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"And the only time she touches the ground is when that little bird… dies."
What happens when a certain bird falls to prey? Will she once again take flight? Or disappear into the night?

Raven centered fiction.




She was loosing blood fast. She layed there on the ground, her trembling hand clutched her midsection, crimson blood already seeping through her fingers. Her uniform was ripped, scratched, and patches of blood covered her. Gashes covered her face, her hair was soaked in her own blood, small pieces of torn flesh was hanging off her limbs. She knew she already had a left broken leg, seeing that it bent in an unnatural way in three different places. Her ribs were aching like they were on fire. Oh her right hand, she could barely feel it anymore. Her right ankle was sprained, her right shoulder she knew, was dislocated, and she had numerous cuts ranging from stabs to large slashes. And yet, her left hand still clutched her ribs, damning her healing powers that weren't working at the moment, due to the lack of concentration.

That bastard.. When I live through this.. I swear I'm going to beat him to a bloody pulp!

She seethed, trying to regain some strength. She was on her side, trying not to lay on her stomach, for one of her ribs seem to jut out in place.

A chuckle filled the air. It seemed dark and joyful.

"Oh dear child, don't tell me you're giving up now, after all we've been through, I don't think we're done at all.. We've only begun." Slade seemed to enjoy this certain titan. He knew she was powerful, but sometimes the great do fall.

He walked closer to her, his hands behind his back. The girl glared at him, trying to scoot back with the help of her free hand.

In all her seventeen years, she never felt so much pain as she did now.



She groaned. How was she suppose to meditate with all the noise? Beastboy and Cyborg seemed to yell and sway their bodies on the couch while they played another car game. Starfire, who was busying herself cooking a tamaran dish was singing a song, Raven, for the life of her, could not understand. And their fearless leader, Robin, was glued to the computer screen, his eyes hard and typing away, while his loud music was blaring beside him.

Raven sighed. She didn't want to go in her room, and she didn't feel like going to the roof. Levitating back to the ground, she walked to Robin. "I'm going out." All she got was a grunt in return.

Frowning, she turned into a black mist of a raven and flew into town. The sun was just setting as she arrived at the entrance of her favorite café, 'The Kindred.' She returned to her normal form and entered the café. Thelittle bell above the doorjungled,as she entered, the girl at the register, nodded at her, recognizing her as a regular. Raven nodded back, and walked toward the back where a small section was made out of bookcases. She grabbed one and sat down at one of the tables.

"The usual, Rave?" A waitress and a good friend of hers asked as she came to her with a notepad and pen.

"Yes, please." She answered without looking up from her book.

"Coming right up." The girl walked away.

A couple hours later;

Raven yawned, she looked up at the wall clock and noticed that it was already 10pm and decided she should get home before the titans get worried. She paid her tea and walked out of the café. Seeing that a full moon was out, she thought she'd walk a couple minutes before teleporting back home.


"Oh Friend Robin! Do you no think we should call Friend Raven to make sure she is safe and secure?" Starfire was worried and pacing around the main room as the three boys were engulfed in an action movie that was currently on the tv.

"Don't worry Star, Raven can take care of herself." Robin answered without taking his eyes off the movie.

A sigh was heard and Starfire sat on the couch.


Raven raised her eyebrow as she looked behind her, thinking she heard someone behind her. Not a lot of people were on the streets at this time of the night, mostly couples walking or tired people going home. She narrowed her eyes and thought she would just teleport home. Unfortunately, she had thought this when she was in front of an alley.

Turning her head to look in front of her again, her hands in the air; "Azarath Metrion Zin-"

Her eyes widened as her hands were clasped behind her and a cloth covered her nose and mouth. She was ruffly pulled into the darkness of the alleyway. She struggled, trying to pry free of her intruder's grip.

"Ah, ah, ah.. Don't struggle my dear. It'll only make it harder for you." She momentarily froze as she recognized the voice.. It was.. It was.. Slade..

'What would he want with me? He's.. he's after Robin! No! I.. I.. Have to contact the titans!' She thought urgently. Being more violent with her attacker, kicking, and trying to get her arm free.. if only I could reach.. my communicator.. But all thoughts rushed out as she was slammed against the alley wall, the chemical filled cloth already working.. She felt drowsy and slowed her movements. 'No.. no.. I.. Need.. Need.. To..' But the darkness had consumed her. And she fell limp in Slade's arms.

He smirked under his mask, Who would have thought a raven would be flying alone tonight?

Slade shifted her weight to one arm, as he searched for her communicator with the other. "Ah here it is. Little troublesome this could be."

He chuckled as he dropped it on the ground and stepped on it. 'Oops.'

Gathering her up bridal style, he walked away.

Yet.. At the tower..

"Please Robin! We must contact Friend Raven, she might be in need of assistance!"

Robin groaned.. The movie credits were already rolling.. It was past twelve and Starfire was being more insistent.

"Fine. But if she starts to yell, you have to tell her it was all your idea to call her."

"Thank you Friend Robin!" Starfire clasped her hands together and ran to the main console, and dialed up Raven's communicator using the tv, as all the boys started to clean up their junk food.

Static filled the screen as Starfire burrowed her eyebrows in confusion.

"Friend Cyborg, what is wrong with the television? Raven will not appear, and there is horrible noise emitting from the console." She looked toward the boys who were already staring at the screen. Robin's eyes were narrowed. Beastboy was scratching his head. And Cyborg was already walking toward Starfire.

"Let me see that Star." He started to type in various commands into the console, but nothing worked. The static continued to show. He sighed and finally turned off the tv.

Robin and Beastboy were already at his side.

"Did you try to locate her signal?"

"Dude, maybe she turned it off. You know how Raven is.."

"That's not possible BB, 'cause there's only static when its broken. And I can't get a signal."

"Oh dear friends! What if Raven is in need of us! We must search for her for she has not yet returned!"

"Alright, alright Starfire, do you know where should could have gone?" Robin asked her.

"Yes, yes, she always goes to her choosing of eatery when she is in need of 'alone time.' We must go there!" She cried, worry already eating at her.

"Okay first, Beastboy check Raven's room, she might have arrived when we weren't paying attention. Starfire, just calm down, let's wait until Beastboy comes back."

Starfire sighed as BB went and ran to Raven's room. The nose could be heard throughout the whole tower. "RAVEN! COME OUT COME OUT! THERES A MONSTER! AHHHH! COME ON RAVEN!"

Banging could be heard, and for a second the tower shook. Beastboy came back panting and scratching the back of his head, "Heh, nope. I kinda broke her door though... Dude.. I'm so gonna get it when she comes back.."

"Yo man, she's not in her room, what're we gonna do?" Cyborg had his arms crossed. By this time all of them had gathered in the kitchen.

"Hmm. Cyborg you see if you can still locate her signal, maybe she just spilled something on it. Beastboy, fly overhead in the city, maybe she's on her way home. And Starfire, let's go to this 'eatery' you think she's at. Okay everybody?" All of them nodded, except for Robin.

"Okay, TITANS! GO!" And then they were off.

Cyborg was typing away trying to find ANY type of signal of communicator.

There was a green owl flying over buildings.

Starfire was zooming past over the water toward the mainland.

And Robin was trying to keep up on his R-CYCLE.

But little did they know Raven needed more assistance than Starfire really thought.

'Ugh.. where am I..?' Raven slowly opened her eyes, a dim light was hanging above her, flooding her in a spotlight

She took a quick intake of breath as she noticed her hands we bound behind her back and her feet were in the same situation. Narrowing her eyes, and a black sash seemed to gag her, very tightly tied behind her head, her lips were already burning from the sensation. Sitting upright, she took a look around her;allshe could see was darkness except for the spotlightthat was focused on her.'Great. I'm in only-god-knows-where, gagged and bound. What next.' She rolled her eyes in annoyance. She was not going to let this get to her.

A shadow stepped out from the darkness, walking closer to her, taking form of none another than Slade.

"Ah, it seems the littly birdy decided to wake up." He chuckles, "Maybe I put too much chloroform in that cloth, you were unconscious for little more than two hours."

Raven's eyes widened. 'Two hours? That can't be... I.. I left The Kindred.. about 10.. then its midnight already?'

Her eyes than narrowed at Slade who seemed to stop a couple feet infront of her, his hands behind his back.

"You're probably wondering what I would want with you. I, myself, do not know. I was productively walking around scheming my next plans of larceny and I noticed you walking all by yourself. I thought to myself, 'Why its a little raven, all alone.' So I decided to take you now, and decide what to do with you later." You could tell he was smirking by the glint in his eye.

Raven stayed silent, throwing daggers with her eyes. 'If I can't even use my powers, might as well see what he has planned.'

Slade started to slowly walk around her in circles, as if he was a tiger sizing up his prey.

"Maybe.. I'll use you as bait and lure the others." Raven decided to stare straight ahead, she refused to look at the man.

"Or.. I could send your lifeless body to them in packages as a form of invitation." He chuckled at the thought. The titans would surely go insane over their dead team mate.

"I, of course, could do nothing at all, my dear child, and leave you here to wither and dieall alone." He carried the last word, as it echoed through the darkness.

Raven, though during his oh so creative ideas of toture, was trying to slip out of her hand bounds. She soon got a finger out, then two.

"But then that wouldn't be fun at all for me. Maybe I'll just wait for you to get out of those loose ropes I tied you with and then we could have a little one-on-one. I'm just dying to have some sort of challenge." He chuckles at his own emphasis. "Or maybe you are..."

Raven finally freed herself of her bindings and stood up, glaring at Slade, who at the moment, settled to stand patiently a few feet away from her. She tried, and tried at the gag tied at her mouth, but it was too tight, and she couldn't untie it. 'Damn him!' Her emotional outburst caused the light overhead to flicker out and die. And soon both parties were clothed in darkness.

Slade raised his eyebrow at this, 'How fun. A dark fight. More of a challenge. I wonder how the girl will do.'

Little did he know, Raven could partially see in the dark due to her demon heritage. She took a fighting stance, her senses on alert, somehow waiting for an incoming attack.

Slade smirked. He quickly ran to her full force, stopping short past of her, and jutting an elbow to her back.

"Ungh!" Raven stumbled forward, but quickly got her footing, turning around, she thrust a fist toward him, he ducked. She continued her advances, he kept walking backward, having her miss on several shots.

His eye widened as he stumbled back due to a kick that was aimed at his chest. She was already panting, but coudln't properly because of the gag.

'I may not be as good as Robin but I learned a few things.' She narrowed her eyes at him as she rolled her shoulders and put up her arms aas guards.

Slade chuckled, 'She actually got a shot on me. I'm suprised.' They looked at eachother, before circling, estimating their next moves. Slade rocked on his heels, and motioned her to come to him with his hand. 'I might actually have some sort of excerise with this girl.'

Raven knew she couldn't beat him, so she shook her head and slightly wavered her hand infront of her as a sign of invitation. Slade shrugged, and glanced to the side, which confused Raven but she was suddenly attacked full force.

And this is how it went. But what about the other titans?

"Oh wonderous! It is here! It is called 'The Kindred', very much dreary and depressing, just like Friend Raven! It is open still! We must enter Friend Robin!" Starfire practically yelled after she landed and Robin was walking toward the cafe.

"Alright Starfire, but don't yell, its already twelve-fortyfive in the morning, and I don't think the citizens of Jump City are going to be happy to be woken up in the middle of the night. But if she's not here, we'll continue in the morning okay? It's not any good searching in the dark." By this time, Robin and Starfire were already in the cafe and at the register.

"Yes, yes, Friend Robin, but we must ask for the availability of Friend Raven. Miss! Miss! Do you know where we can assume the location of Friend Raven? She is here often, is she not?" Starfire had asked the waitress at the register, this was the same waitress earlier who asked Raven's order, and is also a close friend to the titan.

The waitress raised an eyebrow at the two titans, wondering why they would be in here of all places and no less in two in the morning, "Yes... Rave's here all the time. But if you're looking for her, she's not here right now, as you can obviously see-" The girl paused and waved her hand across the cafe,

"She left about 10-ish, why? Isn't she home by now?" The girl was getting worried now. Raven would never leave without telling her friends and commrads.

Robin rubbed the back of his head, contemplating the situation. 'If she left by ten.. it only takes 20 minutes to get from here to the tower, and thats on my r-cycle.. and if she flew, she'd be there by no time.. but its been3 hours already..'

Robin frowned and looked at the girl, "No, why do you think we're here? Do you know which way she went after she left here? Did she teleport or fly away right when she got outside?"

The girl thought for a moment.. "Actually no, she just walked out, but she went right. You might find something though. I hope you find her, but I have to get back to work." She frowned and walked away from them, getting orders.

Starfire sighed, "Oh Friend Raven where are you! I am terribly sadd-" She was cut off as Robin motioned to follow him outside, his communicator blaring.

"Yeah, Robin here." He opened it when they were both outside, they started walking the same path Raven took.

"Sorry Rob, but I can't get a signal. I think her comms. broken." Cyborg was scratching his head in confusion. "Do you guys need help out there?"

"No, Starfire and I are going to search for clues. Stay home just incase she arrives. I'll call Beastboy."

Beastboy though, was sleeping in a tree. Half hanging upside down, he fell when his communicator shot off.

He answered it and grumbled, "Mmph."

"Beastboy,go back to the tower and get some rest, we'll continue the search and I will be there soon. Over and out."

"..Mmm.. gotcha.." He sleepily said and turned into a perodactyl,flying home.

"OhFriend Robin! I have found something! I do believe I have her communicator!" Starfire was holding fragments of yellow and black. She frowned. "It is broken, is it not?"

Robin took a quick intake of breath. Raven would never drop her communicator, and she alwayschecked if it was on her. He narrowed his eyes at the alleyStarfire hadaquired thepieces. There was nothing else in sight. 'Damn.'

"Come on Starfire,lets get home, bring thepieces,we'll get Cyborg working on any prints tomorrow. Let's getsome sleep."

"Alright, Friend Robin, ifwe must. Ihope Friend Raven is safe and secure." And off theywere, Robin on his R-Cycle and Starfire flying home with what was left of Raven's communicator in her hands.



Raven though,shifted to get away from her foe. She grunted asshe hit the back to stand on her good leg, using the wall as support, she glared at Slade.

Slade laughed, "Dear child, you are weak now, do you possibly think you could defeat me, no less than even harm me?"

Her breathing was labored, a pool of blood gathered underneath her already, gashes fought to clot, and blood started to dry on her wounds.

His laughing ceased and he quickly grabbed her by her neck and slammed her against the wall, holding her up, as Raven's good hand grabbed at his wrist. She clawed at the force that was cutting off her air supply.

Slade sneered and leaned close to her face, his eye narrowing, "I believe this is the end, surely, I expected a better fight out of you. But the exercise was exhilariting none the less." Raven's vision was starting to darken and her movements of escape slowed. Yet her glared remained focused on his face.

'Damnit! I.. I.. this can't be the end! I need to.. I.. Nooooo!' Thinking desperately, she did what she could only do.

"Though,I just might send your body to the titans, as a..hello gif-" He was cut off as a large explosion coming from 'Raven!' he thought as he was blowed back several rooms, making a large gaping hole in each wall.


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