in fury; he felt the urge to beat whoever built this damned thing to death!

As if nothing happened, the lights flickered back on in a minute or so and the elevator continued its journey to the bottom floor.

Kaiba pressed his lips in confusion as the elevator doors opened.

'Must be a power failure' he thought, as it was the only explanation Kaiba could think of that explained the sudden stop. He exited the elevator the elevator and took a deep breath to calm his nerves, since deep inside of him, something didn't feel right.

Like the feeling I get when I'm near the mutt…Kaiba scowled as an image of a pissed Joey popped into his head. Kaiba quickly repressed the mental image. No, wait, this is the feeling I get when I smell something bad.

Kaiba frowned suspiciously and looked around the lobby on the first floor. No one was here; he knew it! But something had happened to cause the power to go out for a second. But what?

Maybe I am jumping to conclusions… I'll get that damned thing checked tomorrow to make sure that it IS working properly… I don't really want to face another lawsuit from some desperate bum looking for money!

Grimacing at the thought of the bum, he clutched his briefcase tighter. The bum smelled worse than Wheeler and was probably more infuriating than Yugi Muto.

Shaking his head to clear those disturbing thoughts, he strolled across the lobby floor and into the limo that was waiting outside for him.

Opening the door himself, he sat on the limo's comfortable leather sets and grunted before ordering Jack to drive him home. Crossing his arms 'Kaiba style', he watched as the street lamps of the main street in Domino flickered past the window.

"Mister Kaiba… We are here," Jack announced, pulling into the Kaiba mansion driveway.

Kaiba merely grunted and stepped out of his sleek black limo which shined dimly in the moonlight. He closed the door behind him, still clutching his briefcase that he always carries around with him. Walking up the stone steps that preceded the intimidating front door, he entered the front entryway and saw the place dimly lit up by a few lamps here and there.

Taking his shoes off at the front door, he climbed up the spiraling staircase that lead to the top floor. Kaiba walked down the dark hallway before pausing at a door and opening it slightly. Peering in, his saw his younger brother sleeping soundly in his own bed.

His ebony hair was splayed across the pillow and his cloudy blue eyes were shut tightly. Some people wondered how Kaiba and Mokuba could be related. Mokuba was a kind-hearted ten year old with a soft smile, unlike Kaiba who was his completely opposite.

But even with all of the rumors everyone spreads about the Kaiba brothers, they don't care. They still have each other in the end.

Kaiba lips broke into a small soft smile as he closed Mokuba's door. He strolled to the opposite door and opened it, revealing his giant room.

Setting his briefcase down on the mahogany desk, he took his white trench coat off and set it down on a nearby chair. Cracking his neck while walking to his soft bed, he groaned and flopped onto the cushy mattress without bothering to change.

Getting under the covers, he laid his head on the fluffy pillow and fell into a deep sleep, unaware of the events that were about to take place in his life… Tomorrow.

panmotto: Again, nothing much has changed in this revised version. Just that it's easier to read.. ^_^