Chapter 18

Musicaa cracked open the front door warily and peered outside at the girl and the raging snowstorm behind her. "Ah, Vergo, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at home?" Vergo tossed her tight black braid over her shoulder and shoved Musicaa aside roughly. "Do you want me to freeze? My dad wants to talk to your gramps."

Musicaa gulped. "You brought your dad? Um... Grandpa's not home right now, Vergo." Vergo turned. "Dad! Musicaa says Sabin's not here right now!" Vargas stepped in the doorway and shook the snow off of himself. "Oh, he isn't is he?" he growled. He turned to Selena, who was staring out of the window. "Where did he go?"

"He went out, in the blizzard. He'll freeze to death out there!" Vargas cursed and turned on his heel. "Vergo, stay here. Stupid fool, he can't do crazy stunts with that crippled heart of his anymore." Vergo waved sullenly as her father bolted back outside. She slumped on the floor. "Great... what do we do now? I was coming up here to play, and I got caught in that blizzard, so I sat in a cave until Dad found me. We were going to stay here, but now your gramps is gone, and he has to go back out. Now I'm bored."

She looked at Musicaa closely. "One of your marks is gone, Musicaa." Musicaa jumped up and ran to a mirror, feeling over his right eyebrow. "No way... it's gone... but there are two left. Fire and Ice... Lightning is gone. Just... gone..."

Selena cocked her head. "What?"

"You know, those three Figaroan symbols I had right over my eyebrow? Fire, Ice, and Lightning? Lightning is gone! Sweet!"

Vergo blew a strand of hair out of her eyes. "Good, maybe you will be less conspicuous now. Maybe. If you're anything like your gramps though, I doubt it."
Musicaa glared at her. "Thanks a lot, Vergo. You know, I'm not so sure your dad isn't just going out there to kill Grandpa."

Vergo glared back at him. "Dad wouldn't do something like that! He's never said anything violent about your Grandpa, and they looked like they were getting along well to me."

Musicaa sighed. "So strong, so intelligent, yet so naive. Grandpa and your dad have been enemies for years, why should it change now?"

Vergo pouted and crossed her arms over her chest. "You're the naive one. Why can't it change?"

"I'm just irritated, I'm sorry, Vergo. I'm sure your Dad's changed... I think Grandpa has too. But..." he turned to Selena. "How did Dad die? I want to know!"
Selena smiled sadly and turned away from the window. She reached out and touched the two marks left on Musicaa's brow. "It's all because of these... these marks, these powers... When people get power, they want more, and when they get more, they want to do something with it. One of your father's ancestors, Galahad Figaro, was genetically modified by an old world Empire. But... something happened in the modification process, and it drove him mad," she started.

"Like Kefka? The one Grandpa and Great-Edgar and Uncle Locke defeated? But Auntie Celes is like that too, isn't she?"

"No, Celes was the peak of esper infusion, no draw backs, but yes, Kefka can be compared to Galahad. Only, Galahad was ten times more ruthless and cunning, a hundred times more powerful."

"Well if it was really so bad, nobody'd be alive, Grandma!"

"Yes, I'm getting to that. This is where everything plays together, including those powers of yours. Sabin always said that time repeats itself, and I guess, this time, he's right."