The Beginning

------------Lee's Place------------

"YOSH! Let's make sure you will give another great year this year," shouted loudly by a man in a green jumpsuit with a vest over it. His most noticeable feature had to be the bowl-shaped haircut and the thick eyebrows.

"Yes, and this year I will make sure I will surpass Neji also! I won't forgive myself until I do!" replied a younger version of the guy before. He smirked in confidence. "I'm sure of it!"

Tears filled in the eyes of the adult, as he heard his son say these words.

The background of the house, they were in, faded away, as a setting of a beach replaced it.

"We may not be real father and son, but your blood of determination and sense of style reminds me of myself in my younger days. Ah, the power of youth!"

"Gai-sensei!" shouted the young man with tears now filled up in his eyes.




Before they embraced each other in a hug, a white-haired man walked out with a headband covered over one of his eyes and a mask covering his face up to the nose "Do I have to deal with this every morning?"

"Ah, my eternal rival! Living in my household and looking not so fresh. What have happened to your glory days of youth?" asked Gai with a smirk.

"So what's for breakfast?" he asked, not really paying attention to the man in the green jumpsuit.

"AHHHH! He still has the so modern attitude that is so hip! Kakashi, that is why you're my eternal rival!" he shouted at the top of his lungs.

"There is some rice and some left-over fish from yesterday, Kakashi-sensei," replied Lee as he packed his school things.

Kakashi gave a dull look before he walked into the kitchen for breakfast. Gai shook his head, as he stood up straight. "C'mon Lee, at this time we can do 200 laps around the school before it is time for class."

"Hai!" Lee said in a loud voice as they both jogged out the door.

Kakashi ate his breakfast in silence, as he read his adult novel called "Ichi Ichi Paradise". The only sounds that broke the silence were small gaps of girly giggles from him while he ate and read.

------------Sasuke's Place------------

A raven-haired boy was in his room, punching a punching bag furiously as lot of sweat dripped from his face. He was shirtless, as he continued to pummel the bag while vengeful thoughts were in his head.

"I won't lose to him again."

"I won't give up."

"I will make sure I'll grow stronger than him. I won't allow myself to face defeat to a guy like him ever again!"

He stopped and bent over in exhaustion. He turned over and looked at the clock on the wall.

"Almost time to go..." he said quietly as he took a towel and wipe his face off of sweat. Sasuke changed his clothes into his usual outfit and grabbed his bookbag. Then he jumped out of the window of his apartment. He landed on a tree branch, and quickly jumped branch to branch till he made it to school.

------------Hyuuga Residence------------

"Hope you do another good job in school this year, Neji," said Hiashi, Neji's uncle and Hinata's dad.

"Don't worry, I guarantee that I will succeed in all areas once again. I have been taught well, and I won't disappoint you Hiashi-sama," Neji said in a confident tone.

Hiashi nodded in approval as he looked over to his daughter. Hinata was staring down to the ground, but immediately looked up once she felt the presence of her father's stare. He stared coldly into her eyes, causing Hinata to twiddle her fingers.

"Try not to bother your cousin too much on your first day of school," said Hiashi.

Hinata expected more words of encouragement. Words of confidence like the words given to her cousin. But it didn't matter now. All she had to do was prove herself to herself and her father. And with that thought alone gave her to power to reply with determination.


"Well c'mon, Hinata! We should leave now or we'll be late," Neji said as he walked out the door. Hinata clumsily ran over to grab her bag, and ran out the door. She kind of tripped along the way, but quickly regained her posture afterwards.

A young girl ran over to her father's side as they watched Hinata leave. "Is sister leaving already?"

"Yeah, let's just hope she can pass by without making a complete fool of herself."

------------Sakura's Place------------

"C'mon, hurry Sakura! Let's go already!" said Ino who was waiting impatiently as she stood beside Sakura who was applying her make-up on.

"Don't worry, we have plenty of time. Have to look good just in case some cute boys look over our way. Especially Sasuke-kun," she said with a wink to her best friend.

Her friend waved her hand through her hair as she started a pose. "I don't have to worry about that, I'm naturally good looking. Sasuke-kun will fall for me the instant our eyes meet at school. He will see how I have matured over the summer."

"Heh, I doubt Sasuke-kun will fall for someone like you. He need someone whose beauty is so ravishing, it will turn his often cold glances into rays of love. But you can believe whatever you want Ino-pig, even if it's unrealistic." Sakura replied in false friendly tone.

Ino's eyes turned into anger (the pupils turn all white, just like how it is in the anime). "I wouldn't be talking big forehead girl! Seeing such a bigger forehead than the year before, will make him faint!"

Sakura turned over, whose eyes also turned into anger, and stared at her. Bolts of electricity zapped back and forth between their eyes, till a voice, broke their concentration.

"Remember to lock the door when you leave, Sakura," her mom said loudly downstairs before she left.

Sakura turned over and grabbed her bag. "Yeah, we should be leaving too," she said as she left the room. Ino quickly followed behind.

------------Shikamaru's Place------------

"How troublesome..." he stated with a loud yawn following afterwards as he is awakened up by his alarm clock.

He climbs down his bed in a tiresome manner and enters the bathroom. Ten minutes later, his face is refreshed, but he still carries that plain expression, as he climbed down the stairs. As he walks down, a loud voice could be heard.

"You forgot your lunch, honey! And Shikamaru, get your ass up and go down to eat breakfast before you're late for your first day of high school!"

"What a troublesome woman...," he mumbled as he heads into the kitchen.

The door opens, and he sees his dad as he enters the living room. "Ah, I knew I forgot something..." his dad said to himself. Both father and son entered the kitchen to get their food. Once the bag of lunch was handed to Shikaku, he hurried off to the door to go to work. Shikamaru grabbed his plate of pancakes on the counter, and set it on the table to start his breakfast, along with a glass of orange juice.

"Well you got everything you need for school ready?" asked his mom.

Shikamaru just grunted in reply. Later you know it, the loud voice erupted from the woman again.


Shikamaru popped up in shock, since he wasn't prepared to deal with such a troublesome person early in the morning.

"Man, I'm not sure how dad deals with her..."

A boiling glare came down on him before he realized that his mom was expecting a response. "Hai, hai," he replied.

"Only say 'hai' once!" his mom commanded.

Shikamaru nodded in annoyance as he continued his breakfast.

------------Kiba's Place------------

"You set to go, Akamaru?" Kiba asked his dog companion.

Akamaru energetically replied with a bark. Kiba laughed.

"Yes, yes, I'm pretty sure we'll have one hell of a time in high school, just like junior high. Shinobi High..., they better be ready for us!"

Kiba grabbed his bag and jumped out the window to the ground below, with Akamaru doing the same. A bus pulled up as they both landed. Kiba and Akamaru ran over to enter the bus.

Kiba looked around for an empty seat. He saw an empty seat, but looked for another one since he didn't want to sit next to that creepy guy. He continued looking around, but the bus was absolutely packed, except for that one seat. Kiba sighed in defeat as Akamaru whimpered. They both walked to the back, where the seat was at. Kiba didn't give a direct glance as he sat next down to a boy with a coat on with the collar over his mouth and dark sunglasses.

"Yo Shino," Kiba said voluntarily, not bothering to turn around. Shino just sat in silence, not bothering to give back the greeting.

"Hmph, he's so boring to be with," thought Kiba as he pets Akamaru.

Kiba turned over to get a look at Shino, since there wasn't much to do in the five minutes of silence he had on the bus so far. He saw Shino allowing a bug to crawl around his hand, as Shino faced the window.

"Still have a hobby with the insects, huh?" Kiba questioned, attempting to start a conversation. Shino turned over and stared at Kiba. His stare lasted about 5 seconds, before he faced the window again.

Kiba's face twitched.

"And still the silent, creepy guy as usual I see."

Shino turned over to Kiba again and replied "Yeah. You still have that dog around, I see." Kiba's mouth slightly curved into a smile. Apparently, that broke the barrier of silence. He started ranting on about several subjects to his new friend (at least that was what he thought. Shino bothering to reply should mean something...) such as Akamaru, his family, his poor effort in chakra molding last year, and how he improved over the summer. Shino just stayed silent and made short responses when he needed to.

Sooner or later, the bus reached its destination.

------------Chouji's Place------------

"Lemme see, I have my three bags of potato chips, two bags of candy, one bottle of water, one can of soda, two boxes of juice, a bag of nuts, some beef jerky, my lunch bag, some leftover chocolate cake from the party last week at Shikamaru's house, some leftover barbeque from yesterday, oh, and an apple. Doesn't hurt to eat healthy, now does it," Chouji said with an innocent smile as he was checking stuff in his bookbag.

"C'mon Chouji, I'm gonna give you a lift to school before I go to work. Don't forget your books," his dad said loudly from downstairs.

The chubby young man looked over to the table to his left and saw a couple of textbooks and notebooks. He looked into his school bag and took out the apple. "Sorry, no room for you." He threw the apple aside with all the other junk in his room, and he squeezed his books in there. He zipped up the bag and ran down the stairs.

------------Sand Siblings' Location------------

"Peh, I don't see why we couldn't find a school closer to home," complained Kankurou.

"Temari, find some way to put him to sleep. We don't have to worry about carrying him, my sand can do the job..." replied a disgruntled Gaara.

Kankurou frowned as Temari let out a laugh. "Well, he's right. Maybe I should do it, he is getting on everyone's nerves," she said with a devilishly grin.

Kankurou just walked in silence from there on. As they continued to walk, Kankurou tried another attempt of a conversation.

"Man, I can't believe I forgot Karasu at home. Hopefully, Baki-san received the letter and tried to bring him back to me at school."

"Hmm, a grown 15 year old boy wanting his puppet, that's a great way to blend in," Temari replied in a sarcastic tone.

"Pfft, I spent years perfecting that model. It'll be great to use once the Mid-term exam comes around," Kankurou replied matter-of-factly.

They continued walking till they reached the village of Konoha.

"Finally we're inside the village. Now we can call a taxi to drive us up to the school. What was this place called again?" asked Temari.

"Shinobi High..., I can almost feel my blood boil, considering we're going to a school opened to all foreign countries. It will set up high barriers indeed. I can't wait to pass all of it," said Gaara in a calm tone.

"Gaara still have his old tendencies with him, but he improved a lot. Ever since he met that mysterious kid in the orange jumpsuit, Gaara turned into a more calm person, instead of a temper-filled psycho. Even with Gaara's tremendous power, that kid surpassed him, and changed him for the better. If he goes to this school, I have to thank him sometime..." thought Temari.

"Uzumaki Naruto. You changed me into a better person and helped me realized what I have that I should value. For that I thank you, but I will grow stronger at this place, and the next time we meet, I will be the determined victor..."

------------Naruto's Place------------

A blond haired boy with whiskers on his face was sleeping in his bed peacefully. Complete with no worries whatsoever. He just laid there and dreamt about the girl of his dreams.

"Oi, Naruto, you're so handsome!" said a pink-haired girl, with a sparkling look in her eyes. Naruto and the girl seemed to be sitting down in a field of grass.

Naruto grinned and stuck out a peace sign. "I know, I know," he replied with complete confidence.

"The things I want to do with you," she said with a blush, "Can't be stated in such a PG-13 world."

"Sakura-chan," he said in a sweet voice, "You know you can tell me anything..."

"Well...," Sakura started. She leaned over to Naruto and whispered into his ear, which caused him to start giggling.

In reality, Naruto was giggling and rolling around the bed. First to one side of the bed that was against the wall, then to the edge of the bed. He kept rolling side to side, giggling like a girl, while speaking nonsense, till he rolled to the one side a little bit too far.

THUMP! Naruto woke up in such a painful style. He muttered curses to himself as he got up. "Such a beautiful dream too..."

Naruto stretched his arms and looked over to the clock on the table next to his bed. His jaws dropped in horror as he looked at the time. "I'm gonna be late, I'm gonna be late!" he yelled, while running around in his pajamas.

He quickly stripped off his clothes and got into in usual orange suit that he wore. He grabbed his school bag, and ran out of the room.

"Where's Ero-sennin when you need him?" he wondered as he started to panic around his small apartment. "I'm gonna be late!"

Naruto ran around his apartment looking for his guardian, but there seemed to be no sign. Naruto then ran back into his room, looking for his wallet. He picked up the empty frog wallet and sighed. "I guess I'm going to have to walk now..."

Naruto stepped out his apartment and sprinted toward to school. "Shinobi High..., I wonder if the teachers are strict there..."

Author's Note: Well this is my first Naruto fanfic, and I hope you enjoyed it. I'm not really sure where this plot will end up at or anything. I just created this chapter at the spur of the moment. I might not even give a damn about it after this chapter if there aren't any support.

Anyways, this is like an alternate universe for Naruto and the gang, where they continued their education after academy school (just called junior high in this story). The only person I think I didn't do the beginning for is Tenten. I don't really have any clue on how to make her start off different than everyone else, so I just skipped her. I probably will include her in the story though. Also, if you have any questions/criticisms/ideas, be sure to put it in your review. I'll answer you directly after the chapter in my "Author's Notes".

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