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"Emma!" Spike screamed running up and embracing her daughter. "I didn't think you'd come. You know with, well, you know."

Emma nodded and Spike turned to Jade. She was embraced in a hug, also. "I'm so glad you two came. Who is this?"

"This is Lacie, my best friend," Jade replied.

"Hi, I'm glad you came, too," Spike said with a smile. She ushered them in, showing Emma that her old room was the same. Spike was so ridiculously happy, but Emma was fazed, if not quite upset, by the person she saw at the airport. She hadn't talked to him, but Jay was one of the last people she'd wanted to set eyes on.

JT's eyes grew wide, "Liberty?"

The atmosphere suddenly shifted in an unfriendly way. JT, Liberty, and Manny tensed up considerably. Their kids could even feel something.

"Wh- ho- why are you in my cab!" Liberty suddenly demanded, fiercely, making the children jump.

"He said it'd be okay," Manny answered, pointing to the driver.

"You," Liberty's eyes narrowed. "You, you, you life-ruiner! Home-wrecker!" Liberty let out a scream as emotions she'd locked up for years came back to her.

"Liberty-" JT began.

"Don't talk to me either!" Liberty snapped. "You cheated on me, you never even gave me a whole chance! You're almost worse than her! Neither of you deserve to live! Let me out here!"

The cab came to a stop and the driver was thankful to have her leave.

"Mommy," James whimpered, crawling onto his mother's lap.

"She was scary," added Alanna, crawling onto her father's.

"It's okay, she won't hurt you," JT promised, but in the back of his head, he wasn't sure.

Manny, too, got an unsettling feeling in her stomach.

Paige had felt on the verge of tears since her dad had brushed her off earlier. Her mom was more than delighted to see her, she was even in the kitchen at the moment, cooking up every dish Paige had ever liked. However, her dad's reaction made her feel like balling up and crying.

She remembered a time when her dad wanted nothing more than to spend an entire day with Paige. She'd had a "Daddy's Girl" shirt in every size. Her mom said that his heart was broken when he'd told her. Also, that he thought her life was ruined, but hadn't she proved it wasn't? Hadn't she proved that she could raise a child and be successful? Wasn't she in the top twenties of the highest-paid designers in Paris?

Paige missed her dad terribly, even more than her mom. She didn't want him to shun her. She wanted to be loved by him again, but she didn't feel loved at all. She knew she was loved by all sorts of people, in Europe and the Americas, but not having the acceptance of her father –the one person she'd wanted acceptance from most of all—made her feel completely unloved.

Hazel was in the spare bedroom at the Brooks', inspecting herself in the spotless mirror framed in silver. She had a clean, white sundress, black sandals with a small heel, her hair was straight down, and she had on a bit of make-up. She looked like the typical teacher, wife and mother, but she felt like a slave.

Jimmy had much control in the household. He had the say in almost everything. Hazel hated it. She often got the feeling he no longer loved her. Shortly after they married, Jimmy stopped giving her gifts every week, then stopped giving them altogether. The "I love you's" were limited from both of them. Hazel longed for the affection of her husband, but she wasn't sure if that was what she truly wanted after all.

Hazel realized that what was truly right was most likely a divorce, but she didn't want to think about it. Pushing the thought from her mind, Hazel turned from the mirror.

"So, um, you have an English accent now?" Ellie asked, attempting to break the awkward silence that had consumed the threesome.

"I suppose I picked it up," Ashley shrugged. "Then again, living in England for twelve years will do that to you." They all laughed a bit, then the silence returned.

"So," Craig said, "what's England like? It must be pretty special."

"Why do you say that?" Ashley asked.

Because you left me to stay there, he wanted to say, but didn't feel like getting into a fight with his ex over something that had happened so long before. "It just seems like it would be."

"Well it is," Ashley replied. Not wanting another awkward silence, Ashley went into a detailed account of her years spent in the country. She told them about seeing all the landmarks, about her decision to stay in the country ("sorry, Craig"). She also told them about crashing a ball once with her friend and meeting her late husband. "It was love at first sight," she sighed. They dated for five years until they finally married. "Mum even flew in for the wedding!" she exclaimed.

Ellie let out a small laugh, "It's so weird to hear you say 'Mum'." The other two laughed for a moment.

"Now that you're not royalty anymore, are you going to stay in England?" Craig asked.

Ashley bit her lip, "I don't think so. My husband left me everything in his will, but I don't want it. I didn't marry him for his nobility and gave up all rights to be nobility. I'm considering coming back to Toronto permanently."

"That's cool," Craig replied.

"Where do you guys live?" she asked.

"Down in South Florida," Ellie replied.

"Woah, you two moved really far away," Ashley said.

"Yeah, we didn't know that we were both going down there, but we found each other a couple of years ago," Ellie told her.

"It's a small world," Ashley said to herself.

After a few more moments of awkward silence, Craig spoke up, "Well, we should be getting a cab, we still haven't got a hotel."

"Jay, you know I can't stay mad at you!" Ella squealed.

"Or else you wouldn't have shopping money," Jay muttered under his breath.

She obviously didn't hear him, "Just don't glaze over every time you see a remotely pretty girl when you have a drop-dead gorgeous one right in front of you."

"Right," Jay said, still thinking about Emma.

"What hotel are we going to?" Ella asked.

"Motel 6," Jay replied as Ella began to laugh uncontrollably. "What?" he asked.

Her eyes got wide, "You're serious?"

"Yes, I'm serious," Jay responded.

"Oh, I get it," Ella said suddenly, "you want to save money for dresses and other important things."

"Yes, that's exactly why we're going to Motel 6," he responded sarcastically. However, Ella paid no heed, of course she'd never understood his sarcasm, which is how they had gotten this far in their relationship.

Marco inhaled deeply and raised his fist to the door and then lowered it, then raised it, then lowered it once more. This went on for about five minutes until he finally gathered enough courage to knock on the door. However, no one answered. Tentatively, he knocked again, and there was still no answer.

He turned away from the door and was going to leave when he got an idea. Marco looked under the mat, which was where his parents used to put there spare key. As it turned out, they still used it as the hiding place for the key. He slid it into the keyhole, and slowly turned it, with his hand on the knob. When he heard the lock release, he turned the doorknob and opened the door to his old residence.

Stepping inside, he looked around. His house looked almost the same way it had looked eleven and a half years ago. Even the pictures of him were still up around his house. To his surprise, his old room was even the same way he had left it. Marco smiled, his parents hadn't disowned him. He looked around his old bedroom and only saw one thing out of place. On the wall opposite of the door, a piece of paper was framed, as if it were a plaque. Marco grimaced as he read it. It said: In loving memory of Marco Del Rossi. Born: 7 January, 1988 Died: April 3, 2006.

Marco sat on his old bed. His parents hadn't pretended that he never existed, they just pretended he was dead. A sudden shiver came over him so Marco went under the covers. He smelled the familiar smell and let out a sigh. Slowly, he fell asleep.

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