Chapter 16: It's not Over Yet

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Envy enjoyed this new town. It allowed him new opportunities to have fun and make people miserable. There was so many different types of people living in this Domino City, that he could easily take the appearance of anyone and not be caught by the local authorities (which by the way were fools and inept at their jobs).

But even so, the long haired youth felt like something was missing… Something about this carefree lifestyle was lacking luster and promise. Leaning on a wall in a dim lit alleyway, Envy fingered the photo clipping of a newspaper in his hands. Narrowing his eyes at the figures in the photo, Envy frowned slightly.

The only problem about being in such a large city was the inability to find anyone; including them. The Elric Brothers. Besides causing chaos and havoc every day, Envy still sought out the pair of Alchemist for some additional fun.

Yes, that's exactly what his life was lacking at the moment. Crumpling the photo irritably, Envy leaned his head against the wall in deep thought. Now his only task remained that he tried to find them in this god forsaken maze. Groaning with disbelief, Envy threw the piece of paper over his head easily and crossed his arms over his chest with furry, all the while not noticing someone else in the alleyway with him.

"Littering is not good. Would you not say so, da?" A deep voice asked, startling Envy out of his trance. He was surprised to say the least from this because first of off, he did not sense this man until now, and secondly, this man was a formed like a giant. Dressed in attire that seemed too warm for this climate (a beige long coat, a pinkish colored scarf and heavy military styled boots) Envy pushed himself off the wall and examined this stranger curiously.

He had an accent that he could not place at the moment. Cold violet eyes regarded Envy with interest as his messy blonde hair glinted in the dim light. Although Envy knew his own powers very well, he was uneasy for some reason when standing near this man. But at the same time, something about this man made Envy curious. But at the moment, Envy could not explain this nagging feeling that bothered him.

"What do you want?" Envy snapped, narrowing his eyes at the smug looking giant. The man said nothing but bent down to pick up the discarded photo off the ground. Smoothing the piece of paper with ease, the man regarded the photo for a moment before holding it up in front of Envy.

"You do not like?" Envy narrowed his eyes in suspicion and nodded slowly. The man's childish face beamed into a malicious grin as he titled his head slightly to the side. "We both want the same thing, yes?"

Stunned slightly, Envy raised an eyebrow at the giant man. "You want to get rid of the Elric brothers?" The man nodded in agreement, making Envy pause in contemplation. Although he was not used to working with others (much less humans), this man could prove useful in his efforts of disposing the Alchemists. "Why should I help you?"

The man childish face beamed at the question as he put the photo in his long beige coat. "You need my help to find them, yes? And I need them out of the picture. So we work together, yes?" Envy raised an eyebrow in speculation at this offer, but pondered nonetheless.

This man was strange to say the least. He had a childish looking face, but it was emitting nothing but pure malice and evil. He didn't know what this man's problem was with Fullmetal bean and his brother, but Envy was at a standstill at the moment about where they were located.

Plus, when they do finally find the Alchemists, Envy would enjoy killing this man along with the Elric brothers. Slowly, but surely, Envy's lips grew into a giant smirk. "Sounds like a fun idea"

From his sources, Ivan Braginski knew that this man was the man he needed to find. After the failed attempt of Crump (what an inept failure that was) in taking over the Kaiba Corporation, the Russian knew he had to employ more drastic measures in taking over the multi-million dollar company.

Kaiba Corp was about the same size and caliber as his own company; Hetalia Industries. Hetalia Industries was once well known throughout the world as being a big time Gaming Company; creating newer devices to improve the standards of gaming and card games. Of course, now they moved on to more securable sources of profits like the weapon industries. Now Hetalia Industries' main focus was creating state of the art weapons that would be sold to countries all around the world (and organizations that needed them for a price).Although it did seem like a drastic move on the Russian's part to move away from the Gaming Industry, the violet eyed man viewed the change as nothing more than reverting to what they should have produced in the first place.

Years ago, Hetalia industries did not work side by side Kaiba Corp in creating weapons with the former CEO Gozaburro Kaiba. But after his son; Seto Kaiba; took over, Kaiba Corp soon became a valuable partner to Hetalia Industries. Alongside with Industrial Illusions, Kaiba Corp and Hetalia Industries were the most prominent companies in the world.

That was until Ivan bought out his partners and began following the path of building weaponry and armamets. He had quite a few important customers in this line of business (various governments, and terrorists groups), and Ivan firmly believed that the change was a pathway to a better future for the world and for his company.

However, even though Kaiba Corp was still making programs for a children's card game, it still held a lot of influence throughout the business and political world. So if Ivan was able to dispose of the current CEO, Hetalia Industries would monopolize the weapon industry and his final plan would succeed at last. But that meant dealing with the current CEO…

Gathering his best men, he had them do a full investigation of the young adult to see what skeletons might be buried in his closet.

That was about the same time he recruited Crump; a former member of the board of Kaiba Corp. Since Crump already had a grudge against the eldest Kaiba, it was not hard to convince the plump man to do his bidding. He believed so strongly that a weak willed individual such as himself could run a high end corporation such as Kaiba Corp.

The thought simply made Ivan laugh.

But his men did find out a lot about the CEO that made his heart flutter with anticipation. Besides having no current relationships with anyone, he did have a younger brother that he cherished with his life. Oh what fun he could have with this information. It was a shame that the young CEO held close ties with his brother because that was one of the weak spots his enemies could target that would greatly hurt the CEO's morale and motivation to continue running his company.

But…According to his information, there was something else besides his younger brother. Something new, that now remained close to the cold CEO; a young blonde teen and a man in a suit of armor. Ivan was surprised to hear of this new development, but ordered his men to keep an eye on the situation.

Crump would have gotten away with the company (dare Ivan ever admit it), but his plan was ruined by the sudden appearance and involvement of these two strange people. From what his men could gather, they concluded that they could not find anything on these two people. Nothing at all. There was no record of their previous whereabouts or who they were in the first place. They had no records with any of the well-known countries and no identification. It was as if these two strangers did not exist in their world. But of course, that was not possible…

This made Ivan pause and search for alternative means of finding out more about these two mysterious boys. That's where the long green haired youth came into the picture. There had been numerous murders around Domino City, and from what Ivan gathered from his spies, this man was most likely behind it all. He was dubbed the Masked Hunter; a person of many faces, but none of his own. Frankly, the Russian doubted that the appearance the youth had when he approached him was nothing more than a disguise.

He was wearing the strangest outfit; small short like bottoms and a high top that revealed his toned stomach. He had long green hair that went up to his waist and icy cold violet eyes that flickered slightly in the dimly lit alleyway. Yes, just the kind of man that Ivan wanted to work for him. After conversing with the strange youth, Ivan was pleased to learn that his sources were correct; this man harbored a grudge towards the Elric brothers. This would prove to be very helpful in dealing with the two strange brothers.

Ivan offered the man; Envy he said his name was; a deal and of course he agreed with a sadistic smirk on his youthful face. After making arrangements with the green haired man, Ivan briskly made his way down the sidewalk and flipped open his cell phone, while smiling all the while.

"Commence the operation now"

"Why are you such a sympathetic fool" The harsh voice of older man rang through Edward's ears as he opened his eyes slowly. Again, it seemed like his body was floating on air, and his mind was light as a feather. This was such a surreal feeling that only occurred when he was having those strange 'flashbacks' concerning Kaiba's memories (which he never told anyone about save his younger brother and Noa).

But something about this one felt different. Edward couldn't explain it, but he had a feeling that this one was different than all the others. Pressing his lips together in confusion, Edward turned his head towards the voice and seen nothing but darkness that impaired his vision. The voice sounded really familiar though.

"You should have crushed them when you had the chance!" The voice rang out again, piercing Edward's mind like a sharp knife. He recalled hearing this voice before, and for some reason it made his stomach turn uneasily at the memory. Soon, Edward's lips turned down into a frown when he finally connected the voice to the owner.

Gozaburro Kaiba. His frown increased ten-fold recalling all the torment that bastard put Mokuba, Noa and the eldest Kaiba brother through throughout their life. Ignoring the sickening feeling in his stomach, Edward shook his head and narrowed his yellow cat eyes intensely at the darkness in front of him.

Why could he not see what was happening? Before, he would see frayed images of the past but now he only seen nothing but the darkness surrounding him. He could feel someone else but Gozaburro in the dream, but he could not hear or see anything. In an instant, Edward's senses prickled uneasily as he turned his body sharply to see what was behind him.

His yellow eyes widened in surprise when he spotted a figure behind him. Although he could not make out any identifiable features of the person, a queasy feeling formed in the pit of his stomach. Something about this person seemed familiar to the State Alchemist.

"Humans are such foolish beings" The figure began, in his smooth but mocking voice, making Edward clench his fists automatically. "They follow nothing but their emotions, which ultimately leads them to despair"

"T-That's not true!" Edward shouted, then realizing that this figure was probably nothing more than a figment of his dream. Shaking his head in disbelief, Edward raised his automail hand to his hair and ran a tense hand through his blonde bangs. He figured everything that happened within the last weeks was finally getting to him.

"Oh? That's ironic coming from you" The figure drawled out, shocking the Alchemist to the point of rendering him speechless. The figure's violet eyes glimmered in the darkness as he pointed his hand to the young teen. "You, the one who dabbled in forbidden arts to save the one you love…How amusing" Unable to come up with anything to say, the figure laughter filled the eldest Elric's brother ears as he turned around. "Remember this Fullmetal… You cannot save everyone without having a price to pay…" Chuckling darkly, the figure shook his head. "…Ah, but then again, you already know that don't you?"

Beginning to walk away, Edward's eyes widened in shock as he forced himself to think rationally again. "Wait! Who are you?"

Again, the irritating chuckle flittered into his ears as the figure cocked his head back slightly. "Oh don't worry. We'll meet soon enough"

Opening his eyes slowly, Edward Elric groaned as the sunlight flittered through the parted curtains of his bedroom window. Raising his automail to shield his yellow eyes from the sun, he lazily turned in bed to face his alarm clock with red number flashing in his face.


Too early for anyone to be up, and too early to do anything. Sighing in disbelief, the Alchemist pushed himself out of bed and sat motionless in his large queen sized bed. For the past few nights, Alphonse had decided to spend the night with Mokuba. Although Alphonse did not sleep, the younger brother thought it would be better for him to keep a close eye on Mokuba.

Much like him, Alphonse also felt like the whole Crump incident was not the end of it. However if they voiced this thought with anyone else (Kaiba, Yugi and his friends) they would dismiss it quickly, not believing that Crump was not the mastermind behind the whole incident. What verified this fact for Edward was two points: what Fai said to him before he left, and he had Noa inside of him.

Noa worked with Crump in the past, and the green haired youth denies any possibility of Crump being behind the whole scheme. Crump was nothing but a pawn, a tool used to distract them… But from what exactly?

Sighing, the blonde raised his fleshy hand and ran it through his blonde bangs with ease. This was way too early to be thinking of stuff like that. In addition, the past few nights were filled with the same dream over and over again. Gozaburro's voice was yelling at someone, and then that person who seemed to know about him and Alphonse.

"Noa" Edward called out loud, looking over to the side to see his 'partner' (he didn't know what else to call him) materialize before him. The youth looked puzzled that Edward was up this early, but made no comment about that. "Did your father have any other sons? Or maybe an apprentice he was training?" Noa looked stunned at the question, but pondered about it for a moment.

Shaking his head numbly, Noa sighed. "Besides Seto, Mokuba and I, there was no one else to my knowledge….Why do you ask?" Edward crossed his arms firmly over his chest and closed his eyes thoughtfully. Usually with 'flashback dreams' (he calls them this because he sees Kaiba's past in them), he could clearly see who Gozaburro was yelling at. That's why it was a 'flashback dream' and not a normal dream. But with these dreams, all he heard was the voice and could not see anything.

Frowning, his thoughts then roamed to the person in his dreams who seemed to know an awful lot about him and his younger brother. Hell, the guy even knew his military nickname which meant that he must have come from where he and Alphonse came from.

"Edward?" Noa inquired again, feeling anxious at the heavy silence between them. Although the green haired boy was tempted to dive right into the Alchemist's thoughts, he refrained from doing it. The last time he tried that, he felt like his whole spirit was being consumed by Edward's memories. Noa's voice snapped Edward out of his trance-like state as he glanced over at the young man.

"…Do you really think it's over?" Edward asked solemnly, looking down at his hands with intensity in his yellow cat eyes. Again, Noa was puzzled by the question but knew that the Alchemist was being serious when he asked it.

Honestly, Noa did not believe that Crump was the end of this. His father; Gozaburro; was a stubborn man even until death. Perhaps the ex-CEO was not behind this scheme, but Noa figured he had some influence over it all. Plus with that strange blonde man (Fai his name was) and the statement he said

before he disappeared, it caused an uneasy feeling to grow in Noa. It also didn't help when Edward was feeling the same exact way as well.

Noa knew full well that it was foolish to believe that everything was now over and done with. He assumed Seto would be much smarter than to believe that. But from his dismissal of Edward when the Alchemist brought the subject up, it made Noa wonder what his eldest brother was really thinking about.

"…No." Noa simply answered, shaking his head slowly. "I do not think this is over" Edward sighed slowly and glanced out the large pan window in his bedroom. Clenching his fists systematically, Edward narrowed his eyes in renewed determination.

"I'll be ready for them" Edward simply stated, nodding firmly at Noa. Noa lips turned into a small frown at this statement and sighed. Holding his temple with his hand, the green haired youth shook his head in dismay.

"Just promise me you won't try anything reckless or idiotic like last time…" All Noa got from Edward as a response was a sly grin, which made him shake his head in disbelief. "…Why do I bother asking?"

Seto Kaiba sat idly in his desk chair as he typed furiously on his keyboard. It had been weeks since the Crump incident and Kaiba was slowly moving on from the whole ordeal. Mokuba was now safe, and his bodyguards were doing okay. It seemed that Alphonse had decided to move into Mokuba's room to keep a closer eye on the young ebony haired boy. Kaiba had no problems with this arrangement really. It meant that Mokuba was being watched over even more carefully.

As for the other brother… Well at least Kaiba wasn't planning on killing him anytime soon. They got along (for the most part), and now the eldest Kaiba brother held respect for the Alchemist (not that he'd ever admit that).

Staring at the laptop screen, Kaiba closed his icy blue eyes slowly. It was good that someone was at home with Mokuba when he was stuck at work working so late into the evening. Even if the incident was over and done with, Kaiba still felt this sense of uneasiness about it all.

The eldest Kaiba worked with Crump and knew what kind of man he really was. Could that man orchestrate and devise such an elaborate scheme on his own? Without any outside help or further force? Well…Let's just say Kaiba had the right to have his doubts about it. Even when Noa trapped him and his companions in the virtual world, Crump was still nothing more than a mere henchman used by Noa and ultimately Gozaburro. It seemed unlikely to Kaiba that the former board member of Kaiba Corp. could create such an elaborate scheme and hire such dangerous people on his own.

Out of all his companions, Edward seemed to firmly believe that Crump was not the cause of all the troubles they had been experiencing. Of course, Kaiba dismissed them at first, but the Alchemist did bring up an excellent point. Crump did seem inept at doing anything on his own without further help.

Still deep in thought, a small ding noise erupted from his trusty laptop. Blinking slowly, Kaiba expertly clicked on his inbox and glanced at the newest message sent to him. Then a small frown formed on the brunette's face as he scanned the email address.

"No one knows my private email account. Only my top employees do and they would be utter morons to give it out" Kaiba mused out in his mind, scanning the address intently with his cold blue eyes. It read;

Eyes widening in realization, Kaiba re-scanned the email address to make sure he was reading the sender's address correctly. Yes, he knew who this was (if it was him anyways). The CEO of Hetalia Industries, and once a close trading partner to Kaiba Corp; Ivan Braginski.

Leaning back in his chair in deep thought, Kaiba pictured the giant Russian in his mind. Relations between the companies were going smoothly for a few years after Kaiba took over Kaiba Corp. They worked together to create better gaming experiences and technological advances to the Duel Monster game. That was the case until a few years ago (about two if Kaiba recalled correctly).

Hetalia Industries was once run by a group of five men; Arthur Kirkland, Matthew Williams, Ivan Braginski, Francis Bonnefoy, and Alfred Jones. But then all of a sudden, four of the men were bought out by one of their own trusted partners (which happened to be Ivan). This came as a shock to the business world, and it also caused a major rift to begin to form between the relations between Kaiba Corp and Hetalia Industries.

In the past, Kaiba would easily be able to communicate with the other CEO's with no issues (although he found some of them to be very odd). Arthur Kirkland was the one Kaiba would often relay his ideas through (he seemed to be the one leading the operations). He was a short but well kept man hailing from London England. He was well refined like a true gentleman from England, but he often got into heated squabbles with the American Alfred Jones and the Parisian Francis Bonnefoy.

Then it seemed that all those manners were thrown out the window for later use when the three men were together in the same room. At a meeting between the CEO's, Kaiba got to witness one of these fights with his very eyes. Besides all the yelling, shouting, random objects thrown about, Kaiba had to wonder how these men became the CEO of such a respected company…

Overall though, he was really unimpressed by their actions. But luckily (for their reputation and themselves), the quiet Canadian stood up to resolve the fight. Matthew Williams did not seem to portray anything resembling a backbone, but surprisingly he was able to make the three men calm down very quickly. Out of all of them, Kaiba never expected the quiet violet eyed man to be the one who would have the courage to stand up to the three other towering men.

While Matthew displayed little self-confidence at times, Alfred Jones was the complete opposite; he reeked of self-confidence and arrogance. He was the self-proclaimed leader (Arthur really was the brains of the operation) who would do anything to save the world and make it a better place. At times, Kaiba had to wonder where his hair-brained ideas would come from (using a dozen hamster wheels to power their generators to make their companies more 'green' and 'environmentally friendly'). He earned a good smack across the head by Arthur for this one.

Then there was Francis Bonnefoy; the eccentric Frenchman. Kaiba figured out from all his meetings with the CEO's that Francis ran after anything with a pulse. He was not picky with his romance endeavors and even tried to hit on Kaiba himself (he got a swift kick in shins and a harsh glare as a response).

Finally, there was the current CEO of Hetalia Industries; Ivan Braginski. Before, Ivan would be relatively easy to speak to. It seemed more so when Matthew was near Ivan. Kaiba didn't understand why, but for some reason, the Russian would not become as cold and calculating when the small Canadian was nearby. So of course, hearing that Ivan bought out all his partners and took over the company was very surprising to Kaiba.

As of now, the blue eyed CEO had no idea where the other four men went after they were bought out so quickly. It was as if they fell off the map and became invisible in the business world. But after such a embarrassing buy out from a partner, Kaiba did understand why they fell off the radar so quickly…

But now when he would speak to Ivan, he felt this aura of dread surrounding the tall Russian. Their companies would still work together in some aspects of gaming, but it seemed that Hetalia Industries was drifting farther away from that form of production.

This was no uncommon to hear of in the business world, but Kaiba still felt resentment towards the violet eyed man for this business decision. Moving his mouse steadily over the email, he clicked it once and waited until the message loaded. Scanning the message thoroughly, Kaiba felt his temper rising at every passing line he read.

Flipping open his phone in aggravation, he narrowed his icy blue eyes in furry. "Get me Mr. Braginski" Standing up from his chair roughly, he walked towards the windows as his grip tightened on the phone. "I don't care if he's not available! I want to speak to him immediately!"

"Dear Comrade Seto Kaiba,

I am afraid to inform you that Hetalia Industries has now terminated our partnership between our companies; effective immediately. We have decided to move forwards to building more conventional products that will affect our world as a whole. The real world is not about playing foolish children card games, Comrade Kaiba. You will soon learn this.

I will enjoy the day when I see the company you worked so hard to build come crumbling down at your feet. Then you will finally understand how I felt when you caused it to happen to me.

Until the next time we meet,

Ivan Braginski'

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