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"And the only time she touches the ground is when that little bird… dies."
What happens when a certain bird falls to prey? Will she once again take flight? Or disappear into the night?

Raven centered fiction.





Robin wordlessly handed her to the paramedic and then bent over, letting his forehead touching the ground, his arms hugging his stomach, he continued to shake with sobs. Her whispered words haunting his mind.


The woman smiled at her reflection. Reaching out and taking the tiara from a small table near her. She bit her lip as she positioned it on her head. The sun shown through the glass window, reflecting the small diamonds on her head.

Knock, knock.

The woman turned her head as the door opened and Robin walked in, clad in a black tuxedo. Maskless, no less. He smiled, and walked over to the sitting beauty. Wrapping his arms around her shoulders, he rested his chin on her shoulder.

The woman gave out a small laugh, careful as to not let her tiara fall off. "You are not suppose to see me until the wedding, silly."

Richard grinned, "But my dear, it is the wedding. You just have to strut your stuff down the isle."

The woman leaned her head toward his, "I told you I'd find a way."

Richard paused, remembering that fateful night two years ago.


Robin held Raven in his arms, her labored breaths killing him. His lips were on her cheek, slightly trembling. Her mouth moved against the side of his face. She had struggled to stay awake for him, he knew.

Raven inhaled a shallow breath.. "Ri..richard.." Her eyes screwed shut in pain, as she clenched her teeth, a small inaudible whimper fleeing her lips, "I'm sor..sorry..." She paused, "I..I'll.. I'll find...fi..fi..find.." Her body trembled slightly from death's cold clutches, "..a way.." She gulped, searing pain escaping from her throat, "..Wa..wait for.. for. ..me.. Ri..richard.. please.."

She let out a small breath.

End flashback

"Richard, are you okay?" The woman asked worridly.

Richard shook his head, reality striking him back. He smiled softly, "Yeah, just remembering.. two years ago.." He paused, looking at the woman through the reflection, her hair styled upward, soft strands framed her face. Minimal makeup. Her white dress was princess cut, held up by her breasts. Embrodiered beaded flowers covered the bust, then white lace framed that, the rest was white shimmering cloth. The dress train positioned over chairs as to not get it dirty. He smiled once again, looking at the beautiful woman he came to love in the mirror.

He continued, "..You found a way."

The woman smiled and admired herself in the mirror, "I did, didn't it?" She sighed happily. "Mrs Richard Greyson."

Richard kissed her softly on the cheek before standing up, "You better not be late for our own wedding missy, or I'm coming after you."

The woman grinned, "You'd like that."

Richard winked playfully before walking out of the small room and closing the door behind him.

The groom made his way back down the isle, smiling at his guests that came. He nodded as he walked past them. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, practically most of the Justice League that knew him and everyone else. Of course, some were in civilian clothing, some having had to borrow some of Cyborg's ring to disguise rings, or alien features. It was a day of bliss. They shouldn't be ready for work.

Richard reached the end of walk and stood were he was suppose to, turning his head to his groomsmen, two best friends grinning like idiots, silently congratulated him. He nodded and looked to the other side, where the bridesmaids were, his soon to be bride's best friends also.


The soft melody of the wedding march echoed through the air. Everyone turned in their seats to watch the bride make her way down the isle.

Soft ooh's and ahh's were whispered among the guests as the beautiful woman in white walked toward her future husband. She was radiating. Glowing. Magnificent.

The piano slowed down its march as the bride stopped infront of the priest, the melody softly changing into a small melody as the priest exclaimed the promises. Guests teared up as the bride exclaimed her vow, saying that Richard was her savior, and without him she would have never known how to love.

Bruce Wayne smiled proudly as Richard said his vows, proclaiming that without the woman infront of him he would have grown to be cold, lonely, and wrinkly. Earning a few laughs from the crowd.

The rings were slipped on. The viel removed. The kiss intiated.

The piano stopped playing. Everyone wondered why. But their eyes were on the couple now married, and kissing.

Soft screams were heard, some congratulating while the kiss deepened, some terrified of the oncoming object that appeared in the sky.

There was a white flash and everyone quieted. The smoke cleared.

There was a small crater on the side of the wedding, a large black ball embedded in the ground.

Superman stepped up to it, motioning for everyone to stay back. The diameter of the ball reached almost his height. He tried his xray vision. He sadly, did not work. Sighing, he tapped on it with his fingers. The ebony shield suddenly flickered slightly, turning to be a bit transparent and then grew apart.

Gasps were heard as the watched the scene unfold.

The black transparent smooth wings separated from their hold as a round shield. The wings folded into itself, into the owners back, forcing the body to turn on its side as it disappeared into the flesh. The body, was covered in a black cloth, almost like a cloak. When the wings completely disappeared, the body fell prey to gravity and turned on its back unconsciously, the head on its side. The cloak revealing the woman underneath. The soft wind commanded her midnight dark hair fly into her face, completely covering everyons' view of her identity.

Yet her body was fully viewed. She was tall, it looked. Her legs were slightly bent, and her arm laid against her stomach, while the other on the ground.

The woman's clothing was quite.. bare really. It was all black. A Two-inch wide ribbon crossed horizontially on her chest, then crossed the shoulder diagnolly, going over the back, and reappearing on her waist, it wrapped twice there and seemed to stick itself to the side of her.. underwear it looked. Except it the sides of the underwear were very high. The ribbon itself, seemed to stick to her skin like tape, leaving no air underneath. All in all, it looked as if she was wearing nothing, and her body was just painted black in form of strips.

There seamed to be a sheath strapped to her side. Leather, it seems. Her boots were also skin tight, stopped slightly above her knees. Another two-inch wide ribbon seemed to wrap around the thigh an inch above the boot itself.

Her gloves stopped right before reaching the elbow. Though the collar of the gloves stopped halfway her hand, and her fingers were exposed, for the exception of the tips of the fingers. Which were covered in tight material of the same glove. It covered only the tip until the first knuckle from the said tip.

It looked as if she was holding her sword during her decent, for it was loosely held in her fingers.

The sword itself.. was no words could be explained. It looked royal. Slightly glowing, then stopped when the fingers it was held in twitched.

Everyone stood still.

The unknown woman groaned.. and turned on her side, using the one arm free of her weapon, she lifted herself, only slight. She brought her head up slowly, people holding their breath wanting to know who this woman was.

Superman turned to crouch infront of her, blocking the view of her face from the crowd. Whispers were thrown for him to move. But he stayed where he was.

The woman finally, her sword clutched tighter, and one hand on her head, she brought her eyes to find.. Superman. Her vision spinned only slightly before her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and she fell forward, unconscious. Again.