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Chapter five/ A Different Shade of Blood

A maroon armchair resided as the only piece of furniture in the deserted store ware. A few meters away from it a large wood cross was fixed to the wall firmly. Enishi sat on the armchair in the dark a few meters from Kaoru, watching her unconscious. Her arms were tied to the crucifix that he had prepared with his own bare hands just for this. Her feet could touch the ground but they were tied apart.

Just like Tomoe...

He puffed out another breath of smoke and watched the graceful figures that it made in the air before it vanished. He could still remember seeing the pictures from the crime scene. His sister tied like that, bloodied and mutilated, dead. Sometimes, when he's lying awake in bed at the crack of dawn he'd wish desperately that he had never seen those pictures; may be then he wouldn't be carrying the burden of avenging his sister. May be then she wouldn't be haunting him, so bloodied and in so much agony. May be if he didn't know how much she suffered and how horrible her death was he would be having a normal life. Other nights, he'd also be awake in bed, but inventing ways of torturing Battousai, each more horrible, gruesome and more painful than the previous. He'd drift in thoughts about which weapon to use and how, where to strike and every single detail possible. Nothing seemed powerful enough, and then finally, he found her. After all that time of hiring stalkers after Battousai he finally found a soft spot, a weakness, another Tomoe. Although Battousai knew he was being followed 24/7 by private eyes hired by him, he was either too dense to imagine why was that, or was too careless to give a damn about who hired them.

Enishi let out another puff of smoke. He didn't know where that girl came from or who she was-his stalkers were never a good match for Battousai-but he could easily tell that she meant something for Battousai. He wondered how she just showed up bruised and weak, or how long Battousai had been keeping her a secret but he knew that she was an important card and that her death in front of Battousai would hurt him.

He watched another lungful of smoke swirl gracefully before it disappeared.

She looked so peaceful, so innocent, just like Tomoe…was.

He got up and walked towards her till he could see her chest move gently as she breathed. He lifted her chin up so he could see her face better and he suddenly shuddered; he could feel her breath on his hand. For the first time this thought rushed through him, she was a living being, more than just a revenge tool. She could feel pain, sorrow and anger. She was a living being. He drew his hand back quickly letting her head drop back down and hurried away from her; for a second he thought of just letting her go.


He paced around her nervously. What the heck was taking Battousai so much time? It was almost afternoon now. Does he think that if he doesn't show up I'll fall into the trick that he doesn't care for her and just let her go? Does he think I'm that much dumb? No. I'll kill her anyways. She must die; he must pay.

He heard a sudden, soft moan. He stopped and listened hard, she was waking up. He bit his lip nervously; he didn't want her to suffer anymore, what he did to her in the apartment was terrible enough. He wished that Battousai would come right now so that he could kill her swiftly in front of him and save her the torture.

He stopped in front of her again, even closer this time. He lifted her chin up again and saw that she had tear stains running down her cheeks; somehow she had been crying in her sleep. A memory flashed in his head.

Eleven years old Enishi struggled to balance the loaded tray that he was carrying. Tomoe had been crying her heart out all through the past night. She had come home from school with her school report and got a C in Chemistry. Some people would be flying with joy for getting a C in a subject like Chemistry, but Tomoe was special, a genius with a straight A+ record. To get a C so suddenly was a major drop. She came home tears streaming down her face, then rushed up to her room and locked herself there for the rest of the day. Passers by her room could hear her loud sobs. She wouldn't have neither lunch nor dinner downstairs and wouldn't allow any inside either.

Where was that red-head bitch when she needs him?

All night, Enishi had tried all possible means to get his sister to open the door so that he would make her stop crying and eat anything but he failed. He searched the entire house for the spare key to her room and finally found it around five in the morning. Seeing that she had finally fallen asleep since there was no more noise and that it was too early and she needed some sleep, he decided to wait till later and prepare her a nice, big breakfast for her and take it to her room. He finally reached her door and laid the tray on the floor so that he could unlock it with the key. He opened it and pushed it ajar quietly then bent down and picked up the tray again. He carried it inside and stopped in front of his sister. Tomoe laid on her side peacefully sound asleep. Her lips and eyes were slightly red and puffed and numerous tear stains were on her cheeks. She looked so innocent and angelic. So peaceful .He caressed her cheek slowly, it was ever so soft. She sniffed gently and started to blink slowly. She grinned warmly. Enishi smiled from ear to ear.

"Kenny?" she called sleepily.

Enishi heard a soft reply groan from behind her.

"Yea baby?" Kenshin asked sleepily.

Enishi dropped the tray and everything spilled on the floor with a loud noise..

"Kenshin-sama?" Kaoru called weakly, snapping Enishi from his flashback and he let her head drop down again.

He scowled angrily.

"No," he said flatly then turned his back to her and took a few steps away.

Kaoru looked around her in the dark, not yet noticing how she was bound.

"Where am I?" she asked drowsily.

Enishi snickered aloud. "You're in hell," he answered menacingly.

Kaoru struggled to remember.

"Enishi-sama?" she asked.

Enishi threw the cigar at the floor and squished it out with his foot then he let out the last breath that he got from it and watched it disappear.

"Yes," he finally answered.

Before she even tried to move, Kaoru realized that she was probably tied up, but how she was tied up was what made her shriek so loud. She saw that she was basically crucified. Fear rushed into her chest painfully, making her dizziness take a new height. Enishi was going to kill her…painfully.

"Please let me go," she pleaded. "Please, I beg you, let me go"

Enishi wouldn't reply. Instead, he walked away from her and into a deeper darkness so that she wouldn't see him; he wanted to let her go.

"Please, please don't hurt me," she pleaded again, her voice quivering with horror.

Was that what Tomoe was doing? Pleading them to let her go, begging. Scared and horrified. Helpless.

Kaoru tried to break free of her ties desperately, but it was useless; the ropes were thick and tight and she was still not completely recovered from the anesthesia that Enishi had put her through. She tried to force herself to clam down so that she could think clearly but failed.

She pleaded him more to let her go and have mercy on her, but he never made a sound for a reply.

"Are you really going to kill me?" she asked, finally giving up.

Enishi hid his fists in his pockets thoughtfully.

"Yes," he answered.

Kaoru let her self hang from her bindings; there was no escaping this.

"Why?" she asked quietly. Enishi was struck by the mass difference in her tone; a few minutes ago high-pitched and horrified, now soft and almost relaxed.

He found himself walking out of the darkness and towards her.

"Because Battousai has to pay," he answered coldly. "He showed care for you and thus your death in front of him will weaken him so that I could kill him"


Kaoru looked around again, he was no where to be seen. Obviously. She felt stupid for looking. What he did to her in that alley way was more than enough, what would make him come and risk his life for her? She herself didn't want him to. But does he care?

"You mean that you can't just kill him on your own?" Kaoru asked. If she was going to die-which she believed she would- she might as well ask all the questions that she wanted.

Enishi glared at her dangerously. "Are you asking if I can't murder him in a fair battle?" he snapped. "May be"

Kaoru nodded slowly in comprehension.

"But that's not the issue, I'll kill you to burn his heart before I stab it," he told her, his eyes almost glowing at the thought.

Kaoru fought to control her face.

"But he's a good person," she argued determinedly. "He really is and he never meant to kill Tomoe."

Enishi glared at her dangerously.

"What makes you think that what he told you is the truth?" he said angrily. "Do you expect him to tell you that he killed her in cold blood? Before he could get whatever he wanted from you?"

Kaoru gasped. "I thought you said that he cared for me and that it would hurt him if I was killed!" she exclaimed. "You're not making any sense."

Enishi's nostrils flared and a vein started showing in his forehead. "He can care for others, but not beyond caring for himself." He explained impatiently. "He will love you, care for you and pamper you, and then when he's in danger or bored with you he'll drop you...dead"

Kaoru opened her mouth to speak but Enishi added. "Like he did now"

Kaoru felt the tears brimming in her eyes rapidly and they blurred her vision. Enishi smiled in satisfaction.

She let her head hang down again and watched her tears drop onto the ground silently. Could all that have been really a game? Could Kenshin have used me like that? But he was so gentle and sincere and I could clearly see his pain. How could I have fallen into this vortex? A few days ago I was a bullied kid, now...

"Let her go Enishi-san," came a familiar voice sternly.

Kaoru let a soft gasp as she snapped her head up and scanned the darkness hastily for Kenshin.

"Battousai, Battousai," Enishi called in a sing-a-song. "Come here to save the damsel in distress?"

Kenshin slowly walked out from the dark and into a less dim area. Kaoru felt her heart skip a beat at his sight.

He came...for me?

"Kenshin," she whispered.

Kenshin didn't hear her; he was staring hard at Enishi, one hand gripping his sword's hilt so hard that his knuckles were white, the other in his pocket, his eyes a horrifying shade of yellow.

"If you have hurt her, I'll kill you," Kenshin threatened.

"Oh Really?" Enishi sneered.

"You hate me, you want me dead, so kill me, I'm here to die," Kenshin said matter-of-factly, then threw his sword to his feet and it hit the ground with a loud clung.

"No, Kenshin, don't" Kaoru screamed.

Enishi's hand grabbed her neck suddenly.

"Shut up bitch," he roared at her. Kaoru felt her neck being crushed under his grip and red spots danced in front of her eyes as her air supply was cut off..

"ENISHI," Kenshin screamed threateningly, seeing Kaoru choke.

He wanted to rush to her and cut Enishi's hand off her neck, but he feared if he moved a muscle he might trigger Enishi to snap her neck into splinters.

"It's me you want, leave her alone," he said, trying to bring himself to plead to Enishi but unable, although he sympathized with him for losing his dear sister, he loathed him for hurting Kaoru like that. He felt the urge to tear him from limb to limb just for touching her. It was uncanny how he felt so possessive about this girl out of the blue.

"I will kill you both," Enishi said, not letting go. "But you won't be together because you'll burn in hell forever."

"No, please" Kaoru croaked.

Enishi growled in anger and released her neck then slapped her with all his strength. Her head jerked sideways and a few strands of her hair fell loose onto her face, just the same way Tomoe used to keep her hair. Enishi gulped silently and backed away from her, taken back by the sudden extreme resemblance.

Kaoru's head collapsed onto her chest and lolled almost lifelessly. Enishi returned his focus onto Kenshin and let his coat slip off his shoulders to show the magnificent sword that he had. Kenshin bent down quickly and took his sword.

"We'll see about that," he replied, totally unaffected by the sight of the weapon as he took the pose for launching a fight.

Kaoru forced herself to look up and saw them fight with all their strength. She wanted to scream at both of them, to try and push some sense into their heads and stop them before they would hurt each other, but she couldn't; she didn't seem to have the enough power for it, she tried to make any sound and her lips moved but no sound came out. She tried so hard as she watched them try to slay each other. They moved horrifyingly fast, so swiftly, so deadly. She tried to break free, to untie herself; she pulled and tugged over and over till she felt the rough ropes dig deep into her skin. Finally, her wrists became actually smaller and her blood acted as a lubricant, so she slid her hands loose and fell onto ground. She made another silent scream with pain as her feet were still tied when she fell and she hit the floor head first hard. It seemed as if Enishi's grip has ruined her vocal cords so that she wouldn't make a sound. She tried to release her feet but was worn out, all that fear and pain, her head swam into and out of the darkness. She succeeded finally and ran towards the guys but collapsed after a few steps; so tired that everything went black for a second. When she came back she saw Kenshin duck a second too late as Enishi attempted to cut off his arm, instead his sword went a distant into his shoulder and blood spurted out in a frightful amount.

Kenshin staggered back in shock and fell onto his back onto the floor, groaning in pain, his sword fell to his side. Enishi looked both shocked and joyful; he glared at his sword madly, as if it did that move on its own with a wide grin. Kenshin tried to reach out for his sword but Enishi kicked it away from him and approached him slowly. With every move that Kenshin made to increase the distance between him and Enishi, the later made two to decrease it. Soon, to Kaoru's horror, Kenshin's back was flat against the wall and Enishi was glaring down at him, admiring the sight. Even though Kenshin was badly wounded, he didn't show any sign of fear or pain, he kept his face straight and his eyes focused on Enishi, all that hinted to Kaoru that he had let Enishi hurt him on purpose, but why?

Enishi cackled and veins in his face and neck throbbed dangerously as he raised his sword as high as he could, preparing to pass it through Kenshin's body to kill him.

Kaoru finally managed to scream.

She jumped onto her feet and ran as fast as she could and threw herself over Kenshin as a shield. She did it so fast and so sudden that neither Kenshin nor Enishi could react at the proper time; Enishi's sword came down anyways and stained itself with fresh blood.

Enishi gasped then took a few steps backwards and dropped his sword.

Kenshin was frozen with shock.

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