Ch.5 1st day

"Come on, Dad; let's go!" Allyson called loudly from the garage. She to the car and hopped in the drivers seat. She started the ignition an waiting, rather impatiently for her father to come out the door.

"Finally!" Allyson muttered at her father shut the door behind him. She made a face. He was only going because Allyson figured he'd be lonely: Mom was going up north to pick up Erika, and she wasn't supposed to be home until mid-Monday.

Her father climbed in the front seat and Allyson pulled out of the driveway. She took the freeway for a while and then got off at Ristrine Road. She followed the road until she reached Las Gaviotas, the neighborhood that the Edwards lived in. When they finally pulled in front of the house, it was about 4:30.

Allyson turned off the engine, left the car, and walked to the front door. When she rang the doorbell, she heard feet running swiftly towards the door and then it opened.

"Allyson!" Katy said excitedly. "I thought you'd never get here! Come on let's go swimming!" She grabbed Allyson's hand and yanked her through the house to the back porch.

"Easy, girl! What if I want to eat first?" Allyson asked as Katy began to strip out of her clothes, revealing her bathing suit underneath.

Katy looked up. "You and your stomach. You're as bad as a guy." She gave Allyson a puppy-dog face.

"Just because food is my first love…" Allyson sighed, accidentally looked at the puppy-face and then groaned. "Fine…I'll go swimming with you." She took her clothes off, displaying her bright orange swim suit and then pulled a towel out of her bag. As she turned to follow Katy out of the porch, she noticed a group of about seven guys eating and laughing and talking. Her gaze traveled over the group, noticing those she knew and those she didn't.

One of the boys looked up as she passed and Allyson's and his eyes locked for a second. Allyson felt a flush start to creep up her face, but then the boy looked away. Allyson found herself gasping for air. She caught up with Katy and as they were sliding into the pool, casually asked her, "So who are all those guys over there?"

Katy didn't miss anything. "Oo…who is it?" She laughed and her eyes twinkled mischievously.

Allyson could feel the flush ready to creep up again. "Nobody. I just like to know about people. You know…"

Katy eyed her suspiciously, but then gave in. "Corey you know. J.T is the black-haired one next to him. On his other side is Cameron…and then Luke is the one that looks like Anakin. And then the other two are brothers: Jeremy and Peter Menabar."

"Oh," Allyson said, she hoped, innocently. "And how old is Peter?"

Katy leaning her back against the side of the pool with a satisfied grin. "I knew it."

Allyson raised her eyebrow at her. "How old?" She repeated firmly.

Katy grinned wider. "He's 15…though only slightly older than you. He is home-schooled and a sophomore and, as far as I know, currently single."

"Mmm…" Allyson said. "Not bad looking either. You failed to mention that." She smiled slightly.

"Not bad at all."

They swam around in the pool for a bit and then the guys jumped in unexpectedly. Corey grabbed Katy and dunked her under before she even had a chance to struggle. She emerged a few seconds later and turned angrily to Corey.

"Corey! I have my contacts in!"

"OOPS. Sorry." Corey grinned.

Allyson smiled, thinking what a cute couple they would be, and then she noticed Peter standing behind her. She turned away from him, not quite sure how to handle herself yet.

Katy managed to escape from Corey and grabbed Allyson, pulling her out of the pool. "Come on! We need a plan of attack."

"When there's seven of them and two of us." Allyson looked skeptical.

"True…though, we could try surrendering."

Allyson thought about it. "It might throw them off there guard and they might just DIE of shock…and then we'd win. Sounds good."

Katy smiled and then frowned and pointed behind Allyson.

Allyson turned and saw Peter standing there, listening to their every word.

She gave him her best glare. Though I'd really like to fawn over him…cause he's so hott. She flushed a bit. "Get out of here! Little spy…" Now why did I have to say something stupid like that? Why do I always mess this up? Grr…

Peter gave Allyson a strange look. "Actually, I'm neutral…though I could be persuaded by a huge bowl of vanilla ice-cream." He grinned slyly.

Katy thought about it. "We could use a back up plan if ours fails." She tapped her nose. "Ok. But only if we desperately need it." She gave Allyson a look and then mouthed one, two, three.

Katy and Allyson emerged from there hiding spot with there arms upraised in defeat. "Okay, okay," Katy said. "We surrender."

The guys responded by splashing them a few times and then they left them alone. Katy and Allyson looked at each other, fairly astonished.

"Dinner time!" Mr. Edwards called out from the patio.

"I guess we should surrender more often," Katy said to me as we walked over to the patio.


When Allyson got back from the pool party, she knew she needed to get ready for band the next day. But she couldn't help but think about Peter, and thinking about Peter quickly made her think about Ben. Ergo, it took her twice as long as it should have to pack for the next day. How many hott guys can I meet in a week! She fumed silently as she rummaged around in her sock drawer. And why do I keep screwing up? She sighed and began putting her guard gloves, drill binder, dot-book, cell phone and wallet in her backpack.

She went downstairs and drank practically a gallon of water before she went to bed so that she would be fully hydrated the following morning. Then she climbed into bed.


Listen to your heart…when he's calling for you…Listen to your heart…

Allyson groaned as her radio came on for her alarm clock. She rolled over onto her back. Eight o'clock is a beastly time to begin band camp. She shuddered and sat up. Especially during the summer. She thought wistfully back to the lazy days she had had early in the summer…when she had woken up at ten or eleven. Not so now.

I don't know where you're going, and I don't know why…but listen to your heart…

Allyson reached over and slammed her alarm off. Listen to your heart…heh; my heart's telling me to go back to bed. Allyson sighed and rolled clumsily out of her bed and grabbed the athletic clothes she had picked out the night before. She stumbled into the bathroom and then into the shower. When she finally got out of the bathroom, fully dry, fully clothed, and fully ready for breakfast, it was 7:10.

She walked down the stairs to the kitchen and poured herself a pour of cereal. Remind me again why I do marching band? She thought tiredly, spooning frosted mini-wheats into her mouth. She pushed her chair back from the table and rinsed her bowl in the sink. She reached into the freezer and pulled out her water bottle that she had stuck in the night before and put in on the table by the door.

Then she walked back upstairs into the bathroom. She pulled her hair out of her pony-tail to redo it in a tighter one. Then she put on a thin line of eyeliner and a touch of mascara. She walked into her room and picked up her backpack and then walked back downstairs into the kitchen. She scribbled a little note to her mother about when she'd be home and then, keys and water bottle in hand, walked out the front door.


As Allyson pulled into the parking lot of Grahsni High School, she saw supposed band members coming out the side entrance. She hopped out of her car and hurried into the school. She turned into the band hallway and saw Mr. Baltzer, the band director who she'd met earlier in the year. She walked up to him.

"Mr. Baltzer?" Allyson asked hesitantly.

He turned startled. "Erm, yes?"

"I'm Allyson Gerety…I visited you earlier this year and I was…" Allyson started.

"O, yes, I remember you. You need to go see Ronnie, there," he pointed, "to find out about what you need to bring out. He's the guard instructor here."

I smiled. "Thank you, Mr. Baltzer."

He smiled warmly back. "Glad you could join us, Allyson."

Allyson turned and walked to Ronnie. "Excuse me?"

Ronnie turned sharply.

"I'm a new guard person. I came in from McLean."

"O! Fabulous! Yes, Michelle Lizanardo, your previous instructor, called me and I heard all about you. Let's see…you're a…?" Ronnie said, excitedly.


"That's fabulous! I have three more years with you!…"

Allyson smiled. This guy is so gay.

"…So these are our guard Captains…" He pulled them from nowhere, "…Jaclyn Oledouban and Richard Velaquinez."

They both waved at me.

"So, Jaci, why don't you go get Allyson a flag and a rifle?" Ronnie said.

Jaci smiled and pulled my arm. "Come on. It's just right here." She pulled Allyson into a side room that held tons of flagpoles and flags, as well as rifles and sabres. She pulled a pink flag out of the flagbox and then picked through the rifles. "Ah…here we go." She pulled one out of the rack, and then handed both flag and rifle to Allyson.

Allyson took them from her and then followed her as she walked out of the guard room and back into the band hallway.

"We march out to the field with the band," Jaci said. "So we should probably head out now."

Allyson nodded and followed her outside where a four-by was forming. Jaci walked to the front, several feet ahead of the band and stood there, waiting. Allyson followed behind her and then stood there also.

Gradually, the rest of the band came out of the hallway and filled in the remainder of the four-by. Soon Allyson was surrounded by guard people, all talking amongst themselves. Allyson turned to the side and made eye contact with a girl about her size and height and smiled at her.

Then she heard it…the evil gawk. Once you hear that, you really know band camp has begun.

"Band Ten-HUT!" A voice called.

The band snapped to attention.

"Mark, time, mark!"

Allyson and the others around her began marking time.

"Forward march, move!"

The entire band stepped off as one.

They marched out to the field, keeping in time with the gawk, and when they reached it they marked time until told to halt.

"Band, HALT!"

The band stopped.

"Set your stuff down and get in a stretching block."

Allyson turned and followed the rest of the guard people over to the side of the field where they all lay down there equipment. Then they all got in a block, with the most senior members in front.

A very tall boy walked in front of the group, and a slightly shorter but very muscular boy was next to him.

"Hello, everyone, I am your drum major Aaron Jacklyby, and this is your junior drum major Chaz Niang. Welcome to another exciting season of marching band!"

The band let out a hoarse cheer.

"We want this to be fun, but we also need to be focused and attentive. So pay attention when some one is talking; Follow all directions; Practice when you go home; But most importantly, strive to do everything perfect the first time. And let's stretch!" Aaron said. "Right arm across."

Aaron stretched every muscle; He moved from arms, to legs, and then feet. Then he had us do a coupleAb exercises as well as push-ups. "On your feet! On your feet!" He called out suddenly. "And….go get in a running block!"

Allyson followed the rest of the guard over to the side of the field where an informal four-by was forming. Allyson hopped in at the third line of the four-by and happened to be standing by the girl she had made eye-contact with earlier.

The girl turned and smiled at her. "I'm Lindsay." She nodded over her shoulder to the girl right behind her. "That's Lauren. What grade are you in?"

"I'm a sophomore," Allyson said.

"Oh! Lauren is too. Ima junior." She shrugged.

"Band ten-HUT!" Aaron called from the front of the block.

Allyson and the rest of the band snapped to attention.

"Mark time, mark…forward march!" Aaron marched forward, hitting the gawk every time our left foot was supposed to hit the ground.

"Picking it up!" He called over his shoulder. He sped up the pace and the band started running behind him.

Aaron took the band two times around the parking lot and then stopped them back by their stuff. "Breathe, guys!" He paused. "Good job for the first day! Only one person fell out! So…go get a drink of water and then set up in a marching basics block."

Allyson sighed and turned to walk to her stuff. She wasn't watching where she was going and she walked into somebody.

She turned and looked up. "Sorry, I…" She stopped staring up in disbelief.

"Allyson?" the boy said, surprised.


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