Faye Valentine cursed her wretched luck.

She's hot
She's hot
She's hot
She's just a wild and wicked slut
And she lives inside my head
And stops me sleeping

The digital clock read 5 am. She flicked an annoyed, slightly depressed glance to the unidentified brunette across from her in the bed. The strange male groaned and turned over in his sleep to face her.

He was very handsome, no doubt about it.

High cheekbones. Tanned skin. Curly chocolate locks. Maybe early 20's.

At least she had good taste, even when wasted out of her mind.

And when I think she's finally gone
Some guy arrives and turns her on
Then she parties until dawn
This can't go on

Get out my dreams
You're killing me so slowly

So many men, so many fights
So many parties and late nights
She plumbs the depths and hits the heights
That Celestine

Faye groaned at the self-induced migraine pounding in her skull. The previous night came back in a wicked sort of clarity.

She lost the bounty. Spike was pissed off, at least more so than usual. She went and got herself inebriated. Besides vaguely recalling a pair of green eyes, nothing, even a name, sprang to mind.

She pretends that she can't hear me
She pretends she's nowhere near me
She just goes quiet and pretends
That she's not in

But Celestine I know you're there
In your exotic underwear
And you're fixing up your hair now

Get out my dreams
You're killing me so slowly

The bounty hunter pulled on her clothes quickly and quietly. She noticed, on an even more miserable note, that she made it out just before another girl made it in. A sweet young thing, very pretty, but very innocent, a golden engagement ring on her finger. Jet's voice rang in her mind.

"Your life is full of destructive patterns, Faye. One of these days it's gonna catch up to you!"

"What are you, a therapist? Just mind your own business, bonsai boy…"

And Spike.

Well, it wasn't like he gave a shit. The jackass just made snide comments and shot her condescending looks. All him and other men saw in her was either worthless, or something to be used.

My lover looked into my eyes
And I could tell by his surprise
It was not me he saw in there
But Celestine
And now it's her that he lusts after
I can here that wicked laughter
Still he comes to me
But I know where he's been

Get out my dreams
You're killing me so slowly

"Back from your one-night stand already, Faye?" asked Spike, sneering at her.

Faye was, for once, silent. You really don't get it, do you?

My lover hasn't got a clue
He doesn't know that he's untrue
It's not me he makes love to
But Celestine

Oh yes,
She's hot
She's hot
She's hot...

"…I guess she's everything I'm not…and she lives inside my head...and stops me sleeping…"

Spike looked at her strangely. "What was that, Valentine?"

"Ahh…just a song I know."