Shadow's Life

Chapter 28

Emerald Hunt

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'Great, this is just what we needed. A God of Destruction searching for the Chaos Emeralds so it can destroy the world. To make things even worse, we've already lost four of the Emeralds to Chaos, and now we're on borderline five. If Shadow loses his, we're done for. And if Chaos gets the seventh one...well, I just won't think about that. Stupid Chaos."

Streak's thoughts...

"You have got to be kidding me." Streak commented. Espio merely nodded in agreement.

"Whatever. I can get it." Shadow said dangerously, eyes flicking from person to person, as if daring someone to challenge him.

"Right. When you freeze to death, come let us know." Vinny replied sarcastically.

"Words won't get anything done, but actions will. We've wasted enough time as is already. No doubt Chaos is already headed for the Emerald. Either we leave now, or the Emerald is gone." Espio quietly commented.

"He's got a point." Streak added.

"Fine. Just don't get in my way." Shadow said calmly, before drawing the Chaos Emerald. His tossed it into the air with a flick of his wrist, and just as the Emerald touched his hand, the four of them disappeared into a flash of jade light.

Sonic threw a quick glance at the door, and slid further under the covers with a sigh of relief. After Streak disappeared, Amy had freaked out, more about the fact that Perfect Chaos could show up at any second, trying to destroy the world...again. Sonic tossed out a laugh, knowing that wherever the last Chaos Emerald was, it was probably about to be found. And by Shadow, no less. Sonic immediately sat up, his competitive streak kicking in. His first thought was to Chaos Control out of the room and try to follow Streak, but he didn't have a Chaos Emerald on him. Of course, if he did, Chaos probably would have taken it. That left him two options: either try to run and find Shadow and Streak, or get Tails to make another fake emerald. Of course, he had no clue where Tails was either, but Sonic knew that his friend would either be somewhere on Angel Island or in his lab, both of which would be pretty easy to get to. He jumped up and out of the bed, feet ablazing, and shot out the door just as Amy went to go inside.

"Later, Ames!" he called out behind him as he disappeared into the distance.

'It's a good thing I can run so fast' Sonic thought, 'because I have never seen Amy look so mad before...'

Tails was sitting at a desk in his laboratory, working on a possible way to help stop Chaos before he got the last Emerald, when there was a knock at the door. Tails looked up from his work, which was currently a large pile of papers with extremely complicated designs and functions on them, and walked over to the door. He cracked it open, but threw it open the rest of the way when he saw it was none other then Sonic.

"Hey Tails, what's up?" Sonic asked.

"Just working on a few bugs with my newest invention. Wanna come in?" Tails asked. Sonic nodded and raced in, plopping down on the nearby couch.

"Hey, do you think you can make me another one of the fake Chaos Emeralds?" Sonic asked. Tails looked over, and thought for a second.

" I'm not sure, if I still had the original, I could just copy it, but it went missing last night, and I'm not sure where it is." Tails replied, a bit hesitant. Sonic looked at Tails, puzzled.

"But what would someone want with a fake..." Sonic started, but a memory washed over him...

Tails, Amy and Sonic were all standing together in a small, dimly lit hallway aboard the ARK. Tails, still seated in his mobilized Cyclone Walker, was telling Sonic about the fake Emerald he had created. 'It has the same wavelengths and properties. Not even a machine can tell the difference.' Tails said, without even an ounce of proudness in his voice...

"Chaos has the fake!" Sonic exclaimed, jumping up off the sofa. Tails swiveled on his chair, turning from his papers to Sonic.

"What? But why would Chaos have the fake?" Tails asked, confused.

:It has the same wavelength and properties, to the point where, if a machine couldn't tell the difference, then neither could Chaos!" Sonic exclaimed triumphantly.

"But...if Chaos has the fake...then...couldn't he now get...8 Chaos Emeralds, instead of 7? Wouldn't stronger than Perfect Chaos?"

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