This is a poem inspired by P.J.

Disclaimer: I do not own shaman king; but i own my poem

Waiting forever…

By: Typats

I promise you

That I will be true

Even though you love me never,

I will always wait forever

Though I am hurt

When I saw her flirt

And the thought that you love her

I'll still wait forever

They said that I was

Waiting for nothing

I always thought

There is something

Is it true?

Well, I don't have a clue

But I promise you one thing,

That I will be true

And I just know that

I'll always be a fighter,

Fighting my way through you

As I wait forever

I'll always love you

And I'll always wait

Because I know

That it is fate

And it doesn't even mater

If it took you longer

'Cause I'll always wait

Forever and ever