Shadow groaned as he woke up

Shadow's Life

Chapter 1

Return of Shadow

Shadow groaned as he woke up. A bright light shone in through a draped window near the couch, illuminating the calming pink walls, his sleek dark fur. Shadow sat up, and as the springs in the couch groaning under his shifted weight underneath him, thoughts of past events pouring into his mind. Had an entire year really passed since he nearly died when he fell from Space Colony ARK? A deep breathing from the right snapped Shadow from his thoughts. As he looked over, he saw Amy, sleeping in her bed on the other side of the room, shadows from the trees outside dancing over her gracefully. Shadow couldn't help but feel a twinge of thanks for her.

Ever since Amy found him on the fateful day, gravely injured in her backyard, she let him stay in her apartment.


Shadow felt the air around him tighten, and he immediately knew he was about to impact the Earth. He slammed into the ground with a jolting crash, the soil forming a crater to cushion his blow. As the darkness crept into his vision, he saw Amy look out her window in her nightgown, clearly fatigued. She looked around the yard for the cause of the sound. Her weary jade eyes finally swept over him, and her eyes widened in shock. Amy took a minute to examine what it was she was staring at, and just who exactly was lying, wounded, in the crater that had just appeared outside the apartment building, destroying the little grass they had there.

She yelled, "Shadow!" just before the familiar feeling of darkness overtook him.

After that, Shadow was allowed to stay in Amy's apartment, seeing as he didn't have a place of his own. In return, he ran errands for her, occasionally cooked (which was a brand-new experience), as well as cleaned the house. Fittingly, though, every time he left to run an errand, he never ran into even one of the friends he'd fought alongside with on the ARK. Wait, friends? More like...temporary allies, to him. Still, he'd never seen them, not once, which, given how often he'd gone out, very peculiar. Still lost in his thoughts, Shadow then jumped off the couch, ignoring the protests of the springs, and walked out of the apartment. As he stepped out into the street, Shadow felt a small breeze waft over him, tickling his fur. After pausing to enjoy the moment, Shadow decided to run around Station Square to see if he met anybody he knew. Shadow took off in a sonic boom, and headed for the center of town. He enjoyed the push of the wind on his face, feeling as though it blew away any care he had in the world.

After a few minutes of a relaxing run, he approached the mall, where he'd done most of his shopping for Amy. As he slowed to a stop, he noticed a red echidna standing near the entrance of a sporting goods store. As it was, it was Knuckles, who was too engrossed in his search for heavy weights to notice. After putting down a decently heavy weight, Knuckles turned and saw Shadow.

"Hey, Shadow!" Knuckles blurted out before he realized just what had happened. Shadow reappeared a few feet in front of Knuckles, sparks rising from the ground. Shadow merely grunted and crossed his arms, but Knuckles took that as a 'hi'. The gravity of the situation fell on Knuckles like a bomb, and his purple eyes showed a sense of disbelief.

"Hey, wait a minute, I thought you died!" exclaimed Knuckles. Shadow rolled his eyes, slightly annoyed. Knuckles was being as blunt as ever.

"The Ultimate Life Form can never die, echidna." said Shadow, as though explaining the obvious. Shadow let his eyes fall upon Knuckles', and Knuckles glared.

"I have a name, you know!" Knuckles exclaimed angrily. Shadow remained silent, fully aware of where this would take him.

"You disappear for a year, and this is how you greet us?!" Knuckles said, eyes fixated, fists clenched.

"Just wanted to make sure you had the right idea about me." Shadow quipped.

In the shadow of the mall, a figure had been leaning against the wall casually, but now showed interest. Neither of the boys noticed the figure, as they were too busy exchanging remarks. The figure immediately started running towards them, ready to move.

"You've kept me waiting this'll gonna pay!" the figure muttered, leaping into the air above them.