Tango or Waltz: In Which the Heiress Ponders

It wasn't like she was asking for his utter devotion. He had HOLY for that. She wasn't asking for his friendship. There was Scheris. All she needed was something in between. A simple kiss on the cheek, an invitation to dinner, a "Hey, you look beautiful today." What part of that was difficult?

Mimori sighed in frustration.

Ryuhou, she thought, is rather like a waltz… Graceful and beautiful, but also stiff and very formal. And completely annoying.

An orange head popped into view, destroying her bubble of thought.

"Heeeey, Minori-san!"

She spun in her chair. "It's Mimori, please."

"Yeah sure. I just saw you in a hurry, and I thought, 'Hey, maybe I'll go see what Minori-san— "


"—is doing' So I did, and here we are, and— "

"Cougar-san, I am in rather a hurry."

"Oh yes, of course! Well, I was wondering if perhaps this weekend, if it would be permissible if we could go out to dinner…?"

Mimori smiled softly.

"I'm sorry, Cougar-san, but I will have to decline. There are several business luncheons and the like to attend this weekend, and I'm afraid I'd be too exhausted to be good company."

He sighed with over-exaggerated angst worthy of any person between the ages of 13 and 17. "Beloved Minori-san, I shall catch you one day! Farewell!"

She giggled slightly at his antics once he was out of earshot. Despite repeatedly turning him down, Mimori genuinely liked Cougar. He may not have been voted 'Most Delicious Male Ever' in HOLY's "female underground" (unlike Ryuhou) but he was very sincere, and occasionally sweet person. A very, Well-Not-Normal-But-As-Normal-As-You-Get-Around-Here sort of person.

In fact, if Ryuhou was a waltz, Straight Cougar was most definitely a tango. Wild…but with an allure and charm all its own. And most importantly, fast-paced.

Even if she didn't love Cougar like she did Ryuhou, it wouldn't kill her to lighten up on the poor redhead…a pity date was all it would be…

"Cougar-san! Wait up!"


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