an original roswell/dark angel fan fiction

written by: jennifer s. a.k.a. assassinelektra


I do not own Dark Angel, Roswell, or their characters. This is a fan fiction story meant only for the enjoyment of myself and other Dark Angel, Roswell, and X-Tremer fans.

Title: Life On The Line

Genre: Action/Adventure, Romance,

Setting: This fic takes place during the second season of Dark Angel

Rating: Teen

Chapter 5

Surprises All Around

"Max?" Her dark eyes turned to me in anger. But there was no recognition gleaming in them. She stared at me like I was a complete stranger and it suddenly dawned on me. "Sam." I said, and her eyes narrowed at the use of her name. "Oh come on, you didn't really think I'd forgotten about did you?" I asked, winking at her playfull.

"Alec, right?" She asked me.

"Yeah. So you what, capture friends of supposed transgenics nowadays for fun?" I asked her.

"She was trying to help me, Alec." Liz said, and my shock bumped up a few levels from where it had been at seeing Sam there at all. "She'd just fallen from the air ducts up there and was trying to untie me when you broke in."

"What?" I asked, looking suspiciously at Sam. She hadn't exactly played for our team last time she'd ran into Max. In fact she'd played for White's team.

"You don't think you're the only one who wants to prevent an innocent from dying because White thinks she's involved with us." Sam said almost coldly. "Did you?"


"Look, as interesting as your little reunion is, I'm still tied up over here and when my captor gets back he's not gonna be Mr. Sunshine." Liz snapped, and both Sam and I looked at her. I took that moment to really look at Liz for the first time, and I realized that her voice had lied about her being beautiful. No, this woman was gorgeous. And suddenly my aching jaw and forming bruises didn't hurt at all as I stared into her dark eyes.

"Right." I said, reaching down and untying her hands. She rubbed her wrists tenderly, and I winced when I saw the red bloody lines around them. "Here." I said, taking off my shirt and handing it to her. I had a white undershirt on, so it was no big deal, but Liz looked eternally grateful as she cleaned her wrists off with the shirt.

She looked at me, then looked down at my hand, which was still clutching my phone. Carefully, she took the phone and hung it up for me. "Don't need that anymore." She said, giving me an adorable half smile. Damn, I was falling for the princess, and I wasn't even a prince. But there was still the matter of the dragon.

"Where is the guy who's holding you anyway?" I asked Liz. "Thought he was in the other room." I glanced over her shoulder at a hole in the wall where the wood seemed to have been blown away, guessing that had been her view of him.

"He was." I turned around quickly and looked at the light haired man who stood in the doorway of the classroom. He looked pale, like he hadn't eaten or slept for days, and the dark circles under his eyes only added to the POW appearance of him. But the guy was holding a rifle, and I wasn't about to make a snappy comment about his less than appealing appearance.

"Liz?" I asked her questioningly, but she was looking at the man in fear. No help there. I thought, turning my attention back to him. Sam was watching him carefully, waiting for him to make a move, and I wondered if she would fall in sync and fight with me as well as Max always had.

"Who are you?" The stranger demanded, looking me up and down as if he were looking for any sign of a weapon.

"I'm surprised that your buddy White didn't give you the low down." I said, loving the irritated look that crossed his face.

"White is not my 'buddy.'" He said the word with hatred and malice, and for a moment I wondered if White had forced the stranger to capture Liz. But then his cold eyes turned to her and I realized that no one had forced him.

"Then why are you in league with him?" Sam questioned, speaking to him for the first time. The stranger took a picture out of his pocket and glanced from it to Sam, recognition crossing his eyes.

"He warned me about you." The man said, holding the rifle up so that it was pointed at Sam. She didn't flinch at all, but raised her hands in surrender. I tilted my head to her, wondering what she had planned, and suddenly I knew.

So, without further hesitation, I kicked the rifle away from the man, catching his chin with my foot as well, and caught the weapon right before it hit the ground. He glared at me as he looked up from the floor and saw that the barrel was only an inch from his face. He almost seemed to snarl as he looked up at me in hatred.

Sam walked up behind him, blocking any chance that he'd make it out of the classroom if he did get away from me. She nodded to me, and I understood what she was saying.

But I suddenly felt a hand slither down my arm, sending shivers up my spine, and I was surprised as Liz gently pushed me aside and stood to face the man on her own. She looked beautiful standing there, like a glowing goddess or something—and she was glowing, literally.

"Liz, come on!" The man begged, and I felt a pang of jealousy that he seemed more afraid of Liz than me. "How was I supposed to react when you've been lying to me all this time?" He demanded, spit flying from his angry lips as he spoke.

"I trusted you!" Liz said, glaring at him. "I confided in you when everyone else turned their back on me. I chose you over Max that night, and you repaid me by kidnapping me and almost turning Max over to the government!"


"No!" Liz snapped, interrupting him. She held out her hand, palm facing him, and I watched curiously as blue electricity danced along her fingers. "Shut up Sean!" She glanced at me, realizing that she'd just given away who he was, but that name meant nothing to me and I told her that with a raised eyebrow. She relaxed a little and looked back at Sean, letting her hand fall back down at her side. He noticeably relaxed as well.

"Look, just get out of my sight." Liz said, sounding disgusted and defeated as she waved an arm at Sean to leave. He stood up slowly and turned to leave, then spoke quietly over his shoulder.

"I really did like you, Liz." And having said that he left the three of them alone.

Sam looked at me, then glanced at Liz. "I've got it covered." I told Sam, and she nodded and left. So then it was only me and Liz, standing there in that decaying classroom.

"Let me guess," I started walking over to her, "He was a friend?"

Liz looked at me with tears in her eyes. "The one night I decided to finally tell him about Max and the others he reacted by kidnapping me and taking me here where I could never see them again!" She said, her voice cracking as she forced the tears back.

I pulled her gently into my arms and held her as the tears started flowing unceasingly. It should have felt weird holding a stranger like that, but for some odd reason if felt right. It was the first thing to feel right in my life in a long time. Finally, Liz pulled away and looked at me.

Taking in my appearance for the first time, she smiled and said, "Well one thing about Manticore that I can say for sure." She told me. "Is that they know how to make em look good." I smiled at the compliment, a bit embarrassed as I felt my cheeks get a little red. No woman had ever had that affect on me before, and it made me a bit uncomfortable, so I changed the subject.

"So, Liz Parker, back to Roswell where your alien friends are?" I asked her.

"No." She said, surprising me. "I can't go back there now. I've been looking for a reason to get away from Max anyway." Liz looked at me. "So, I think you have a promise to keep." She said teasingly.

"Oh yeah, and what's that?"

"A little trip to a place called Crash." She reminded me, and I smiled. "I could really use a drink right about now." She started towards the classroom door and I followed.

I knew that White was still out there, that if Liz stayed in Seattle she would be in danger, but at that moment I was too glad that she was with me to care. And I was a bit surprised but didn't argue as she took my hand when we left the school. Who would have thought that I'd end up falling for the girl who'd annoyed me over the phone that morning?

The End