A few author's notes: (author's notes written 12/18/09)

I don't own Star Wars or any of the licensed characters.

I started this story over ten years ago, and I originally wrote it for my friends in high school. That said, the quality of my writing is going to reflect this I'm not making any changes from the original. The only reason I'm going to update this is so that I can easily have access to the old version when I attempt to do the re-write. This story is going to be re-written. Expect some major changes to it (there won't be any references to parallel worlds, Mr. Idiot (who is a character from an even older fan fiction piece that I wrote for my friends in junior high), and things surrounding Leia will be more canon. The chapters will also be much longer and detailed. If you're interested in reading the updated version, let me know.)

Some of you are going to notice that this story has similarities with my current work under my new screen name. That's because this was the origin of the newer work. It's possible you may not notice the similarities until the new stories are a little farther along.

Anyway...here is the original fan fic I wrote -- no changes have been made to it since writing it for my friends. This is how you get to find out what the original storyline was.

A few other things to be aware of:

This story was started before TPM came out, and was completed before AOTC came out. The plans for the story are even older than that...I started planning this as soon as I saw all three of the OT movies. Because this was written before AOTC, Padme's parents have different names. Padme herself has a different name because I didn't know what Luke and Leia's mother's name would be. Yes, this story is completed. I just never posted all of the chapters to the site. Some stuff happened on here that made me not want to post for a long time. I apologize for not posting the rest of this story earlier. I guess I was convinced that it would be better for me to disappear from the site for a while.

I was always interested in the idea of Vader's wife being alive in the OT and meeting her children. I also was interested in the interactions between certain characters, surrounding Darth Vader.

This story is the product of my playing around with some of these themes.

Death Star: episode #1 Pre-Story

Previously: The time is now approximately 18 or 19 years after the disappearance and birth of the prince and princess of the galaxy. You see, without giving away too much there are certain people known to the adults as the Lost Children. Their names are as follows: Eilonwy Skywalker, Shanna Skywalker, Nicole Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, Riana Skywalker, Leia Skywalker, Taran Skywalker, Vera Jedi, and Marcella Corta, and that is it. They all for some reason disappeared. Some people know where some are and others know where others are and some know where none are. Keep in mind these people! They are important to what happens later one...Also know that adults that knew about them speak these names in hushes. Some had no idea they even existed...oh, forgot Paul Reynolds in the list of lost people. Sorry about that. I can't write anymore. Just thought that is background information you might want to know. A mystery is later on, which might just involve these people...

Stay tuned for the next Death Star Story! Until next time!