Author's Preface

All of the "chapters" in this story are really going to be one-shot fics or drabbles. I stumbled across the 30 kisses LJ community via an author I admire in another fandom. At the time, I didn't have an LJ account, nor did I really feel any particular urge to make one. However, I really liked some of their themes and the basic idea for the challenge. One of the themes in particular inspired me—our distance and that person—and out came "Missing Him." Then I decided, hey, why not try for the rest of the themes?

See, it goes like this. You pick a couple and write thirty fics, one on each of the designated themes (go to the community if you want a list of the themes). Each fic must also feature a kiss in some way—actual, imaginary, between other people, whatever.

So here they are. My thirty—erm, 29—kisses. Obviously featuring Izumi Sano and Mizuki Ashiya.

EDIT (08/11/07) At this point I have created an LJ and claimed this on the 30 kisses comm.


Title: The Best Goodnight

Theme: #24 good night

AN: This takes place during Volume 6, Ch. 29 (if anyone really wants the reference...).


Sano knew Mizuki had fallen asleep by the way her body slackened and leaned towards his, drawn by the tilt of the bed from his heavier weight. His glance at her face just confirmed it—eyelashes fanned across the tops of her cheeks, moist breath rushing through slightly parted lips.

His first reaction was one of exasperation, as it always was. How could this hopeless girl expect to keep up her masquerade if she was always falling asleep in his bed, leaving herself completely vulnerable? Did she not realize he was a guy!

Did she not realize how he felt about her?

Also just as always, his second reaction was one of satisfaction. It was only during times like these, when she was completely unaware of his actions, that he could freely show any of the affection he tried to keep so tightly bottled up. It made him perversely grateful for these otherwise tortuous nights. His need for her nearness that provided his incentive to protect her secret also produced the nerve-jangling mix of happiness and frustration he felt around her most of the time. It was only at times like these when he could relax and fully enjoy her company.

Sano wrapped his arm around Mizuki, settling her in closer and propping his head on his other arm. She fit perfectly against him, her back molding to his front.

He smoothed her hair back from her peaceful face, admiring the delicate lines of her cheeks, her nose, her lips. He wondered how all the other guys in the school could be so blind as to what was right under their noses. He was grateful for their collective ability to overlook the obvious. Grateful that their blindness meant more moments like this one.

When they said their good nights and went to their separate bunks, he wasn't tortured by her nearness as he was on the nights she accidentally slept in his bed. What he was tortured by was her nearness, coupled with the memory of nights like this when her warm weight was curled up next to him, her presence a constant reassurance in the night.

Sano pressed a gentle kiss to her cheek and settled down beside her. As he drifted off to sleep he knew that despite the frustration, these good nights were the best.