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The weather was rainy and the power was out. The Titans couldn't think of another thing to do. They had tried Hide-and-Seek, but some how, there had been a terrible accident involving Cyborg passing out from lack of fresh air in Beast Boy's room. Go Fish didn't work either, because Robin would throw temper tantrums every time he lost. Raven and Starfire had refused to play strip poker, and spin the bottle had ended after Robin's spin landed on Beast Boy. So after a while of just sitting in the candle light, Raven had suggested Truth or Dare.

"Friends, what is this Truth or Dare that Raven speaks of?" Starfire asked.

"Well, Star, it's pretty simple. One person asks another person if they'd rather choose to do a dare, or answer a question." Robin told her.

"Yeah, and if they don't answer the question or do the dare, then they're a little sissy." Beast Boy said. "Plus, we could force them to kiss someone if they don't. So do you want to play?"

Everyone nodded, and Raven was the first one up. "Let's see. Robin, truth or dare?"

"Umm, dare."

"Ok, I dare you to go outside in the rain for one minute."

"Sure, no problem." Robin said, getting up.

"Naked" Raven quikly added, a smile on her face.

"WHAT? I can't do that." Robin yelled at her.

The others started taunting him with names like "Chicken" and "Wussy" and after a While, it got to him.

"FINE!" he screamed, his face turning red



That would be so embarrassing. Oh, well.

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