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Emma Nelson: She is the president of SITE, which went national after college. She has an 11-year-old daughter named Jade. The only people who know who the father is are Manny, Spike, and Snake. Jade knows what her father's name is, but that's it. She lives in New York City.

Liberty Van-Zandt: She got into Harvard after graduation, and had been studying to be a lawyer up until about two years ago, and is working in a law firm. She says she has no time for men, but all her friends (she does have a few) thinks she's being too uptight. She lives in Greenwich Village in New York (you know, where the characters in Friends live).

Manny York: Manny is a famous actress, living in LA. She married JT and they adopted two kids after Manny found out that she couldn't have kids. Their kids are Alanna, she's five, and James, he's three.

Paige Michaelchuck: When she was in her senior year, she found out she was pregnant with Matt's daughter. He wanted nothing to do with the baby. Her parents and friends disowned her, and she is now living in Paris, as a famous fashion designer. Her daughter's name is Sophie, and she's eleven.

Hazel Brooks: She lives in LA, and is married to Jimmy. Hazel is a kindergarten teacher. They have three kids, Anthony, he's almost five, Stephanie, she just turned three, and Mark, he's eight months old.

Terri Latour: She lives in Paris as a fashion model. She married a French photographer named Jacques Latour. She has a son named Christophe (pronounced Kree-stof), who's six. She became good friends with Paige when she moved and found her, and still is.

Ashley Smythe: She is married to a viscount in England (they're aristocrats). She has a one-year-old daughter named Grace. She sometimes works on her music, but doesn't really see it as a top priority.

Ellie Nash: She lives in Miami with Craig. They are engaged. Ellie runs a run away/suicide center for kids. Ellie is pregnant, but the kid does not belong to Craig.


Sean Cameron: He never returned to Degrassi, but is going to the reunion anyway. He has a girlfriend named Nicole. He owns a string of auto shops.

Toby Isaccs: He lives in Toronto, and designs computers. He is dating Heather Sinclair. He is quite successful.

JT York: He married Manny Santos. He is a famous comedian, and lives in LA.

Craig Manning: He lives in Miami with his fiancé Ellie Nash. He is a free lance photographer.

Jimmy Brooks: He married Hazel Aden, and they have three kids. He became able to walk in his senior year (much to everyone's surprise), and is now a professional basketball player for the NBA.

Spinner Mason: The person who owns The Dot died five years ago, and left it to Spinner in their will. He has a girlfriend named Arabelle, but he is not serious and thinking of breaking it off with her soon.

Jay Hogart: He is JT's agent and lives in LA. He has a girlfriend named Ella, and is pretty serious with her.

Marco DelRossi: Marco is still in college studying to become a pediatrician. college in Miami. He is currently dating no one, but questioning his sexuality.