Amazon Bunny: Well, this is sorta my first attempt at poetry on Nyahahaha, Kraine, as usual. This is very very sad, and so very sweet. So bittersweet, I guess. Warning: gore and character death! Can't say I didn't warn you! lol

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Thought you probably never knew this
I admired you from afar
you're my "one in a million"
my grain of sand in the sea
a rare find, you were
you made my heart felt something new
made it beat madly
gave me my breath of life
When you would look in my eyes
I stopped breathing
my knees trembled
When you spoke to me
my throat clamped up tight
my voice a high squeak
but now you're gone
far far away
and I know I most likely won't see you
ever again in this life
and I know when we die
you'll be with her again
never me
never me
I just wish you could've known.

Two hundred years have passed
so much has happened since then
old friends have come and gone
family raised a family
All this time I've been alone
plastering a smile on my face
underneath it all I'm lost
A dead soul in a living body
A lost cause, an empty shell
You used to make me feel alive
like I really had a purpose
to live in this cruel cold world
I used to feel needed
I used to feel loved
You whittled a heart into my heart
a heart I could call my own
And then you went and left me
and broke my happy heart
for some stupid stupid planet
a comet in the sky
now I lay forgotten
like a favorite item thrown away
left to rot
left to die
If only I could die...

My eyes are getting blurry
stinging with all the tears
empty whiskey bottles
lays in shards at my feet
I hiccup and draw a blade across my wrist
and feel the blood seep through my skin
If only I could control this pain
the pain that you have caused
Red blood stains the tiles red
the whiskey bottles painted with
my tainted, tainted blood
I can't go on, I know this now
in this unforgiving damnation
of eternal pain and suffering
that no one else can stop
more slashes cause more blood to spill
on this lonely, starry night
I stumble to the forest where
I know you last stepped
My eyes are fogging
my life slips fast
I wish I could have seen you
before I become the past
Alas, I fall to my knees
the world begins to swirl
I worship the ground you stepped on last
I pray that you'll remember me
A friend, a secret admirer
someone special in your life

The world I know has faded
my wings and halo gained
There you are on your world
and you are by yourself
An angel just like me
you can see my spiritual glow
a translucent being
drifting toward you
The fear and surprise in your eyes
you question me endlessly
"what happened to you" and "I missed you so"s
can't bring me back, I know
You see my wrists and my bloody clothes
and you start to see the truth
my suicide to see you again
just before I go
Your tears start to flow
as I kissed your lips
and told you not to cry
You tell me again that its all your fault
something I can't deny
I stayed silent, and kissed you again
and say "I know I'll never be yours"
because he still belonged to another
and I couldn't make him mine
Your tears still flow freely
your stammer your apology
yet you know I can't come back
You know your faults
You know your sins
And you know you caused my death
I tell you that I still love you
so you should live your life
But then he cried "I loved you too,
so why did you throw it all away"
This came unexpectedly
Then I knew he spoke the truth
I told him it was to see him again
because I never could
he begged me to take him too
his life now was meaningless
by killing me I had killed him
And I knew he won't come back
I knew my faults
I knew my sins
I knew I caused his death
and that was all I knew
My time was up
I floated away
to the large and golden gates
the angel searched the book and said
"your name is not in this book"
I asked him why, I asked him how
he said it was because
to kill yourself you commit a sin
more grave than anything else
"Your place is hell for the deed you've done"
the angel told me darkly
"this sacred place is not for you
not this life, not anytime soon"
So down I went
through flames and fire
to the wretched bowels of hell
the place I deserved
the place I supposed to be
the place for the likes of me

The devil laughed and told me I
was one who deserved to suffer
He placed his hand on my head
and visions came to my mind
I saw Kratos again
at my last scene
cold, misty eyes upon my body
tears sliding down his face
a sharp blade in his hand
He drew it across his wrists
and drew it across his neck
blood spurted out
he collapsed to the ground
his dying word I'll not soon forget
"Raine, I'm coming for you, Raine"
was etched across my mind
I screamed in terror
as he drew his last breath
and his body grew cold and limp
he held me close
he held me tight
and then and there he faded
sitting up against a tree with
my limp body in his
the devil laughed and said to me
"just look at what you've done"
I cried and cried
at his demise
Just look at what I've done
I took his life
His beautiful life
and caused him so much pain
The devil said again
"There's more to see" and
the thoughts flooded my mind again
There he was, at the gates
the angel standing guard
that angel said calmly to him
"Your name is in this book"
He pleaded to be let through
and said "Raine isn't in there
to kill yourself is the greatest sin
one great enough for hell
so if Raine is there then so should I
I know it's only fair"
The golden gates opened up
but he stood stubbornly there
"I'm not going" he said again
"I'll meet my twisted fate"
I begged and begged for him to stay
in a heaven I could not
I knew Anna was there
I knew Lloyd was there
Heck, I knew everyone was there
Everyone but me
"It is your choice" the angel said
and pointed to the clouds
Kratos took his lead and peered over
to the dark and hazy abyss
"She's down there" he assured himself
and plunged over the edge
I screamed and told him to go back
but inside I knew it was too late
This was hell, I told myself
these visions couldn't be true
a lie it all was
a fantastic lie
He couldn't kill himself...

Later in the dark bowels
a hellish guard came to say
There was a visitor for me, he said
the cavern doors opened up
and Kratos walked up to me
The guard retreated
we were alone
in this fiery inferno
"I came for you" he said softly
and swept me up in his arms
I cried and told him heaven was his place
he belonged there and I didn't
I was twisted, I was evil
I wished he had knew his pain
It all spilled out
he listened quietly
and told me he understood
I told him I was a worthless halfelf
one who wished him ill
when he had seemingly left her
and now she knew the truth
She no longer wished him ill
I told him that this worthless elf
wanted him up in heaven
He said to me "I want to be here
I want to be where you are"
With that he kissed me
gently, passionately
Then I knew I'd be alright
He was my heaven in hell.

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